How To Bypass Ignition Switch To Start Car [3 EASY Ways]

Sometimes, you might need to start your car without using the ignition switch. Fortunately, there are different methods to do it, and that’s what you will be learning about in this article.

Ignition Switch

1. Breaking The Keyhole

The quickest and most popular method for turning your car’s ignition without a key is to use a screwdriver and drill. However, you must be careful not to harm the ignition switch.

When you need to deactivate the lock pins, this method is appropriate. The car key mechanism, however, will be irreparably damaged. 

Using this method, you’ll need to drill the keyhole from where the inner flaps begin. It should be around 2/3 inches long. 

You should then remove the drill and lock bits. By inserting a screwdriver head, you may now try to start the car.

Any key or flat piece of metal that will fit could be an alternative if you don’t have a screwdriver, allowing your car to start correctly.

If you don’t have a drill, you may easily do this procedure with a hammer. Insert the screwdriver into the keyhole and begin pounding with the hammer. 

So, the lock pins in the ignition should be broken using this method.

2. Hotwiring

Hotwiring is another technique to start an automobile without a key. For automobiles built in the 1990s, the Hotwiring Technique is perfect. 

The method of bypassing the ignition system is referred to as this.

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You must remove the steering wheel column’s plastic cover to use this procedure. Both sides are screwed together.

Finally, you must ensure that they are removed first, which will provide you access to the ignition system.

Before moving on to the following step, put on your protective or insulated gloves. Have a good eye for recognizing the starter and battery cables as well. 

The red lines are usually the battery wires. On the other hand, the yellow and brown cables are for the ignition.

At the end of the battery cables, make a small insulating cut. Cut the power cables that come from the cylinder as well. 

Finally, twist the battery wire end with the power wires to join them.

3. Red Coil Wire

The Red Coil Wire Technique is for vehicle enthusiasts with sufficient technical expertise. You could, for example, start your automobile without a key if you had the abilities of a skilled technician.

Go behind the hood, look for the red coil wire, and take hold of the jump starter cord first. Next, connect the battery’s positive terminal to the red coil wire. 

The wire is also known as the coil’s positive side. Now, the dashboard is believed to have received some electricity. 

So, to discover the starting solenoid, continue this procedure by opening the steering wheel and connecting the battery’s positive connection to this solenoid.

Take out the ignition wire from the solenoid switch and use a screwdriver to short the positive post of the solenoid to where the ignition switch is attached.

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The Red Coil Wire Technique allows you to provide 12 volts to the battery automatically. So, the solenoid is activated, allowing the starter to crank the automobile.

How To Hotwire A Car

YouTube video

Are you stuck and can’t use a key to start your car? No worries. Here’s a Youtube tutorial on hotwiring a car in an emergency.

The video starts with a few things you will need for this process, like the tools you’ll need and proof of ownership to avoid any legal concerns.

This video also includes a few words of warning to remind you that you will be causing damage to your vehicle, so hotwiring should only be a last resort. Other points noted in this video also mention precautions and advice to avoid any conflict with the law.

Frequently Asked Questions

What two wires do you use to hotwire a car?

The starting cables are normally the two brown wires, and the power cables are typically the two red wires, although you should double-check with your vehicle’s handbook. Put on some insulated gloves and use wire cutters to cut the two power cables.

Does it damage a car to hotwire it?

Hot-wiring an automobile is risky and may cause serious harm. Never use anybody else’s automobile as a hot wire, and be prepared to present evidence of ownership.

Can the ignition of a vehicle switch be bypassed?

Yes. But, bypassing a damaged ignition switch is a complex method. The best case is to get your car serviced by a trained professional or replace the switch.

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