How to Choose a Bandsaw? [Follow the Guide]

A bandsaw is a costly tool. So, like a random thing you can’t choose a bandsaw closing your eyes.

There are lots of things you need to consider before purchasing a bandsaw. Today’s topic is related to this topic. In this article, I will discuss how to choose a bandsaw.

A bandsaw comes with different variations according to its type, design, size, power, and others. You must consider everything and understand your demands. 

I will cover every part of this article with a proper guide. So, for getting in-depth information don’t leave the page without finishing it. But before that, you need to learn detail about it. So, let’s learn what exactly a bandsaw is.

What is a Bandsaw?

A bandsaw is a tool that is used by professional woodcutters to make varieties of smooth cuts. We see woodcutters use handsaws to cut wood in particular shapes.

However, it is almost impossible and difficult to cut thick-sized wood into shapes with handsaws. Then, you need these tools to perform miracles.

In a bandsaw, there are sharp and narrow teeth, wheels & blades with which the saw works. Plus, with these tools, you can cut not only wood but also plastic or metal too. A bandsaw can make circle shapes, curves, or straight cuts. Bandsaws need powerful motors to work and it saves workers’ energy.

How to Choose the Best Bandsaw?

1. Types of Bandsaw

If you know the types of bandsaw you are halfway reached knowing an ideal saw. Bandsaws can differ in two different ways;  Shape and Purpose. Woodcutters should know what kind of bandsaws they need before purchasing.

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By Shape

  • Horizontal Bandsaw

To describe easily, horizontal bandsaws are used for cutting longer wood into smaller pieces. This type of bandsaw cuts the wood at the right angle and meter in a horizontal position.

These types of power tools won’t work to create curve lines or circle shapes. They only make straight lines.

  • Vertical Bandsaw

First of all, woodcutters can make any kind of versatile design with vertical bandsaws. The piece needs to hold firmly against the saw’s blade to create the desired shape. As it has a fixed type of blade so it’s easy to make any kind of shape easily.

  • Portable Bandsaw

The smallest and lightest type of bandsaws. For those woodcutters who need to move from place to place for work, this type is perfect for them.

Don’t worry, this type of saw works the same as the others. With a sharp blade, you can cut a curve or straight lines.

By Purpose

  • Metal Bandsaw

The metal bandsaw is used for cutting through metal things. This type of bandsaw isn’t appropriate to cut wood. It has very thin and sharp blades to cut through the metal. It is available in both horizontal and vertical types.

  • Wood Bandsaw

For chopping logs or bigger-sized wood, a wood bandsaw is ideal. The thick and sharp blades of these saws make them perfect to cut larger wood.

The larger the size of the wood saw, the more powerful it is. There are four categories of wood saws. Those are- Head saw, Double-Cut Saw, Resaw, and Benchtop Saw.

  • Meat Bandsaw
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From the name, you can get the hint. Yes, this saw is used to cut bigger chunks of meats and bones. Professional butchers use this saw to save their energy and time. These are made of stainless steel to prevent rust.

2. Consider the Frame Style

You have already understood different types of saws. Now you need to learn about the frame types. Here I am shortly describing.

  • Cast-Iron Frame

The cast-iron frames have been used for over a generation and they are available in a 14-inch platform. The frame includes upper and lower assemblies and 2 long machined castings.

You can also expand the height capacity of the band saw. Plus, it uses a motor having a rating of1 and 1/2 horsepower.

  • Steel Frame

Once upon a time, they were very popular in the European region. Now they are blasting in the US market. First of all, they are made of premium quality welded steel.

They are made of a unique construction method that allows the manufacturer to increase the cutting capacities. There are different size ranges available for these saws (12-24 inches)

3. Power

Another major thing is to consider the power rating of the bandsaw motor. It mainly depends on the demand for cutting. For regular usage or minor resawing, a 1-1/2 horsepower motor will work perfectly.

However, if you are aiming at cutting exotic hardwood or planning to deal with bowl blanks from a log then you will need a motor with a power rating of 2-1/2 or 3 horsepower.

NB: Motor having a rating of 2 or more horsepower requires a 220V electric supply

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4. Blade Guide

I think you are all aware of the blade guide. I used the Euro Style guides on my saw however, the performance of edge-bearing rollers is even more popular. Whatever it is make sure that you can adjust it easily and it will remain set in a certain place.

5. Comfortability

There are a lot of quality bandsaws available in the market but I bet you will hate many of them due to facing uncomfortable.

You must consider the table size, fence, spring, guidepost, and other components and try to understand how you feel. Make sure you feel easy and comfortable using the bandsaw.

What type of Bandsaw is Best for Resawing?

Choosing a bandsaw for resawing is more critical than the regular time. So, I am including another part about the best bandsaw for resawing. Read out the features for the band saws which are ideal for resawing-

  • It must have a powerful motor. To cut through woods, the more powerful the motor you’ll get, the sharper line you will see.
  • It should have versatile types of wood-cutting methods. It will be easy and affordable for the buyer.
  • The blade should have safeguards to keep you safe from any kind of tragic accident
  • If the device has a work light, it can illuminate the space where you are working.
  • The saw should have dust ports to collect the clouds of dust when you work otherwise it will become messy and a hassle for you.
  • The saw should come with a working stand and it helps to create a clean look.
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Final Words

I hope you have no more confusion about a bandsaw. As I have covered different types of bandsaws and some other related topics you must understand the appropriate bandsaw for you.

I suggest reading the features again and considering the price before choosing one. The last thing I will mention again get a saw you feel comfortable working with it.

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