How To Open A Trunk Without A Key (Easy Guide)

Trunk locks are just like any other locks on the car in the sense that they can fail at times. When this happens, you might be stuck with a car that you cannot access the trunk. That is not what you want.

Before we look at how you can break the car trunk lock, we must understand how some of these trunks get locked in the first place. Here are a few ideas about how it all happens;

Locking the keys inside the trunk

This will mostly apply to the older cars where you had to take the key out of the ignition to open the trunk. Some would open the trunk and forget to keep their keys safely out of the trunk.

It might not seem like something people do all the time, but someone who has worked as a locksmith can tell you it is a common problem.

If your car still has the cable release mechanism, you could just pull it from the car’s cabin and access the keys. However, that might not always be the case.

The lock is broken

There are times when the lock is broken. There is not much you can do for such a lock.

You need to call a locksmith to break the lock and have a new lock installed in this place.

There is also the option of trying to access the trunk through the pass-through space found in the back seats of most cars.

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The keyfob is unresponsive

A modern car might not have a lock where you need to use a key to open the trunk. It will still have a lock, but you have to use a keyfob to open the trunk.

If the battery in the keyfob is dead, then there is the option of manual release in the car. However, sometimes you may not be able to access the car interior.

At this point, we will discuss more methods for breaking the lock and accessing the trunk below.

Here is a video on how to open a trunk that won’t open with a keyfob

YouTube video

Solutions to Getting Past the Car Trunk Lock

Some of these solutions will be easy while others might need the input of a professional locksmith. Well, here are the tips for getting into a stuck trunk.

  • Confirm it is actually stuck shut

It is possible at times you may just be panicking when actually the trunk is not locked yet.

In modern cars, they have a sensor system that can detect the keys in the trunk. Since they are the same keys for starting the vehicle, the trunk won’t lock itself in such a scenario.

So, double-check the lock of your trunk before panicking thinking you have locked the keys inside the trunk.

  • Call a locksmith

Breaking the trunk lock might not always be easy for some people. That is why you should find a locksmith in the area to help with the situation.

Take the time to find a professional locksmith in the area. This is because some modern cars have anti-theft features that might not be so easy to get past.

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It is possible to come across locksmiths that are hesitant to work on the newer cars since they might be resistant to drilling into locks.

Drilling is not always ideal for newer models of cars as it could lead to some more damage if done by an untrained locksmith.

  • Picking the lock

It is still possible to pick the lock. This would be an ideal situation only if you know how to pick a lock.

A lock has many components that only need to be moved correctly to open the lock. Expect different cars to have different locking mechanisms. This means that some locks might be easy to open than others.

Some locks might also only work with specialized tools. A good example is Jaguar which uses disk detainer locks that might not be easy to pick.

  • Drill the lock

This is also another option to consider right now in case you want to break the lock.

This might not always be the best way of breaking into a car trunk. We recommend only doing it if you are trained at such a method of breaking a lock.

If the lock has to be drilled, then make sure there is an option of getting a new lock. Drill the cylinder and access the lock actuator to open the lock.

Here is a video on how to drill a car trunk lock

YouTube video


Is it possible to unlock a car’s trunk from inside the car?

As of September 2001, the NHTSA required that all vehicles have a trunk release mechanism inside the trunk. This was a safety design so that in case someone was locked inside the trunk, he or she could get out.

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Where is the trunk release button in my car?

Most cars would have the release mechanism mostly down and close to the driver’s seat. You can find some with the same release mechanism in the glove compartment, center console, or on the driver’s side dashboard.

Which tools can I use to get into a locked trunk?

You may have to get a drill if it gets to point that is the only solution. However, if you are good at picking locks, get your tools for such an application. Some even use magnets, but that might not always work for all locks.

When does a locksmith need to drill the trunk lock?

Some vehicles might have high-tech security features. This means the locksmith does not have an easy time manipulating the lock switches. Thus, the only way of getting into the trunk is if you drill the lock.

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