Hilti VS Dewalt VS Makita [Full, Must-Read Comparison]

Are you looking for the best drill-driver combo kit for your small to large-scale projects? Well, good for you because we’re going to show you three of the best brands you should choose from.

Each of these particular brands offers impressive features that no other brands can really provide. So if you’re really seeking one, then look no further.

Just read on, and you’ll be able to easily decide.

HILTI vs. DEWALT vs. Makita Review

1. HILTI SFC 18-A CPC 18v Lithium-Ion Compact Drill/Driver Kit

Its impact driver shares a similar trait with the hammer drill we’ll talk about later in that it is a little on the heavy and large side for this class of power tool.

Ergonomically, it is solid with exceptional handle design and good balance. It also boasts just less than 1000 inches per pound of torque, has a 2500 revolution per minute no load speed, and has an impact rate of just over 3,400 IPM.

We absolutely prefer multiple speeds on my 18 volts impact drivers, but we don’t see that the single-speed motor is a detriment in the 12V class.

Apart from the obvious size and weight increase compared to most 12 volts power tools out there, the only other odd thing we observed was checking the battery levels.

You need to hit its battery release in order for the LEDs to come on and provide you with an indication. Simply pressing the trigger will not do it and there’s no independent button on its battery.

Again, weight and size aside, HILTI’s usually outstanding ergonomics in the handle design and underload are clearly evident.

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Including its batteries that pack with a 28.1W hour capacity, the performance and operation time of the HILTI 12 volts cordless power tools puts them near the very top in this category compared to other brushed motor options.

You really need to go brushless to find better performance and if this line gains certain traction, we’d probably be surprised if HILTI’s next generation wouldn’t come with brushless motors.

HILTI SF 2H-A Hammer Drill

This hammer drill from HILTI SFC 18-A kit is a little bit heavier and longer than you’d expect from most 12 volts power tools. That is not a huge surprise knowing that HILTI tends to concentrate on solid ergonomics surrounding a well-built tool for industrial and commercial applications.

Still, if you are used to 12 volts power tools from companies like Makita, the size might surprise you.

Optimizing out at 1,500 revolutions per minute and 212 inches per pound of torque, HILTI’s 12 volts hammer drill may not sound like it boasts a lot of punch.

Despite the seemingly low amount of torque, the hammer drill performed admirably in our shootout It was third fastest in drilling ¼ inch holes and could bore with a ½ inch spade bit in high speed.

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  • Precision clutch gives fine control for delicate screw-driving jobs
  • Built-in double LED in the power tool foot for ideal illumination of the work area
  • Ergonomic grip and perfect balance for optimal working comfort
  • Ultra-compact design for good access in tight spots
  • Perfect grip and balance for unrivalled productivity


  • Not really ideal for heavy-duty applications
  • A little bit pricier compared to other drill-driver kits out there

2. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Drill/Driver, Compact – Bare Tool (DCD791B)

If you’re serious about DIY home projects and renovations, then you’ll no doubt want to have a reliable drill, one that can last you as long as you need it to, while delivering quality and consistent service.

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Sadly, most cheap drills out there will not do, and usually, homeowners can find themselves overwhelmed by the prices of certain best drills out there in the market. Fortunately, just like a superhero, the DEWALT DCD790B is here to save the day.

It combines the excellent power and efficiency of a high-quality drill with an affordable price as well as lightweight construction.

Brushless Drill Motor

With new advances in its hardware, many experts are finding that DEWALT brushless drills are getting the task done faster and more efficiently compared to other drills that would otherwise make use of a brush in their internal design.

Without its typical brush friction and significant electrical resistance losses, brushless motors are plenty more efficient at being able to perform more work per unit of electrical current compared to other ordinary motors.

Efficient and High-Quality Performance

The very first thing that can please many dedicated enthusiasts and hobbyists is the drill’s ability to efficiently perform its duty up close and personal in tight spaces and corners.

Its lightweight design and compact head make it perfect for tackling a vast variety of personal projects, no matter the scope or scale. The comfortable grip makes sure that the drill doesn’t damage either the project or you on which it is being operated.

