How To Load A Staple Gun [Manual, Electric, Or Pneumatic]

Loading a staple gun seems an easy job. However, different ways to load staple comes in different models.

This article will teach you quick ways on how to load all types of staple guns.

What is a Staple Gun?

A staple gun is an essential tool for home and commercial uses. It is a handheld machine that forces metal staples into all material types, such as wood, plastic, papers, and fabrics.

Staple guns differ from normal staplers and it is the best tool a handyman can keep.

The tool is fit for a variety of needs, such as for woodworking and other craft projects because its power is greater than desk staplers.

Different Types of Staple Gun

Staple gun comes in three major types that work differently in meeting your needs. These include:

Manual Staple Gun

The first type of staple gun is designed for lighter duties that may require arm muscle power.

It is loaded with a spring mechanism to allow penetrating a hard surface quickly. The manual staple gun only needs a single press on the lever to get started.

This option can be pricey, so choosing staple guns made of aluminum or steel could be better.

Ensure to buy a tool that won’t easily slip off your hand with the right size and maneuverability to staple spots correctly.

It should come with an anti-jamming mechanism for ease of use, even with first-timers.

Electric Staple Gun

Electric Staple Gun

An electric staple gun is a lot more convenient than the manual options, reducing human force.

It operates with the use of electricity that demands extra skill to do the job. The device can be corded or cordless depending on the level of portability you need.

Find an electric staple gun that is compatible with standard nails or staples to avoid spending more.

They are also lightweight and durable to be used on longer projects at their full potential. Choose the best brand possible to get warranties and great product support.

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Pneumatic Staple Gun

Pneumatic Staple Gun

Construction workers are to whom pneumatic staple guns are made. It is fully equipped for more difficult tasks, such as wood-related works.

When matched to the previous types, this is more powerful thus requires deeper skills to get the best out of its uses.

Pick a staple gun that offers a comfortable grip to enhance your safety. It is also important to read the manual to avoid usage mistakes in the long run.

Most injuries happen due to the mishandling of tools in finishing a project. Pneumatic staple guns are more expensive that can perform a wider range of jobs.

How To Load Staple Guns?

If you are to purchase a staple gun, you should know how to load staples into the gun.

The mentioned staple gun types have different ways of loading staples safely. Below are the basic steps to help you out!

Manual Staple Gun

First is a rear-loading staple gun with four steps you must follow. Manual staple gun delivers the quickest way to load staples, as shown below:

Step no. 1.

The pusher rod is located at the back of the staple gun. On its side is where you must load the staples.

Point that area facing away from you not to cause any possible injuries due to nails coming out of the device.

It is difficult to find right away. Look for a small metal rectangle with a small hook and two indentations on its top, bottom, and sides, respectively.

Or, you can trace where the staples are coming out, and on its opposite side is the pusher rod.

Step no. 2.

Carefully take out the rod with your thumb and forefinger. The unlatching process can help to remove the pusher completely out of the staple fun. It works in either two ways, such as:

  • Gently push the rod upward and downward. Take it easy or otherwise might ruin the stapler gun.
  • Use your thumb and forefinger to slide the pusher forward and upward once it appears. Push it slightly forward until you can pull the pusher out of the gun.
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There is no quick way to unlatch the pusher, it takes time and patience.

Step no. 3.

Finally, you can load a row of staples to the gun. Position the staples into an M shape wherein their legs must be facing down.

Slide your needed amount of staples into the gun, but it is better to load the chamber fully to prevent frequent reloading.

Make sure to leave a quarter-inch of space in the chamber for a reason.

Step no. 4.

Place back the pusher rod into the gun and make sure it locks in place. The same process is needed to slide the pusher in the chamber, like how it is unlatched.

Some staplers may result in tension while pushing the rod in, so be extra careful. Then, secure the rod at the top and bottom.

Once it is hooked in place, test the staple gun in scrap wood or paper to see if it is working or not. If the staple fired smoothly so then you have done a great job.

Electric Staple Gun

Loading an electric staple gun is not as easy as manual staplers. You may encounter some added steps to properly use the tool.

It is so-called bottom loading, which is quite the opposite of how manual units work.

Check out the brief instructions below to get started!

Step no. 1.

Since the tool is powered by electricity, first, you must unplug the staple gun for everyone’s safety. Leaving it plugged can result in dangerous injuries or even death.

Next is to lock the trigger in place by performing some shifts in opposite directions. This is to easily release the staples without causing any harm.

Some staple guns do not have a trigger lock and in that case, there is no other way unless being very careful in loading staples.

