How Does Digital Torque Wrench Work

You may come across many types of torque wrenches in the market and digital torque is one of them right now. 

The digital torque wrench is just a usual torque wrench only that it has a digital or electronic readout of the torque value. Because it is digital, it would make it possible for you to program the torque limit with ease. 

When it comes to using it, consider doing it like any other torque wrench you have used before. Well, it is equipped with an LED reading which gets its data from the torsion rod transducer. 

The digital torque wrench comes equipped with LED lights too. Their work is to notify the user when approaching the selected torque. Once the torque is achieved, an audible alert is sounded. 

Some models may have a computer chip that allows you to save the torque values. If you can save the content, you will have an easy time retrieving and analyzing the data depending on your needs. 

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How to Choose the Best Digital or Electronic Torque Wrench

Choosing a digital torque wrench should not be hard. Here are a few things to put in mind. 


One of the most important things would be to consider the accuracy of the digital torque wrench. This matters a lot since you do not want to overtighten the bolts and nuts. Most of these wrenches would have an accuracy of + or – 4%. This is not a bad range as you will always have the bolts torqued correctly. 

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Torque range

Digital torque wrenches might not have the widest range of torque since they are meant to perform light jobs generally. If you get a torque wrench that is under 100 foot-pounds, then only use it for simple tasks. 

Do not worry as some digital torque wrenches can have around 1,000 foot-pounds of torque. Such can be used for a wide range of applications. 

Handle comfort

You are likely to come across rubber or metallic handles when seeking to buy a digital torque wrench. What is important is that you choose one that would be comfortable for you. The rubber grips are the most comfortable and may help reduce hand fatigue. On the other hand, the metal handle gives the user improved control over the torque wrench. 

Multidirectional tensioning 

This is a vital feature key in helping you measure torque in different directions. As a result, you may sometimes use it to loosen a bolt. However, it should not be used as the primary tool for loosening bolts. Using it for loosening bolts more often might require recalibrating the torque wrench. 

Here are tips on using your digital torque wrench

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How often does your torque wrench need recalibrating?

It depends on how frequently you use the digital torque wrench. It is advisable to have it recalibrated after 2500 repetitions. 

Where is a digital torque wrench used?

It can be used for applications requiring a torque wrench such as tightening bolts on your car. Just make sure you take note of the torque range of the tool to know where to use it.

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Can you use the digital torque wrench for loosening bolts?

It is not recommended to use a torque wrench for loosening bolts as it is designed to be a precision tightening tool. 

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