How To Fill A Butane Lighter

The good thing with a butane lighter is that you can always refill it to keep using one. This helps to avoid having too much waste when it can be saved.

So, this guide looks at the steps you can take to fill a butane lighter and keep using it. Let us get into it. 

Purging the lighter

Purging means removing any fuel or air that might be remaining in the lighter. You should always work in a well-ventilated area when working on such a project. The last thing you want is the fuel to irritate your eyes. 

A flat and sturdy surface is also recommended. This is to keep the fuel from spreading to other surfaces. Laying down some drop cloth or newspaper might come in handy too. 

It is also advisable not to refill the lighter while it is still hot. Butane is highly combustible and can easily spark if you are from using a lighter. Give it around 30 minutes after using it before refilling. 

Opening the lighter for refilling 

Locate the flame adjuster knob on the butane lighter. With a screwdriver, turn this adjuster knob clockwise until you get it to the minimum height setting. Depending on the model, some might have a special key for making this adjustment, so use it. 

In case the lighter has a wheel for making the adjustments the better. This means you do not need to use a screwdriver. If you find the screw is not turning, do not force it as it might be set to the minimum height already. 

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Using a screwdriver, push the refill valve to help keep it open so that any remaining fuel or air can be purged. Make sure to point the lighter away from your face to avoid irritation to your eyes. 

Refilling the Butane Lighter

It is advisable to refill the butane lighter while it is facing down. This helps to avoid accidentally having air injected into the butane lighter. 

Shake the butane refill can to get it ready for refilling. Giving about 5 good shakes should be enough to prime the gas. Proceed to press the gas can stem into the lighter’s refill valve. 

Go ahead to pump 3-second bursts of the can to spray enough butane into your lighter. 

The butane will leak from the sides of the stem once the lighter is full. It mostly takes two to three bursts to have a lighter filled. No need to overfill the lighter. 

Testing your lighter

Once the refill is done, it is time to test the lighter and see if it is working. Ensure to turn the flame adjuster to its previous height setting and start using it. 

Give it like 5 minutes before testing if the lighter works. 

Just like that, you should now have a refilled butane lighter. 

Below is a video with more details

YouTube video


Why am I having trouble refilling my butane lighter?

The chances are you have air in the lighter. Make sure to purge the air and hold the lighter upside down while filling. 

Are all butane lighters refillable?

While most are refillable, sometimes you may come across those that are not. Ensure you only refill those that allow refilling. 

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Why is the butane lighter not working after refilling?

Make sure the minimum flame height is adjusted back up. Using it at the minimum height makes it hard to light the lighter when freshly refilled.

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