How To Get Weed Smell Out Of Car

Depending on the cannabis strain, sometimes having the smell linger in the car might not be so pleasant. If you have ever been in a smoker’s car, then you might not like the smell of weed in the car too. 

The biggest reason you have the smell in the car is if you were hotboxing. This is when a group of people smokes weed in a car with all the windows rolled up. The result is that the car is filled with smoke and the fabrics and carpets in the car would absorb the smell. 

Even if you smoke weed with the windows down, the chances are the car might still have the smell of weed even though it might not be too strong. 

So, how do you remove such a smell from the car? Here are ideas to consider;

Use scented or essential oils

You may have to get yourself an essential oil diffuser if you want to enjoy using the scented or essential oils in your car. This type of diffuser is designed to easily diffuse the essential oils into the air. Using it for a couple of days in your car can get rid of the smell. 

Always use a car diffuser. 

Air fresheners 

This might be the first thing someone uses before trying out the other methods. Get yourself the classic air freshener and you may notice that the smell subsides after a couple of days. Since such products are built specifically for cars, they can do a good job of keeping the car smelling good. 

Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal also has an impressive capacity when it comes to absorbing odors. So, you should still consider it for removing the weed smell from the car.

To use it, simply sprinkle the activated charcoal on the seats and carpet to remove the smell. Give it a couple of days to have the smell completely removed. 

Once the smell subsides, use a vacuum to remove the charcoal you have sprinkled in the car before. 

Use baking soda

Use baking soda the same way you would use activated charcoal. The good thing about baking soda should be that it does not mess up the white upholstery. It is often surprising just how well baking soda can be for odor removal. 

Give it 24 hours after sprinkling to allow it to absorb the smell then vacuum to remove the baking soda. 

Deep cleaning the car

You can still give the car a deep clean to remove the cannabis smell and other dirt that might be in the car. This might include removing the seats and having them cleaned professionally. After a deep clean, do not smoke weed in the car again to leave it smelling nice.

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Can you use ozone generators for odor elimination?

Yes. It can be a valuable piece of equipment to have to help with removing odor and other contaminants in the car. 

Is it hard to remove the weed smell from your car?

It all depends on the method you use to remove the odor. So long as you use the right method, it might be easy to handle it. 

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Can vinegar help get rid of the cannabis smell?

Leaving vinegar in the car overnight can help eliminate the smell thanks to the acetic acid in the solution.

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