How Often Do F1 Cars Change Tires? [After 50 Miles & Why!)

F1 tires have a great role in F1 races. All the weekend of the race, the F1 team has to change tires.

Do you want to know how often F1 cars change tires?

F1 cars use tires in free practice and in the main race. Racers are given 13 sets of tires for every race.

They use the tires in FP1, FP2, FP3, and qualifying sessions. The frequency of changing tires happens with every circuit.

Tires wear out so easily. So, racers have to change tires after a lap or two. 

Usually, F1 tires only last for 50 miles. So, racers have to change tires after running for 50 miles.

Because racers are given 13 sets of tires, they have to change tires 13 times for every race. It can take them more than 1.82 seconds to change tires.

If you want to know more about why F1 cars have to change tires after 50 miles, you can watch the following video:

Why an F1 Tire only last 50 miles

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The Type of Tire Compounds Used in F1

There are different types of tire compounds that are used in F1. The main manufacturer is Pirelli.

1.  Dry Weather Tire Compounds

Three sets of tire compounds are used in a weekend race. Pirelli is the one who will choose among the dry-weather tire compounds.

The choices are the following:

  • Compound 1 (C1) is a very soft tire with a maximum grip.
  • Compound 2 (C2) is a soft tire that lasts longer than C1.
  • Compound 3 (C3) is a medium-hard tire with a good grip.
  • Compound 4 (C4) is a hard tire with less grip than C3.
  • Compound 5 (C5) is a very hard tire with low wear-out characteristics.
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2.  Wet Weather Tire Compounds

Wet weather tire compounds have two different kinds. They are the intermediate and the wet tire.

Intermediate is a medium tire that is best in cool tracks. A wet tire is specifically made for wet conditions.

F1 2011 – Pirelli explains wet and intermediate tyres

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The Different Tire Strategies

Different car strategies can be used to the racer’s advantage. They are the following:

  • The Red Soft Tire
  • The Yellow Medium Tire
  • The White Hard Tire
  • The Green Intermediate Tire
  • The Blue Wet Tire

F1 Explained: Beginner’s Guide To Tyres

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How Long Do F1 Tires Last?

Formula 1 tires wear out as they are used in the race. They are used at the speed of 190 miles per hour.

Though tires should be changed in a lap or two, it can endure more than 50 laps. Wet tires last longer than dry tires.

The tires are designed for good performance. They have great speed.

The tires are made with a nylon and polyester base that can carry a heavy load. When it is about longevity, it can only last 40 laps.

Every racetrack is different and circuits have different lengths. So, longevity is affected by some reasons.

F1 car tires can only last up to 60 to 120 km. They do not last long compared to streetcar tires which can last 15,000 km.

Today, only Pirelli supplies the tires for all the F1 teams. They have supplied three colors in 2019.

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How Many Times Can F1 Cars Change Tires?

13 sets of dry-weather tires are used per race. Some tires are used in free practice.

But in the main race, 3 sets of tires are used.

Do F1 Cars Need to Change Tires?

Yes, a pit stop is necessary for every race. At every pit stop, drivers need to change tires.

Do F1 Teams Get New Tires Every Race?

In every race, F1 teams are given new sets of tires. The FIA gives different sets of tires to different cars.

Every team will get 13 sets of dry tires.

How Much Does an F1 Tire Cost?

F1 tires cost around $3000. The cost depends on the sets of tires that are used in different conditions.

There can be dry tires, wet tires, and intermediate tires.

Why Do Drivers Have to Change F1 Tires So Quickly?

It is because F1 tires wear so fast. The force of the grip of the driver wears out the tires.

The tires work at a high temperature. It suffers degradation because of the grip.

What is the Penalty for Not Changing Tires in F1?

F1 racers can get a ten-second stop-and-go penalty.

Are F1 Tires Reused?

After the tires are used, they will be brought to the UK. They are crushed into a container.

After that, they are shipped to a cement factory. So, no, they are not being reused.

Why Does F1 Only Use Pirelli?

The main reason is the regulations in the race. The teams can only use Pirelli tires.

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F1 is prohibited to use other tires.

Why is Driving an F1 Car Hard?

It is technical to drive an F1 car. You should be comfortable driving at high speed.

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