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  • Comes with 3-mode LED that gives lighting in dark work environments up to 20 times brighter compared to previous models
  • Ergonomic comfort grip handle gives perfect tool control and balance
  • Incorporated with the high-speed transmission with two-speed settings
  • Compact, lightweight design fits into tight areas
  • DEWALT brushless motor provides up to 57% more operation time than brushed
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  • The standalone drill doesn’t come with any charger or battery
  • It is pricier than other brands out there

3. Makita XFD10R 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2″ Driver-Drill Kit

Why you should choose Makita products? The answers are freedom, convenience, and costs to move around safely are three crucial reasons to choose Makita.

Lower operating expenses are always a bonus and it is particularly convenient when all you need for power is an outlet for the charger. Tripping over an air hose can lead to injuries and the smaller worksites, the more a hose can get in your way.

Built-In Equipment Protection

Its Extreme Protection Technology gives resistance to dampness, dust, and other harsh work environments that usually cause delays and result in missed deadlines.

With Makita’s use of cutting-edge technology which is never a problem with their excellent products. When Makita tries to sell you a drill, you will know that you’ve purchased the best available after the first usage.

Speed and Comfort All In One

Its rubberized handle gives a secure grip on both speed settings. Drills are going to vibrate no matter so being able to grip them firmly is very crucial. Its 2-speed transmission lets you work at the pace you are most comfy with.

The driving and drilling options available with this cordless toll make it the product of choice for many in the manufacturing and assembly industry.

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  • Ergonomically designed handle with rubberized soft grip gives improved comfort
  • DUAL LED lights with afterglow illuminate the work area
  • Incorporated with Mechanical 2-speed transmission for a wide range of driving and drilling applications
  • Comes with a Makita-built 4-pole motor that delivers 480 inches per pound of max torque
  • All metal gear construction for improved durability


  • It quite lacks on-tool bit storage
  • Has a very short warranty period
  • The graphics and lights on the charger are quite hard to read 
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What Are the Difference between HILTI vs. DEWALT vs. Makita Drill-Driver Kit?

HILTI SFC 18-A is more than capable of managing a 3-quarter-inch spade bit at low speed and we could even feather it through four pieces of plywood in high speed.

It might end up being the most competitive in the screw driving test where it finished in 3rd place just 0.02 seconds behind the Makita brand.

In simpler terms, ergonomics are very good in this unit. The handle is well-designed as usual and the amount of vibration felt under load is among the lowest, leading to an excellent consumer experience. The length of the drill and its weight left it a little out of balance compared to other prominent drills out there.

On the other hand, the powerful DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Drill/Driver makes use of an incredibly powerful li-ion battery that, when amalgamated with the brushless motor, extends the average continuous operation time of the drill to upwards of 57% of non-brush competitors, upwards of 2 amp per hours.  

For all we know, the secret lies in the energy density of the li-ion batteries, which are usually twice as much as the standard battery. The load characteristics are as great and behave as powerfully as normal batteries when it comes to discharging, however they’re able to give much more power in the long run.

This makes the DCD790B from DEWALT incredibly long-lasting and able to get the job done no matter how long it can take.

And lastly, the technology in the Makita XFD10R makes working with it a pleasure whether you’re new to the idea of power tools or a professional.

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Improved speed and optimal torque get you to the end of the task faster. This Makita cordless comes with a 4-pole motor that provides 480 inches per pound of maximum torque with an improved operation time of 25%.

It is that type of speed and power that gets jobs completed ahead of time and you move on to the next task that much sooner.


And that sums up our review of the three prominent brands of drill-driver combo kits. Again, each one of them comes with distinct traits and features that they don’t really share with each other.

However, that doesn’t mean that one of them is not good, because they excel in their own particular strength.

It’s just a matter of your project or tasks’ needs and requirements of which one to choose. Obviously, one would be better for specific needs.

That’s the very reason why you must thoroughly asses your needs first before purchasing one of these drill-driver combo kits from HILTI, DEWALT, or Makita.

If you’ve got any feedback or opinions about our topic today, make sure to drop a comment below.

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