How To Fix A Broken Zipper On A Dress [Problems And Solutions]

A zipper is a simple part of clothing but it is quite vital to ensure the dress fits correctly. That is why if it does not work, then you may have some problems wearing that dress.

We will consider different scenarios so that we can find out ways to fix a zipper on the dress to end up with an easy time rocking the dress once again.

We will look at the case where the zipper is faulty but does not need replacing for this guide.

1. The zipper moves but does not lock

This is a common thing when the zipper has become older. It is just the normal wear and tear that needs proper repairing to have the zipper working once again.

The fix is quite simple for this part. The best tool will be a pair of pliers. What you are supposed to do is squeeze the plates of the zipper with the pliers. This narrows the space between them so that the zipper can function once more.

As much as pliers might be a simple fix, there is still the need to be gentle. Too much pressure might shatter the already fragile zipper.

Here is a video with more details

YouTube video

2. The teeth separate after fastening

You may have also noticed that the teeth easily separate even after fastening. When this happens, it is the slider that has a problem. The slider having a problem is often a quick fix.

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Here you need tweezers or pliers to deal with the problem. Ensure to gently squeeze the zipper plates with the plies to get the plates closer once again. With less space in between the plates, then it should close with no problem.

3. The slider does not work

It is possible that at times the slider would come off the zipper tracks. This does not mean you end up replacing the zipper. The good thing is that you can have the slider reattached.

A flathead screwdriver might just be the tool you need. Find the zipper bottom and then use the flathead screwdriver to feed the teeth back into the slider.

Once you have the teeth correctly aligned into the slider, pull the zipper up and down ensuring it is locked in properly.

4. The zipper tends to get stuck

A few things can cause the zipper to get stuck. Well, it is worse especially when it is in public. People might have stress over stuck zippers on their dresses. However, the remedy is quite simple.

To remedy a stuck zipper, you need paraffin wax, a cotton swab, liquid soap, and tweezers in some cases.

Try to move the zipper but do not use too much pressure. The last thing you want is to break it.

If it does not move still, look for cases of fiber being stuck in the teeth. Remove them using tweezers and try moving the zipper again.

Add liquid soap or even paraffin wax to the cotton swab then proceed to lubricate all the teeth on the zipper. With the teeth lubricated, it should make the zipper easy to move.

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5. Zipper on the dress cannot stay zipped

In case the zipper won’t stay zipped it could mean a number of things. They include having teeth bent or the teeth are worn down so much.

A good example is when you have to fix such a zipper on an old garment. A pliers is a good tool to consider. The pliers will help bend the teeth back into the right position. Just like that, you should be good to go.

Clear nail polish can also be painted over the teeth to help thicken them. The result is that now you have them back to their original form. It is advisable to apply several layers of nail polish before achieving the right thickness.

6. Zipper teeth close with reluctance

It might be something you have seen before where you get the reluctance while trying to close the zipper.

The reason is that the teeth are worn or there is additional friction too. The solution is to lubricate the zipper so that you have smooth movement.

Candle wax, lip balm, or petroleum jelly might just do the job. The good thing is that lubricating the zipper does not have to be done more often. So, it will be a one-time thing only.

Below is a video for fixing different zipper issues

YouTube video


Is it possible to fix zippers that come apart?

You can use a pair of pliers for squeezing the top and bottom back together so that the zipper can keep working correctly.

Can you reattach a zipper pull on a dress?

In case you accidentally pull the zipper off the dress, you can get it back to the teeth by opening up the bottom of the zipper strip and feeding it through the back of the zipper.

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Why does the zipper on a dress keep coming apart?

The zipper keeps coming apart because it does not have enough tension to hold the slider enough to close the teeth correctly.

What can cause the zipper to separate?

The high chances are the slider is loose and thus the reason the zipper teeth have a problem staying closed.

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