How Long Does A Cord Of Wood Last

Each time there is winter, the chances are you need to keep your home warm by heating wood. So, it is wise to consider having enough amount of wood for the period to have a better life.

That brings us to a cord of wood and how long it may last.

Someone would ask, what is a cord of wood?

A cord of wood is simply how the wood is stacked based on a certain height, width, and length. A cord of wood measures 8ft in length, 4ft in height, and 4ft in width.

Based on how you stack the wood, you can expect the cord of wood to take anywhere from 90 to 128 cubic feet.

Now that you know what a cord of wood means, how long will it last during winter?

Expect a full cord of wood to last from 5 to 12 weeks. It all depends on a few factors including the size of the house and how often you need to heat it among other factors.

Some people depend on wood alone as the sole fuel during winter. In such a case, a cord of wood will not last longer than 6 weeks.

It is advisable to always keep one additional cord of wood on standby just in case you may need more and your current one is finished.

This video has more details on what it means to be a cord of wood

Face Cord vs. Full Cord. Which One to Pick

You are likely to come across both face and full cords of wood when you want to get some for your home.

As much as they might not seem so different, the difference is quite huge.

A full cord will measure around 90 to 128 cubic feet. The face cord on the other hand will measure less.

A full cord can be broken into 3 stacks. Each stack can measure 8ft long and 4ft high.

A face cord can only be in one stack. The measurements will be the same.

These two are not the only options you can have when buying a cord of wood. The others include a quarter, half, and a third face cord of wood.

In case you come across the term rick, it can mean face cord or simply enough wood to fill a pickup truck.

Cord of Wood Cost

The cost of a cord of wood will vary from one state to another. The national average is $300. However, expect a low of $120 and a high of $900.

The wood variety will largely affect the price. Also, if you want the wood to be pre-split, it may cost you more to have it delivered.

You should expect wood to be more expensive in places where it is sparse, especially during mid-winter. You may have to pay an extra $200 for a cord of wood.

Other factors that would affect the cost of a cord of wood include;

  • Cleaned wood
  • Dried wood
  • Type of cuts
  • Stacking
  • Delivery distance
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Cord of Wood Weight

If you are going to have to carry the full cord, then knowing the weight is key in planning.

A cord of wood can weigh from 2,500 lbs to 5,000 lbs wood. It all comes down to the type of food.

Hardwood can weigh a lot more with most being around 4,000lbs per cord of wood. Seasoned hardwood would even weigh more.

Softwood is another top choice, but it will be lighter. Expect it to weigh around 3,000 lbs. If you mix both hard and softwood, expect a total weight of around 3,500 lbs.

Here is a video with differences between hardwood and softwood

YouTube video

Hardwood vs. Softwood Burning Time

Hardwood vs. Softwood Burning Time

As mentioned above, you will have the option of picking hardwood and softwood. However, how do the two compare in terms of burn time?

Hardwoods would be denser they would offer up to 50% more burn time and heat output. That is why some people might opt for them.

Hardwoods burning slowly means you do not have to keep refilling the stove more often. The same cannot be said if you are using softwood.

As much as hardwood can burn for longer, it is the price that may discourage some people from getting it in the first place.


Can you make a cord of wood last longer?

We recommend using seasoned wood. This is because wood with moisture will lose much of its content as it dries. Also, going for hardwood means that you do not need to keep refilling the stove with more wood.

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Which wood is the best to have in a cord of wood?

Not all types of wood might be good for burning indoors. Also, you want to get slow-burning woods so that you do not go through the cord of wood fast. Some of the options you will have include black birch, walnut, maple, ash, and oak.

How is a cord of wood stored?

The easiest option is to stack the wood. Sometimes you have the person delivering do the stacking too. This should definitely save you time and money.

Can insulation affect how much wood you will use?

Yes. Insulation is vital for maintaining the heat in the room. So, having excellent insulation means you spend less wood maintaining the temperature.

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