How Much Is A Check Engine Light Diagnosis?

Your check engine light is a primary component in monitoring your vehicle’s condition. Normally, having an auto mechanic perform a diagnosis will cost you about $100 on average.

Why Does Your Check Engine Light Need A Diagnosis?

Your check engine light is critical to the health of your vehicle. When your vehicle’s computer detects an issue that might or is harming its emissions control system, it flashes. 

When the light comes on, the car’s computer stores one or more diagnostic fault codes. Even if the light goes off, the codes will remain.

A faulty check engine light would be a major concern if any damage were not easily visible.

An auto mechanic’s diagnosis of a check engine light costs around $100 on average, which doesn’t include resolving the issue, which could be anything.

Additionally, spending a hundred dollars is less expensive than any inaccurate repairs you’d have to do with a faulty or broken check engine light.

So, when your check engine light turns on, what are your options for getting a low-cost diagnosis? In this case, you have two options. 

Buy diagnostic equipment and perform the diagnosis yourself, which isn’t recommended.

You’ll probably only need it once or twice or find an auto mechanic who won’t overcharge you for a simple diagnostic. The latter is a far more convenient and practical solution.

How to Diagnose a Check Engine Light

YouTube video

The host of this video begins by explaining what he will be doing. He then turns the key to the “run” position without turning on the engine, lighting the full gauge cluster, and displaying the functional lights.

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If your gauge lights aren’t working, they’re either burned out or have been removed if you bought the car. There are also some advice and further information regarding your check engine lights in the video.

You’ll learn to utilize diagnostic equipment by first identifying the diagnostic port and then putting the diagnostic tool into it. After that, the host will go through the diagnostic procedure after connecting the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Warning Lights on Car: What Do They Mean?

Will a dealership buy my car if its check engine light is on?

Most car dealerships will use the malfunction of the check engine light as an excuse to pay you less than the car is worth. Be prepared for an extremely low trade-in offer.

An onboard engine control computer and other instruments monitor the functioning of modern cars. All of these components work together to keep the car running smoothly.

Normally, the check engine light will illuminate if the computer detects something that limits optimal operation.

Is it recommended to drive with the check engine light on?

If your check engine light is blinking, the general rule is that you should not drive the vehicle. It’s a matter of life and death. It usually implies a misfire in the engine.

Continue driving, and you will cause irreparable damage, primarily to the catalytic converter, which is expensive.

YouTube video

Why is my engine light on even though nothing seems wrong?

Check the brakes and steering. If nothing appears to be wrong, you should be able to drive it until you can get it repaired. If your gas cap is loose, the light may turn on after refueling.

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It’s also possible that your catalytic converter has to be looked at.

What does it mean when my check engine light is solid?

The continuous light advises you to look at the problem and solve it as quickly as possible, although it’s typically not significant.

Generally, the flashing light indicates that your car’s engine is misfiring, and you should look into it right away.

How long does it take to diagnose a check engine light?

Diagnostic testing usually takes between one and twenty minutes. A basic test or other examination involving further diagnosis might take one to two hours. The seriousness of the problem determines the scenario.

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