How Much Does a Chevy Suburban Weigh? [by Trim Level]

The Chevrolet Suburban is an edition of automobiles that was started in 1934. It traditionally has the longest production by General Motors.

The Suburban has an SUV body style with 3 engine options. It is a wagon version of a Chevrolet pick-up truck.

Chevrolet Suburban is sold in many countries, from the United States to the Philippines. It is a long-lasting vehicle that is driven by many through the years.

Chevy Suburban – Everything You Need to Know

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Does the Weight of Suburban Matter?

The ability of your vehicle to perform depends on its weight. You should ensure that it has enough capacity to pull everything.

As a full-size SUV, you must know that a Suburban is best with its function. You just have to be familiar with its weight so that you will know the exact capacity of the Suburban that you can buy.

Suburban is good for towing. It has a good weight that is good for cargo and can carry many passengers.

How Much Can A 300K Mile Suburban Tow?

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Examples of Weights of Suburban by Trim Level

  • 2WD Chevy Suburban LS – 5,503 lbs.
  • 4WD Chevy Suburban LS – 5,718 lbs.
  • 2WD Chevy Suburban LT – 5,503 lbs.
  • 4WD Chevy Suburban LT – 5,718 lbs.
  • 2WD Chevy Suburban RST – 5,503 lbs.
  • 4WD Chevy Suburban RST – 5,718 lbs.
  • 2WD Chevy Suburban Premier – 5,503 lbs.
  • 4WD Chevy Suburban Premier – 5,718 lbs.
  • 2WD Chevy Suburban High Country – 5,503 lbs.
  • 4WD Chevy Suburban High Country – 5,718 lbs.
  • 4WD Chevy Suburban Z71 – 5,718 lbs.
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Types of the Chevy Suburban

  1. First generation (1935)
  2. Second Generation (1941)
  3. Third Generation (1947)
  4. Fourth Generation (1955)
  5. Fifth Generation (1950)
  6. Sixth Generation (1967)
  7. Seventh Generation (1973)
  8. Eighth Generation (1992)
  9. Ninth Generation (2000)
  10. Tenth Generation (2007)
  11. Eleventh Generation (2015)
  12. Twelfth Generation (2021)
  13. Signature Editions

Suburban Towing Capacity

A Suburban is a good vehicle to carry your cargo. It will be great for you if you are a travel trailer or a camper.

Suburban has different models with different towing capacities. Not all of them are equal so you have to choose which suits your towing purpose.

If you want a maximum capacity, you should choose a two-wheel-drive drivetrain. It has a 5.3L V8 engine with great towing power.

If you really need a vehicle with a good towing capacity, there is also something that you can do. You can add a Max Towing Package to your Suburban.

The Max Trailering Package can increase the towing power of your Suburban to 8,300 pounds. You can be sure that it can carry a lot with this upgrade.

How Safe is a Suburban?

Because a Chevy Suburban is heavier, it can give you more protection. It can prevent you from having a motor vehicle accident.

Even if you have a lot of cargo, you will be even more safeguarded from the impact. The heavier mass can cause fewer collisions.

Crash tests can support the claims that a Suburban is safe. It has a big frame that can make you safe.

You can be sure that all your passengers will be safe with this big vehicle. It has a long frame that can protect every one of you.

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Its size gives additional safety. You will have a good space in the cabin if ever an impact happens.

With its base-level engine, it can tow 7,600 pounds. If you want to avoid injury and damage, do not exceed its towing capacity.

Chevy Suburban Weight (Year Model)

Here you can find a list and a graph that can show you the weight of the most recent type of Suburban. Use this list to buy the best Suburban for your family.

List of Suburban Weight

  • 2019 Suburban – 5,586 to 5,808 pounds
  • 2018 Suburban – 5,586 to 5,808 pounds
  • 2017 Suburban – 5,586 to 5,822 pounds
  • 2016 Suburban – 5,586 to 5,808 pounds
  • 2015 Suburban – 5,546 to 5,575 pounds
  • 2014 Suburban – 5,674 to 5,820 pounds
  • 2013 Suburban – 5,674 to 6,419 pounds
  • 2012 Suburban – 5,672 to 6,419 pounds
  • 2011 Suburban – 5,846 to 6,551 pounds
  • 2010 Suburban – 5,846 to 6,551 pounds
  • 2009 Suburban – 5,607 to 6,327 pounds
  • 2008 Suburban – 5,607 to 6,327 pounds
  • 2007 Suburban – 5,607 to 6,327 pounds
  • 2006 Suburban – 5,269 to 6,074 pounds
  • 2005 Suburban – 5,268 to 6,075 pounds

Chart of Suburban Weight

Chart of Suburban Weight



How Much Does a Chevy Suburban 2018 Weigh?

The weight of the Chevy Suburban 2018 depends on configuration. The common weight is 5,586 to 5,808 pounds.

How Much Does a 2020 Suburban Weigh?

The Suburban 2020 weighs the same as the Chevy Suburban 2018. It weighs 5,586 to 5,808 pounds.

How Much Does a 2021 Suburban Weigh?

The Curb weight of a 2021 Chevy Suburban is 5,616 to 6,016 pounds. It is a little heavier than Suburban 2018 and Suburban 2020.

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What is the Capacity of the Gas Tank of 2021 Suburban?

The fuel tank capacity is 28.0 gallons. The range in miles is 420.0/532.0 miles.

Is the 2021 Suburban Worth Buying?

It is such a big deal to buy a 2021 Suburban. Its increased size can give you the convenience that you need.

Is the 2020 Suburban Worth Buying?

Yes, it is worth buying. You can be assured it is good because it has a rating of three out of five.

How Many Miles Can You Go with a Full-Tanked Chevy Suburban?

The total miles that you can reach is 558 miles.

Is it Good to Buy a Suburban?

Suburbans can offer many things from having good passenger seats and great cargo space. It has a lower base price which gives it a great value.

How Much Will You Pay for 2020 Suburban?

The price starts at $51,700. The retail price is $52,000 with a destination fee of $1,295.

Is Suburban Safe to Use?

The safety of Suburban is five out of five stars. Its overall crash score is excellent.

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