How To Drill and Tap a Hole? [+Video]

Drilling refers to creating a smooth hole in a material with a drill and motor. Tapping refers to the action that creates a thread into the side of the hole.

This exercise is used to create the thread into the side of the hole. It’s commonly used on materials such as brick, concrete, ceramic, and stone.

According to Parts-Badger, “A variety of taps are available to match almost any screw-type available, including metric and standard measurements.”

We’ve put together this guide, packed with step-by-step instructions, to make it even easier for you to tap and drill holes on any surface you’d like.

How to Drill a Hole

The procedure for drilling a hole will be very simple. You should always remember to use the appropriate bit size for the job. If you are using a ceramic or stone form, a better option is to not drill through the form but to drill around the edge of the form using the machine’s motorized bit.

Once you have drilled a hole for the threaded insertion point, put the thread into the hole and press it to the metal or polymer surface.

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How to Tap a Hole

It’s a common practice of construction workers to drill and tap a hole in metal pipes. But drilling and tapping are not easy tasks. With the proper tools, you can do it easily. You will need hand tools, specialized drills, drill bits, specialty drill bits, and other accessories to complete the task.

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How To Tap a Hole on Wood

Start by laying the hole into a surface block of wood or concrete. Make sure it’s flat, all the way through, and square in the center.

Step 1 – Lay the Wood Block

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Lay the Wood Block

Secure the wood into a work surface by sanding it.

Step 2 – Rough Out the Surface

Starting at one side of the hole, turn the block 180 degrees and tap the wood into the work surface, creating a diagonal groove.

Step 3 – Make a Tap Hole

Use a hard tap hammer and tap on the groove you just made to create a wood thread through the center of the hole.

How To Tap Hole on Stone

The first step in tapping a hole is to install a good quality drill bit. It’s important to get a bit that is not too light and not too heavy. This will prevent the bit from getting stuck in the hole and causing damage.

A good quality drill bit will last between 200 and 1000 hits. You should make several holes simultaneously and the last few that will form the “thread” side of the hole.

Mark the Drill Bit with a Sharpie. Insert the drill bit into the hole, then turn the motor on. Thus, the drill bit is dragged through the materials. Keep it moving in a steady, smooth rhythm so that it doesn’t bottom out the hole. Repeat this process a few times, as shown in the video below.

Pull the drill bit through. Check the Speed of the Drill Bit and replace it if needed.

How to Use a Drill and Tap Set

Using a drill and tap set is a great way to work on skills needed for various projects. This method will help develop drilling, cutting, and tapping metal, plastic, wood, and ceramic skills. You can purchase all of these materials with the drill and tap set. You can also buy single drill bits and tools.

Tapping on materials creates a narrow trench, while drilling produces a broad trench. This exercise will focus on using the drills and taps to tap into the side of the hole. You should finish one section at a time using both drills and taps.

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Then you can tap the next section without using the taps. It will require an understanding of how to use the drills and taps in a repetitive task.

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Learning to use drills and taps provides an opportunity to practice using the equipment in a setting without getting tired. This exercise works on the “flow” of the drill and taps. The drill is used to drill the material without tapping and vice versa. It’s the same as creating the thread with the drill.

  1. Prepare to drill a hole, as this part requires a lot of handwork.
  2. Use a hammer and drill to create a smooth hole and cement to fill it in.
  3. Tap a circular piece to create a strong cocked drill bit that can be turned on either axis.
  4. Turn on the power, and slowly drill and tap away.

While it’s quite important to drill a sturdy and stable hole, it’s equally important not to lose concentration. Each tap needs to be done slowly, in the correct direction, and in the right amount of time, so you don’t wear your drill out.

Best Drill and Tap Sets You Can Try

1. AUTOTOOLHOME 6 Pack Titanium Combination Drill Tap Bit Set

This product contains 6pcs drill taps made of HSS 4341, ensuring fast and sharp performance. Furthermore, its surface is treated with titanium alloy, making it last longer. The set includes SAE- 6-32nc, 8-32nc, 10-24nc, 12-24nc, and 1/4-20nc.

