How Much Does A Gallon Of Gas Weigh In Pounds

The Science and Technology Desk reference claims that a gallon of gas weighs an average of 6.1 pounds. That is for the U.S gallon of gas. 

To understand how heavy this is, we can still compare it to other liquids. Examples include;

  • A gallon of water is heavier compared to a gallon of gas. A gallon of water weighs an average of 8.4 pounds. That is why when you try to mix water and gas, it is gas that would be floating. 
  • How about diesel? We find that diesel is heavier than gas. For the same quantity, diesel weighs 7.1 pounds per gallon. The difference is that diesel comes with a higher density and larger molecules. 

Here is more information about how diesel is heavier than gas. 

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Keep in mind this is not the Imperial gallon, which would weigh around 7.2 lbs for a gallon of gas. This difference is mostly based on weight standards in different countries. 

Does Weather Affect the Weight of Gas?

Yes, changes in weather might affect the weight of gas but not by much. The weight of gas will mostly change based on the temperature, humidity, and changes in weather. 

You may notice that gas will weigh more on hotter days. This is because it experiences thermal expansion or change in volume. It is the same thing with diesel too. 

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The fluctuations in weight are mostly minimal. So, such changes would not make the changes in the weight of the gas noticeable if you are carrying a gallon of gas in the car. 

Why Should You Know the Weight of a Gallon of Gas?

Knowing the weight of gas can help a lot in planning a trip. Sometimes people use their cars to go on offroading expeditions. This might mean having additional gas tanks you can attach to the vehicle. 

You may get some carrying up to four gas containers. As we know, sometimes too much weight is not what you need. You, of course, have to balance how you position the weight and still carry more essentials for the trip. 

It is the same thing for those who might be into boating. With the weight in mind, you would know how not to overload your boat but still have enough fuel for the trip. 

Is The Weight Different For Each Type Of Gas?

You will come across three main types of gas, regular, mid-range, and premium gas. So, sometimes you might wonder if the types of gas weigh different.

For the most part, the difference in weight is negligible. You will find them weighing almost the same, whichever you choose to use. 


Is gasoline heavier than jet fuel? 

Jet fuel would be slightly heavier than gas since it contains more hydrocarbons. A gallon of jet fuel weighs around 6.7 pounds compared to 6.1 pounds of gas. 

How much does a gallon of diesel weigh?

Diesel is also heavier than gas as it weighs 7.1 pounds per gallon. This is expected, considering diesel has larger molecules. 

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Does gasoline mix with water?

Gasoline does not mix water. Since water is heavier, you will see it sinking to the bottom of the container.

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