How to Let Air Out of A Car Tire?

When our tires get overinflated, we need to let the air out. The tires need to have the right tire pressure so that they will not explode.

How can we let the air out of a tire? To start with, we should remove the cap by rotating it.

We should find the metal pin inside the stem. With a screwdriver, we will begin to release the air.

Then check the tire pressure using a gauge. Wait until you get the ideal tire pressure.

Be sure to return the cap after you are done. Here is a video that can let you know more about letting the air out of a tire.

YouTube video

Methods in Letting Air Out of Tires

You can have two methods of letting air out of tires. Here are the two methods:

Reduce Pressure

The first method is by reducing pressure You will need the following:

  • Plastic bag
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Screwdriver
  • Lever

1. Determine the Tire Valve

Find the valve. It has a raised body with a black cap.

2. Turn the Valve

Remove the valve and keep the pin in safety.

3. Test the Pressure

Monitor the tire pressure with a pressure gauge. Attach the gauge to the valve and screw it.

Check the manufacturer’s instruction sheet to know the right pressure.

4. Release the Air

Press the screwdriver to the pin. Feel the air slowly come out.

Wait until the equilibrium pressure is reached. Remove the screwdriver.

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5. Jack-up

Check for the side jack. Raise the car using a lever.

This will ensure the letting out of the air.

6. Return the Metal Pin

Screw back the pin. The air will escape from the tire quickly.

Deflate the Tires

The second method is by deflating the tires. Have the following steps:

1. Loosen the Valve Cap

You do not have to remove the valve cap but turn it counterclockwise.

2. Use a Tire Pump

Install the tire pump. Flip the lever to make it work.

3. Remove the Tire Pump

Flip the switch of the tire pump. Unscrew it.

The tire will deflate.

4. Press the Valve

Reduce the air by pressing the valve. You can feel the vapor release.

If you want to know more about how to deflate a tire, you can watch the following video:

YouTube video

Tips for Maintaining the Right Tire Pressure

We can give you some tips that you can use for letting out the air on your tires. Have the following tips:

  • You can buy tire pressure gauges from auto part stores.
  • It will take half your tire to release your vehicle from sand or mud.


How Long Does It Take to Let Air Out of a Tire?

The air goes out at a rate of 1-3 psi per month. The air loss depends on the model of the tire.

The rubber can give a variety of rates of permeation. Check inflation rates regularly and re-inflate your tires.

What Will I Do If I Put Too Much Air in My Tire?

Sometimes we never pay attention and we get our tires overinflated. Follow these steps in times like this:

  • Locate the valve system of the tire.
  • Uncover the cap to get the metal pin inside.
  • Measure the air with a tire pressure gauge.
  • Push the metal pin by using a sharp object.
  • Check the pressure if it is okay.
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At What Pressure Will the Tire Explode?

With strong materials, tires are hard to burst even at high inflation. But it will explode if it reaches 200 PSI (pounds per square inch).

Does Checking Tire Pressure Let Air Out?

No, the air is not lost as you check tire pressure. There is a knob at the rear end of the gauge that prevents the air from letting out.

Is It Okay to Lower Tire Pressure?

No, it is not okay to lower the tire pressure. It can cause bad gas mileage.

Your tire can even fail. It can cause the tire to blow.

At What PSI Will a Tire Go Flat?

If you have your tire under 20 psi, it will go flat. The sidewalls will be very hot and the rubber will break down.

Should I Put Air in My Tires When It Is Cold Outside?

You should inflate your tires in cold weather. Low temperatures can lower your tire pressure and they can give hazardous driving conditions.

How Much Does Tire PSI Go Up After Driving?

The tire pressure goes down by 1 to 2 psi as the temperature drops to 10 degrees. Your tire will warm up as you drive your car, having the tire pressure increased by 1 psi.

What PSI Should Tires Be?

The most recommended PSI is 32 to 35.

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