How Much Does It Cost to Patch a Tire?

You are driving and you noticed a slow leak on your tire. It has been punctured! What will you do then? A flat tire can ruin your day but there can be a solution.

How much does it cost to get a tire patched?

Patching tires have a good price. Taking your tire to an auto shop, a tire patch can cost you $10 – $40.

Most auto stores charge $25 for tire patches and rebalance. If you caught the puncture early, they can charge you $15 – $30.

Some store chains charge $20. It can even cost nothing to businesses with free service if you bought the tires from them.

If a sealant is added to the tire, you will be charged an extra $10 – $15. But if you patch the tire yourself, you can only spend $6.00.

It will not cost you much. But be sure to drive only 50 – 100 miles.

How to Patch a Tire

  • Remove the tire.
  • Get the tire from the rim.
  • Remove dirt from the tire liner inside. Use sandpaper.
  • Using a drill, clean the puncture hole.
  • Position the patch in the puncture hole. Flatten the patch.
  • Put a bead sealer on the patch.
  • Put the tire back to the rim.
  • Balance the tire.
  • Return the tire to the car.

If you want to know how to patch a tire, you can watch the following video:

Test in Patching Tires

1. Edge Test

This test is measuring the distance between the puncture and the sidewall. Place your thumb between them.

If the space is not more than your thumb, then you can patch your tire. But if it is more than that, you should need a new tire.

2. Length Test

The puncture should not be more than 2 ½ inches to be patched. If the length is longer, it cannot be repaired.

When is a tire repairable?

YouTube video

When You Should Not Patch a Tire?

  • The puncture hole is outside the repair area
  • The size of the puncture hole is irreparable
  • There is a bubble or bulge in the sidewall

How Much Does It Cost to Patch a Tire

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Tire Patch

A tire patch can fix the hole at a good angle. It can completely seal the damage.

But a tire patch can be complicated. It can also take longer.

If holes are larger, the tires need to be replaced.


How Long Can You Ride on a Patched Tire?

You can ride on patched tires for seven to ten years. It may last for a long time but do not patch your tires more than once.

It can affect your speed and can be a cause of a blowout.

Is Patching a Tire Worth It?

A slow leak on your tires is worth a repair. A repaired tire can make you drive safely.

Patching a tire is inexpensive. Sometimes, it can be free if you have a tire warranty.

Can I Patch My Own Tire?

Yes, you can patch the tire yourself. But bringing it to a tire repair shop is better.

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Installing the tire patch can be complicated for you if you do it yourself.

Is It Better to Plug or Patch the Tire?

Plugs can make your tire last for 25,000 miles. But still, you should know that patches are better.

It is a more secure choice.

Is Patching a Tire a Permanent Fix?

A patch seals the inside and seals the outside of the tire. It is a permanent repair.

Is It Safe to Drive on a Patched Tire?

If you have well-patched tires, you do not need to have a safety concern. This is the best way to handle flat tires.

Even if the road is rocky, you can drive safely with a patched tire.

Can I Patch a Tire with a Nail in It?

A tire with a nail is a simple puncture. It can be removed and repaired with a patch combination.

The repair shop can easily repair it.

When Should You Not Patch a Tire?

If the puncture is more than ¼ inch or 6mm, you cannot patch a tire. You need a tire replacement.

Large tread punctures cannot be repaired.

How Long Does a Tire Patch Take to Dry?

You should patch a tire at the center of the puncture. Smoothen it and ensure that there are no air bubbles.

For 10 minutes, wait for it to dry.

Can You Patch a Tire with a Nail in the Sidewall?

Only the puncture in the tread area can be repaired. If the puncture is in the sidewall, it cannot be repaired.

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