How To Cut a Ceramic Tile That Is Already Installed [5 Steps]

Are you working on a tile installation and want to remove a specific part of a ceramic tile already installed previously? Do you want to remove and cut a particular part?

Renovation jobs require you to remove certain parts of a tile. We’re going to teach you how to do it.

Tools and Safety Equipment to Prepare Before Cutting Ceramic Tiles

According to Rubi, here are the tools and safety equipment that you should prepare before cutting ceramic tiles so that everything is ready before you start to work on cutting the pre-installed ceramic tile:

  • A Diamond Disc– Use one that’s specified for tile cutting.
  • Set Square or Triangle– For accurate measurements.
  • Measuring Tape– For measuring longer distances in an enclosed area.
  • Non-stain Pen– Used to mark the tiles.
  • Angle Grinder– The tool for cutting the tile
  • Steel Rule– Used for marking horizontal or vertical lines.
  • Rotary Tool– Substitute for an angle grinder in tight spaces.
  • Small Pry Bar– To pry the cut portion of the ceramic tile.
  • Plastic Sheet and Tape– To keep dust away from doors.
  • Safety Equipment (goggles, gloves, and eye protection)– Protect your body from dust and debris that can fly into your eyes.

Steps on Cutting Ceramic Tiles That Are Already Installed

YouTube video

As shown in the video by Wall 2 Floor Clean, an additional tip for cutting a ceramic tile is to use a spray bottle filled with water to spray over your circular saw/angle grinder so that the blades won’t overheat while cutting.

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Cutting pre-installed ceramic tiles is very easy to do and is achievable on your own. According to hunker, these are the following steps to follow to make sure that you cut ceramic tiles accurately and cleanly.

Step 1 – Clearing the Area

Make sure you clean the areas from dust and debris so that the marking process will be more straightforward. Working with ceramic tiles will be easier to clean since it has a cleaner surface than surfaces with no similar texture.

Step 2 – Marking the Lines

With a grease pen or a marking pencil, mark the areas you would like to cut on a pre-installed ceramic tile so that you will be guided when doing the cutting process to make precise and accurate cuts.

You can use tools like the steel rule and a set square to write vertical and horizontal angles on your ceramic tiles without error.

Step 3 – Putting On Protective Gear

Tiles that have been cut might fly towards your face. That’s why goggles, gloves, and eye protection are some of the essential protective gears you should use so that nothing will damage your eyes, especially when trying to cut installed ceramic tiles.

Step 4 – Using the Angle Grinder

Use an angle grinder to cut the ceramic tiles. Make small lines around the curve for a cleaner cut if you’re cutting a curve.

Use the marked lines as a guide for accurate cuts. A circular saw can also be used. Make sure you change the bit into a tile cutter bit for better efficiency.

Step 5 – Clean and Vacuum the Workspace

When cutting ceramic tiles, you will have to expect a dirty workspace since dust and debris will be flying around. Plastic sheets and tape can protect the holes and space between the doors.

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After the entire process, you should use a vacuum and clean the tiles with a damp cloth and vacuum the space around them to minimize dust in the air.

Related Questions to Cutting Ceramic Tiles That Are Already Installed

Can ceramic tiles be cut even if it’s already installed?

They can be cut with an angle grinder. Together with the correct marking tools, it’s reasonably easy to cut ceramic tiles.

Will ceramic tiles be easy to cut?

Angle grinders store sufficient torque and power to cut ceramic tiles already installed. This will be easy, especially if you have experience working with equipment such as an angle grinder or a circular saw.

Do ceramic tiles easily break when cut?

Ceramics tiles can easily break depending on your technique and how you cut. However, installed tiles are much harder and more durable since they are reinforced with concrete.

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