2. BOSCH BDT11S 11Piece Tap & Drill Combo Set

The BOSCH BDT11S 11-Piece tap and drill set is the perfect tool for almost any job, with strong and durable construction and laser-etched markings ensuring size identification and won’t wear off. Moreover, this set is ideal for general usage. Surely it will meet your needs.

3. THINKWORK Combination Drill Tap & Tap Bit Set

The THINKWORK Combination Drill Tap & Tap Bit Set comes with strong taps made from high-speed steel. It is more resistant to damage and will provide you with performance not found in any other product.

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This product is highly versatile due to its SAE and metric sizes. Each tap has a label engraved, helping you choose the size you need.

4. Accusize Industrial Tools 18 Pc Hss Tap and Drill Set, Metric, 0001-0052

The Accusize Industrial Tools 18 Pc Hss Tap and Drill Set has many appealing features. Not only does the tool come with two hammerheads, a set of 36 double-bit v-shapes, and a drill bit shank for every tap, it also comes with an 18″ tapping rod. These can be used for drilling holes in multiple sizes of wood, plastic, metal, and glass.

5. TOPEC Tap Bit Set, 3-in-1 HSS Titanium Coated Drill Tap Combination for Titanium Coated Drill Tap

The top of this set of three tools features a small clickable section, which is a quick-turn tap bit. Also, the three pieces inside the cap are three drill bits, one for each type of drill bit. The set also includes a counterbore drill bit for metal and a counterbore drill bit for wood.

This set is made of titanium, which is an excellent hardening material for drill bits. The counterbore drill bit is also extremely precise, which makes it ideal for cutting through the tile.


How deep should a tapped hole be?

To make a good decision about how deep to drill a hole, you need first to understand what you are drilling for. You also need to know the specifications of the drill bit, whether it is an electric drill or a hydraulic drill.

The depth should be at least two times its nominal diameter. Do note. The nominal diameter is the diameter of the hole, which is usually smaller than the actual hole.

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A fastener should be able to handle a load of at least three times its nominal diameter, provided it’s properly installed. This applies to all types of fasteners, including screws.

What is a Drill and Tap Chart?

Drill and Tap Charts are the way to identify all of the drilling parts used in a particular drill bit. You can see which bits, together with their drill sizes, are needed to make the repair. The purpose of this chart is to teach you how to find the tools needed to drill and tap concrete pipes.

A Drill and Tap Chart (D&T) is a visual representation used to show the sequence in which a drill and tap system is installed. When the drill and tap system is installed in a pipe, it will be seen as a series of “drills” and “taps” used for the proper pipe installation.

How do you determine the drill size for tapped holes?

To help you select the right drill bit, You can find here the basic characteristics of each type of drill bit, how it’s used, and how to clean them properly. Proper drilling is crucial for gaining accurate measurements.

The drive type determines the drill size for tapped holes. Most drills have a variable speed drive so that the specific drill size will depend on your selected tool. In this case, you will need to know the drill’s model number to find the correct size.

drill size for tapped holes

Why do we drill a hole before tapping?

Drilling and tapering are two different processes. Tapering is when you take the pipe in at one end and gradually tighten it to create a specific space inside the hole. Drillers do this to create a draft, which is needed when drilling. It prevents overheating and drilling, assists the cutting action, and prevents the bits from squealing.

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What are the 3 types of taps, and when to use them?

types of taps

To use the best style of tap, you have to master the three basic tap types. The Taper Tap is the most popular type of tap used by professionals. Generally, this is a full-size tap with a larger diameter at the opening end. This type of tap is used for large mugs or large bottles.

Taper taps are used to open or close a valve. Plug taps stop the flow of fluid back into the line. And a bottoming tap controls the pressure in a pipe. A plug tap allows you to open or close one valve while closing another, which is not accessible for maintenance purposes.


Drilling and tapping machines are used for a range of purposes in the construction and manufacturing industries. They are used to drill holes into materials such as wood, metal, and plastic for applications such as drilling and tapping.

Drilling is an important part of producing a product or installing a pipe or other material. Tapping is the process of inserting the drill into the hole to make the hole deeper.

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