How Does A Screw Get In A Tire [An In-depth Analysis]

A screw in a tire can be scary sometimes. If you cannot have it removed and the tire plugged, it is possible to end up with a flat tire. Before you can start repairing the tire that had a screw in it, first let us see how you end up with the screw in your tire in the first place. 

Why Do I Keep Getting Screws In My Tires?

1. When driving over screws

Driving over screws will be the most common way to get the screws into your tires. Let us say you are driving in an area with fallen screws; the chances are you will end up with a screw in the tire. 

The small screws will likely remain vertical after dropping them. Depending on the size of the tire, sometimes the small screws will not leave you with a lot of damage. 

Investing in tires with more tread can help in minimizing the damage. 

2. Puddles having screws

Driving through puddles can also be tough. This is because you are unsure what could be in the dirty water. Unfortunately, you can puncture your tires with screws if the puddles have screws. 

3. Driving over wooden planks

Screws can be in wooden planks too. If you see wooden planks, do not always drive over them. If the plank has screws, they will easily penetrate the tire. As much as wood may disintegrate under the car’s weight, you also damage the tire with the screw.

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4. Possible sabotage

Experiencing sabotage is not uncommon. People can sabotage you without knowing. Maybe you have parked the car somewhere, and someone drives a screw into the tire or places it strategically so that you can drive over it. 

It is best to check around the car for such objects before driving off when you park in unfamiliar places. 

What Happens If You Have Screw In A Tire?

One of the things that can happen would be having a deflated tire. Most people should start to experience rough driving because of low pressure in the tire. If you start to notice such, get a safe place to stop and change the tire. 

Small screws can be easy to pull out and then continue your trip. That is if you have no damage to the tire and the pressure is holding. A pair of pliers is mostly what you need to remove the screw from the tire. 

The position or location of the screw can also determine the damage. If it is along with the treads, you may need to use a tire patch to have it repaired. When the screw is on the shoulder or sides, the damage can be extended to a point replacing the tire is the only option. 

Patching the damage on the tire’s shoulder may not always be advisable. This is because the car’s weight may easily lead to bulges that can burst while driving. So, no one wants to risk that. 

Here are a few ideas on how to plug and repair the damage done by a screw in the tire


Can you fix a tire with a screw?

Yes. It depends on the extent of the damage. Some types of damage are repairable, while others might mean replacing the whole tire. 

What is the cost of fixing a tire with a screw in it?

It may depend a lot on the repair shop and the damage. The average cost is $10 to $20. The cost can be more if you want additional services from the same garage. 

how long can you drive with a screw in your tire?

The distance might mostly depend on where the screw is. Sometimes you can drive only for 10 miles and you feel something is wrong, while at times it can take a few days to notice low tire pressure.

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