How To Cut Particle Board [Easy Guide]

Particle boards are some of the most loved types of boards in the market. It is mostly because it will be easy to work with the board compared to the competition. They are also quite versatile.

The most notable part about using a particle board is that it can work with different saws. This includes circular saws, table saws, and so much more. The blade of the saw will determine the cleanliness of the cut, accuracy, and efficiency. So choose appropriately.

Particle boards are available in different sizes. It often depends on the application and supplier. So, understand what your project needs before ordering.

A table saw is seen as the best choice for cutting particle boards. However, you can still use circular saws too. Only use jigsaws for the curved cuts.

Cutting with a table saw

Step 1

Start by installing a 60-tooth carbide-tipped blade. This should be done when the saw breaker is off.

Raise the table saw blade to around 1 ¼ inch to allow enough space for fitting the particle board you want to cut.

Turn on the breaker to proceed.

Step 2

Wear your safety gear before working on the piece. This includes wearing safety glasses and a face mask.

You also need to add sawhorses at the exit side of the table saw. The sawhorses are vital for supporting a long particle board.

Ensure you are also using smooth sawhorses so that you do not damage the smooth finish of the particle boards.

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Keep the sawhorses level with the top of the table. Some might keep them ¼ inch lower, but it should not be higher as it can affect the quality of the cut.

Step 3

Next is to set up the fence on the table saw. This adjustment is based on how you want to cut the particle board.

A good example is when you want to cut long and thin strips. For such a case, place the particle board lengthwise on the table saw.

As for cutting square or rectangular panels, keep the particle board perpendicular to the table saw’s length.

Step 4

Now you are ready to start cutting.

Turn on the table saw and start pushing the board with your hands. If the board is too long, have an assistant help you.

You can turn off the saw once the board is cut, and it is now about 6 inches past the table saw blade. We expect that the sawhorses are also supporting the excess length of the board at this point.

Depending on the cuts, sometimes you have to reset the fence to new measurements and repeat the cuts.

It is that simple to make the cuts with a table saw. So long as you can use the right blade type for the job, it is not a hard job to complete.

Here is a video on using the table saw correctly to avoid chipping

YouTube video

The circular saw can be an alternative to a table saw. We found that the procedure is relatively the same, with some minor differences. So, if you want a different approach, just use a circular saw.

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Using a Jigsaw

A jigsaw is a nice tool for those who want to make curvy cuts on the particle board. Here are the steps to follow when you want to make the cuts.

Step 1

Start by drawing the curves or any patterns you want to cut on the board. You could use freehand or a template to do the job.

Proceed to clamp the particle board and hold the excess with sawhorses.

Step 2

Install the appropriate blade in the jigsaw. This time around, we shall recommend a 1 ¾-inch carbon steel blade.

The blade should have 16 teeth per inch as the minimum requirement.

Step 3

This is the part where you have to wear your safety glasses and a face mask before cutting.

Align the saw’s blade with where you want to cut. You could use the leading edge of the saw for proper guidance in setting up the board correctly.

Turn on the jigsaw.

Step 4

It is now time to cut. Proceed to push the saw forward while following the pattern you had made before.

All you need is moderate pressure on the saw, and it should cut with ease leaving you with clean curves.

This video has a few tips on how to make clean cuts with a jigsaw.

YouTube video


Can a chisel be used for cutting particle boards?

No. You should never use a chisel on the particle boards. This is because chisels will easy splinter and potentially destroy the structure of the particle boards.

Can a handsaw be used to cut particle boards?

As much as it is possible to cut with a hand saw, it might not be so easy. Also, the results might have rugged edges. That is why you can use a table saw or circular saw to end up with smooth finishes after the cuts.

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Can a utility knife cut into a particle board?

It might be a good tool for making straight cuts, but it will take too much time for a particle board. Such a tool is best for other applications. Stick to power saws when cutting particle boards.

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