Step no. 2.

All-electric staple guns are equipped with a magazine release button. It looks similar to the pusher rod that is found on the back of the stapler with two small indentations.

It is located on the opposite side of where the staples come out. The release button must be a squeeze and pull using your thumb and forefinger to release the clip holding the staples in place.

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Step no. 3.

After locating the release button, it is time to pull the staple compartment out. It may demand decent pressure to squeeze the indentations.

With old staplers, it will be a hard time removing the loading tray.

Step no. 4.

Load the compartment with staples, with legs facing down. It cannot be random as the tool can be damaged.

Hold the gun upside down or keep it in a small “n” position to slide the staples in place. There will be a “click” sound once the staples are clipped in position.

Not hearing any sound may suggest pushing the magazine back in again to secure its place.

For loading brad nails, look for an indication of whether the stapler loads brads or not.

If yes, place the broad nails in the compartment the arrow is pointing.

Then again, listen carefully to that “click” sound making sure the staplers won’t come out anytime.

Step no. 5.

Turn on the device by plugging it into a wall outlet to give it a try. It should fire one staple at a time and not multiple staples as a sign it is working properly.

Use a block of wood with uniform thickness to test the tool to see possible kickbacks.

Pneumatic Staple Gun

Here is another type of staple gun. The top-loading process is necessary to fill the gun with an ample amount of staples. This is how it goes:

Step no. 1.

First, you need to disconnect the stapler through the compressor. It is a cylindrical shape located on the model’s tank.

This contains pressurized air that can be loosened by hand or with the use of a screwdriver.

Some units feature a safety trip to prevent the gun from discharging staples while reloading. Put it in place for improved protection.

Step no. 2.

The next step is to disconnect the magazine rod to prepare the clip in place. Get the staple gun and push and pull the lever away from the gun.

Do this until the clip locked in its desired position.

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Step no. 3.

Prepare to load the gun with a strip of staples. Place the staples’ leg first and ensure they won’t get stuck on the rail.

The staples must move up and down freely while in the compartment. There will be a chance of staple row breaking that simply reloading the rail with a couple of staples will work.

Step no. 4.

To unlock the gun’s follower, push and release the lever into the gun. Pneumatic staplers will automatically push the staples, but other units may still require a small push.

Step no. 5.

Test the device by plugging in the compressor and connecting the gun to the hose.

Wear safety glasses while testing the stapler on a piece of wood. Clean results indicate the staple gun is working properly.

Additional Staple Gun Type

As a bonus, here is a front-loading staple gun that works well on paper or cardboard. It also requires four easy steps to load the gun, including:

  • Get rid of the tape covering, to begin with. It can be found in front of the tool protecting it against possible damage. You should remove the covering before loading some staples into the gun.
  • Check your staple gun’s model on how to release the magazine. It is usually done by pressing a small button or pulling a release mechanism. The manufacturer will indicate which action should take place. If there is no clue, try both actions.
  • A sticky magazine could be harder to pull out of the gun. Besides, stay gentle in pulling out the clip or use a flat head screwdriver for easier execution.
  • Place a row of staples on the track and then push the magazine until you hear a “click” sound. Get cardboard and test the staple gun.

Things To Consider in Buying a Staple Gun

Before learning how to load staples, you must buy the right device to suit your needs. Here is a rundown of factors to consider in getting a staple gun:

Ease of Use

Staplers are created to boost productivity. It should promote ease of use both for light and heavy tasks.

Lighter tools can also add up comfort to the user not to get over-fatigue.

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Good Grip

A staple gun must have a good grip to satisfy a longer period of work. This also prevents injury around the working area.


Go for a staple gun that is compatible with staplers and nails for wider usage. Buying such materials will add up to your expenses, and they are too expensive.


It is essential to read the user’s manual before doing anything. This avoids mishandling the tool for the whole’s safety.

It can help to set up the staple gun correctly and minimize usage mistakes.


Since staplers are expensive, being backed up with a warranty is necessary. Most brands provide a year of warranty for every buyer.


Quality staplers cost higher than unknown brands. Obtaining a staple gun from popular brands will make you better off in the long run, regardless of its high price.


In connection with a cost-effective feature, these options are also long-lasting due to the materials used.

It is additionally backed with purchase support to extend the life of the tool.

Final Say

I hope you learn something about how to load a staple gun from the above details.

These are just basics to follow, which are helpful to get started. Although it’s an easy job, it still requires a lot of patience and knowledge to follow instructions.

We made it simple and precise, but if there is anything vague, feel free to comment below. You will get a response right away!

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