How Long Do LED Strip Lights Last

LED light strips are bright and are available in many colors. It is for this reason that many people might consider it.

Other than having more brightness, more people would want to know more about the longevity of the LED strip lights.

LED light strips will last an average of 20,000 hours. The maximum you can get from an LED light strip is around 50,000 hours, which translates to 17 years. This is when using it 8 hours per day.

LED lights will not just stop working like incandescent lights. These LED lights normally start to dim until to a point it no longer works. Before they fade, you would be able to see them and have them replaced.

LED lights have both useful life and end of life stages of their lifespan.

The useful life is when the LED has 70% of the rated light output. Once it is beyond 70%, it is now in the end-of-life stage. Sometimes it can be too dim to make it useful for various applications.

You may come across labels such as L80, L50, and L70. What do they mean?

These numbers on the label are used to show the expected working timeframe of the light.

Taking L80 as an example, it means the LED strip light will last at least 80% of the useful life of 50,000 hours.

Here is a video on how long the LED strip lights may last.

Factors Influencing Longevity of LED Strip Lights  

LED strip lights can last a long time, but sometimes it may be to human error and other factors you find it not lasting as long. So, we discuss some of the factors that may affect the longevity of LED strip lights.

  • The installation

Proper installation means that the LED strip lights are wired correctly to ensure they always work properly.

It is best to invest in someone with the right skills and tools to do the installation.

If you have to do the installation yourself, consider following the directions given by the manufacturer.

  • LED strip light quality

Sometimes people buy cheap LED strips thinking they are saving money only later to have to replace them sooner.

Focus on buying high-quality LED strips. Check out the well-known and reliable brands in the market. Once you are confident in your research, it is only then you can buy the LED strips.

  • Exposure to heat or moisture

LEDs may be exposed to moisture or heat in case you were not careful during the installation process.

Each time the strip light is exposed to moisture or heat, it starts to degrade. Therefore, it is best to look into the area you are installing the LED strip lights first and avoid direct exposure to heat and light.

  • LED strip light usage

As much as 50,000 hours might seem a lot, it is still worth noting the useful life of the LED light.

In case you use the LED strip lights more often, then they will not last the longest.

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The best part is that you will like the idea of LEDs now being affordable. They might not be as cheap as incandescent lights, but they are still within the affordable price range.

  • Dust

Another reason LED strip lights may stop working is because they have a lot of dust collected on them. It is best to blow the dust off the LED lights rather than using a piece of cloth.

Here are more details on using LED strips correctly

YouTube video

Reasons for Picking LED Strips

Since you are interested in the longevity of the LED strip lights, the chances are you would also want to know more about why people choose LED lights. Here is why more people want LED strip lights.

  • The overall energy efficiency is better than the incandescent bulbs. It is estimated that you only need 10% of power than the traditional bulbs would be using. As such, you can save more on your energy bills.
  • LED lights are also known for being convenient. In case you buy an LED strip, you can easily segment it into different lengths for ease of installation. So, customized installation should not be a problem.
  • It is good for the environment. Like for LED manufacturing, no gas or mercury vapor is used in the lights. This is what makes it eco-friendly, plus it also uses less energy.
  • Low heat emissions would be another reason for picking LED strips. In case you have used incandescent lights, you know how they can easily heat up the room. Well, LED lights will be low on heat and thus can last longer.
  • LEDs offer the manufacturer the chance of having better design flexibility. That is why you can see them being used in different applications. Also, LED lighting will be compact so that it can be used in tight spaces and also improve portability.
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Will LED lights burn out?

LED lights do not necessarily burn out but rather dim as their useful life comes to an end. After that, it keeps on dimming until it no longer provides enough light for illumination.

Can you replace LED strip lights?

Yes. If the performance is not what you were looking for, it is possible to have these lights changed. Also, you can change them due to color fading or they may be too old and it is time for a refresh.

How long can cheap LED lights last?

Whether cheap or expensive, most LED lights may last an average of 20, 000 hours based on use, quality, installation, and other factors discussed above.

Can you sleep with LED light strips still on?

LED lights like other artificial lights can interrupt the normal sleeping pattern. It is then why you can always turn them off to have better sleep quality.

Will LED light strips keep attracting bugs in the house?

It is possible for LED light strips to attract bugs, but it will be fewer bugs. This is because they do produce less heat than what the bugs are looking for.

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