How Long Can A Tire With A Bubble Last? [Be Careful]

Tires are the most used and exposed component in vehicles. So, it is usually stressed and torn out. 

Vehicle tires usually develop potholes and pressure because they are always exposed to road obstacles. Seeing a bulge frequently called a “tire bubble” is definitely dangerous. 

So, to answer how long can a tire with a bubble last, it does not last for too long.

Don’t Drive With A Tire Bubble

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As a car owner, schedule some time to check up on your vehicle. A tire bubble can explode in a minute.

Having a knot or a bubble in your tire will simply initiate trouble. Normally, when this happens, it means that the tire’s internal structure has failed, so you cannot drive it.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), tire malfunctions are the leading cause of road accidents that might lead to injuries or, even worse, death. 

So, it’s best to avoid driving when you find that your tire has bubbles.

Warning Signs And Symptoms Of A Tire Trouble

The warning signs will surely show up immediately when the tire is compromised and abused. An early symptom would be the feeling of wobbling up while driving. 

Second, you can also feel that the tire somehow rubs against something. It causes friction that may lead to another problem.

Third, the tire might have a balding state. This means that it is too exposed and overused.

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Of course, the most obvious sign of a tire bubble would be the deformities that protrude in the tire’s outside appearance.

Causes Of Tire Bubbles

When air leaks inside the tire, the bubbling of the tire occurs. In addition, persistent rubbing or friction can also be a factor.

Not just that, when a tire hits something during a trip, tire bubbles also form. 

Sometimes, the air inside the tire finds its way to escape due to the tear in the inner layer. The said tear leads to damage to the sidewall cords.

Actions To Do When You Suddenly See The Tire Bubble

First of all, do not ignore it. It might just be a small bulge, but it can be fatal to the people inside the vehicle. 

If you decide to replace the old tire with a spare, you’ll ensure everyone’s safety, including passersby. Drive to the roadside and use warning signs such as yellow cones.

Make sure to have someone assist you in road trafficking and replacing the bubbling tire. 

Additionally, if you already know that the tire has bubbles, refrain from driving the vehicle. Make sure to check the severity of the bulge before you decide to continue moving again.

When you see the bubbles forming, control the speed as you go to the nearest tire center.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you drive safely with a tire bubble?

Due to the risks involved in driving with a tire bubble, it is no longer safe to drive it.

Should I fix the bubbly tire?

Fixing the tire is probably not the best thing to do. Replacement is surely the right action to guarantee your safety.

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Can I just pop the bubble and then patch it?

Again, the tire is already compromised. Replacing it with a new tire is probably the best choice.

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