How Long Does It Take To Replace A Windshield

Most reputable companies would do a windshield replacement within 30 to 60 minutes. So, it should not take too much time to get you back on the road.

Once the windshield is replaced, you are advised to give it around 60 minutes for the adhesive to dry before driving off. As a result, this might be a two-hour job generally.

Not to worry as a technician would go over the extent of the damage to advise if you have to replace it or not. Also, he would advise on the type of windshield glass and adhesive to use for proper fixing.

Here is a video to help you understand more about how long it takes to replace a windshield

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Why You Should Drive Around with a Broken Windshield

Someone might claim, why should I replace the windshield when it seems the damage is not too much? Well, there could be a few risks involved here.

The cracks and chips on the windshield generally make it weak thus posing a danger to you and the passengers too. Here are more reasons to change your windshield if it is cracked.

  • Risk of being ejected from the car

What most people might not realize is that your windshield is important for still keeping you in the car in case of a collision. Thus, a broken windshield would not give you that important barrier.

  • Having problems with airbag deployment
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The front airbag relies on the windshield to push it towards the passenger in case it is deployed.

However, that becomes an issue if the windshield is already broken. You could find the airbag deploying in the other direction.

  • Creation of an impaired view

A crack might easily lead to an impaired view of the road. This depends on how large and scattered the crack is.

So, have it replaced as soon as possible so as to have a clear view of the road.

Laws on Using a Broken Windshield

Depending on the state or country, chances are fines can be levied against you in case you are found driving with a broken windshield.

Like for the US, a windshield is considered a safety feature of the car thus the reason it should always be fully operational.

The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards or FVMSS require that you use the recommended type of glass for the windshield.

So, before replacing that windshield, make sure it conforms to industry standards.

How about the adhesive? Well, the adhesive used for the car windshield should be strong enough to hold it in place.

This is vital as sometimes the airbag can deploy but the windshield needs to stay in place for your protection.  

Is a Windshield Repairable?

Is a Windshield Repairable

It is possible you have considered this in your mind already.

The small chips and cracks can be repaired rather than having to replace the whole windshield. However, a couple of factors might determine if the damage is repairable or not.

The first thing to consider is the size of the crack. If a crack or chip is one inch to three inches in diameter, then that can be repaired. Anything larger means you have to change it.

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The type of crack also determines if the windshield is repairable or not. The main types include;

  • Half-moon
  • Star
  • Combination
  • Bullseye

So, a technician would assess the damage done by the different types of crack and see if the windshield is repairable or not.

Below is a quick video on how windshield repair is done.

YouTube video

Why is it Costly to Replace a Windshield?

The national average for replacing a windshield ranges from $250 to $400.

This amount depends on the type of damage, vehicle model, replacement service, and location. As such, expect different quotes from different companies.

Anyone driving a vintage or luxury model might find the cost a bit higher. Some can even go as high as $1500. This is because the windshield is rare to find.

Also, newer cars might cost more. You can imagine windshields with special features such as rain sensors. This would make the cost a bit higher.

As much as windshields might appear like a normal slab of glass, that is not the case. They are laminated to ensure improved safety for the users in the car. That is why they can be a bit pricey.

The good thing about windshields is that they are built to be thick enough to deliver maximum protection. Also, windshields would be glued to the car’s frame making them an essential safety feature of the car.


Is windshield replacement a DIY job?

It depends on experience. Sometimes it is best to have a professional do it for you rather than installing it yourself and end up damaging the windshield.

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Can you drive off immediately after windshield replacement?

That is not recommended. You are advised to wait for an hour for the adhesive to settle before driving off.

Does insurance cover windshield replacement?

It depends on the policy. If it allows for it, then contact the insurance company to pay for the cost of replacing the windshield.

What is the tape for after a windshield replacement?

The tape holds the windshield into the frame long enough until the adhesive dries. You can remove the tape from the windshield in 24 to 48 hours.

Can you repair a cracked windshield?

It depends on the extent of the damage. Some damages are repairable while others are not. Always replace the windscreen if the damage is extensive.

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