How Do They Get Cars Into Shopping Malls? [We’ve Got The Answer]

Putting cars in malls is as simple as driving them in! On the other hand, cars do not use the same entrances as consumers.

Shopping center automobile parking is much more straightforward than it may seem.

Most malls feature more prominent entrances used for oversized merchandise and huge shipments, such as vehicles that are to be shown in the store.

How Do Cars Get In and Out of Malls?

Cars get into shopping malls as display vehicles by driving them into the mall when it’s closed. Most shopping malls have a set of doors at strategic locations that can open up large enough for vehicles or large pieces of equipment to drive through.

Car dealerships, vacation ownership companies and other organizations work with mall management to set up a time where they can open up said doors. Then, carefully, cars are driven into and out of malls at walking speed before they’re maneuvered into position.

How cars get in and out of malls

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How do we get cars into the dealership showroom?

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Based on the video, the vehicle, which was on exhibit in the mall’s center, was driven until it reached a door designed exclusively for automobiles. The same applies if a car is parked within a shopping center. 

Depending on the mall, a dealer will drive it till it approaches the door, which will either be slide opened or removed from the vehicle.

At first glance, you may not see that the doorway is wide enough to accommodate an automobile. But, there are hinges in place to assist the door open wide, though, if you look attentively. 

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For the same reason, the doors of specific shopping centers may be removed. Due to its greater complexity and time commitment, this is generally avoided wherever feasible.

Lamborghini’s Driving in the Mall

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there cars in malls?

This is for various reasons, and the specifics depend on the dealership and its objectives. It’s not uncommon for auto dealerships to place their vehicles in malls for one of these reasons. 

New features, for example. A new automobile will likely include several distinctive characteristics that set it apart from prior versions.

The greatness of these qualities may be obscured if you aren’t looking at them up and personal.

Seeing a print ad or watching a video for a new car isn’t provide prospective consumers the whole experience they require.

On the other hand, a car’s characteristics begin to come to life when it is on display and can be examined closely and personally. Also, it might be to advertise a brand-new automobile line. 

Automobile manufacturers will do everything to ensure that the world is aware of their vehicles’ full range of amenities. There’s one explanation for this: People enjoy bright and new items. 

How do they get cars inside a building?

It’s possible that malls aren’t the only location where you may view automobiles for sale on display.

Cars are often marketed by displaying them in places such as substantial corporate office buildings or medical institutions.

Automobiles enter these structures via a big entrance. Usually, the entrance comprises twin doors that may be opened without a beam in the center. 

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The doors are spread as widely as possible, and the mirrors on the vehicle’s doors are often folded in to aid with the fit. 

Can dealers put any car in a mall?

No, automobiles sometimes encounter issues such as vehicle height. If the car is excessively tall, it may not be able to fit into a structure. 

When the measurements are extremely close, the automobile may occasionally be lowered down by letting a little air out of the tires.

However, this doesn’t apply to all cars since they must look well once they arrive.

Auto dealerships are picky about the vehicles they select to place in a mall because of their size and getting them through the building’s doors properly.

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