How Long Can You Drive On A Bad Wheel Bearing

In case you notice your wheel bearing is starting to fail, consider not driving for over 1000 miles on the same wheel bearing. This is because it leads to more damage to the other parts too.

The worst can be when you lose control of the car or simply have a hard time driving the car. So, make sure to visit a garage and have the wheel bearing replaced to keep the car driving well. 

As much as you may drive a car having a bad wheel bearing, it is best not to speed. Most people are advised to keep it under 60 miles per hour. Speeding would definitely increase the chances of sudden failure of the wheel bearing. 

How to Tell You Have a Bad Wheel Bearing

If you are used to driving the same car more often, then chances are you will start to notice if something is wrong. Well, the same applies to having a bad wheel bearing. Here is how you can tell. 

Loud or soft noises while turning 

The noises can come from different parts of the car. So, check to ensure the noise is coming out from the wheel bearing. Have someone listen to it while turning in a safe area. 

Also, take note of which side is making the most noise. If you are turning right and the noise is lesser, then it means your left side wheel bearing is the one that needs replacement and vice versa. 

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Constant whining noises 

It is possible that at times, the noise can be too loud or unbearable. This means that the wheel bearing is more damaged and it could break down at any time. 

The best way to quiet down the noise would simply be by having the wheel bearing replaced. 

Clunking noises while on uneven roads

Driving on uneven roads could lead to so many noises, especially for an old car. However, at times you may notice that there is too much clunking. The clunking is another indication that the wheel bearing of the car might be on its way out. 

Vibrations and play in the steering wheel 

A steering wheel can vibrate because of many things and a worn wheel bearing is one of them. In case you find that it vibrates when turning or speeding, the wheel bearing could be a culprit. 

You may also notice there is excessive play in your steering. When it does this, it is because the wheel bearing is also too loose. This can make the car hard to drive. So, have it checked just to be sure. 

Here is how to check if your wheel bearing is worn or not.

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Is it Safe to Drive While Having a Bad Wheel Bearing?

You can drive with a bad wheel bearing but do not over speed. Keep it under 60 miles per hour until you have the bearing fixed. 

How long is a wheel bearing supposed to last?

Based on the care and how the vehicle is driven, a wheel bearing can last up to 100,000 miles. 

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How long will it take to have the wheel bearing replaced?

It takes an average of 1.5 hours to get it done. Some might just take an hour if it is only one wheel bearing being replaced.

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