How Long Do Iridium Spark Plugs Last?

Iridium spark plugs can last for about 100,000 miles. It is more than double the number of regular spark plugs, which only last for about 40,000 miles. This is around 3,000-4,000 hours of engine running in terms of time. 

In fact, this is because high-quality metals such as Iridium and Platinum function at a lower heat range. It becomes more obvious when comparing them to the standard copper spark plugs. 

Iridium Spark Plugs

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These Iridium spark plugs are a common type. Industrial engines worldwide use these. It has the perfect combination of conductivity, reliability, internal temperature resistance, and strength. 

Iridium spark plugs utilize a center made of wire that efficiently conducts electrical energy. This action leads to better performance in terms of firing capability. 

These spark plugs are often said to be better than Platinum spark plugs. It is believed to be around eight times stronger and six times harder.

Also, it is more durable because it lasts around 25% longer than the Platinum spark plugs.

What Does Spark Plugs Do?

What Does Spark Plugs DoThe main component of the function of spark plugs is electricity. Simply put, they act as small lightning bolts that give power to the car.

It helps the ignition to combust and start the engine of the vehicle.

Spark plugs can withstand high temperatures and therefore won’t break down easily. It also helps eliminate and burn off deposits from fuel additives and other foreign substances. 

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Without these spark plugs, the vehicle will simply not function. You won’t even be able to start the engine. The quality of these spark plugs is directly related to the engine’s performance. 

Keeping the spark plugs new, and in top shape will positively affect your driving.


It is speculated that the first semblance of a spark plug was during 1839. It was invented by a man named Edward Berger. However, it wasn’t patented, so no formal documentation can be found. 

The first combustion engine that was available commercially was invented in 1858 by Jean-Joseph Lenoir.

It utilized a spark ignition system that has been patented. The 1900s was when spark plugs were mass-produced and incorporated into engines. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if spark plugs need replacing?

Spark plugs deteriorate over time. Its exposure to air and fuel mixtures creates a build-up of deposits.

Due to this, it can ignite the fuel pre-maturely, which will result in a bumpy and inefficient energy supply for the vehicle.

The electricity that the spark plug produces has to travel through a gap to achieve the right combustion quality.

When spark plugs get old, the space widens due to the wear and tear of extreme temperatures and debris. This contributes to unpredictable combustion levels in engines. 

What happens when spark plugs are replaced?

You will notice an improvement in the vehicle’s performance when the spark plugs are replaced. The combustion system will burn fuel better, which results in less harmful emissions. 

Starting the engine will also be easier due to the improved fuel combustion. This will positively affect fuel economy and efficiency. 

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How much are spark plugs?

The most expensive spark plugs are Platinum spark plugs which are around $25 each. Iridium spark plugs cost $15, while Copper spark plugs cost $8-10. 

A good rule to know is that each cylinder needs two spark plugs. The number of spark plugs you need depends on the kind of engine. Usually, a pack of spark plugs contains four pieces. 

Expect to pay between $40-$100 on a pack depending on the spark plug type.

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