How to Magnetize a Screwdriver [The Easy Way]

Magnetizing your screwdrivers can help you in different ways. When tightening or loosening screwdrivers, the screws you’re reducing may be lost or fall into unwanted areas.

For example, if you work in the computer industry or any tech job, you may be exposed to many screwdrivers every day. This is where the magnetized screwdrivers come in.

Magnetized screwdrivers make our lives easier. That’s why we highly recommend you magnetize your screwdrivers right now, through the steps we provide.

First of all, magnetized screwdrivers help people loosen tight screws easily. There are other benefits of magnetizing a screwdriver. Here are the following examples:

Why We Should Magnetize Screwdrivers

Why We Should Magnetize Them Description
1. Easy Access to the Screw’s Head Since the screwdriver is magnified, you can easily access the screw’s head because the magnetized screwdriver will naturally be aligned with the head.

This can be great if you’re tightening or loosening a screw located in confined spaces where finding the head of a screw can be a bit difficult.

With a magnetized screwdriver, we will quickly solve that problem. Make sure you check the steps below to guide you on magnetizing screwdrivers.

2. Retrieval of Screws Made Easier Because your screwdriver is magnetized, it will be easy for you to retrieve screws in places that cannot be reached easily. For example, if you’re trying to get a screw that’s in a tight spot, poke the screw, and it will stick with the screwdriver since it’s magnetic.

These don’t apply to screws only. With a magnetic screwdriver, you can also retrieve nuts and bolts found in tight spots. As long the nuts and bolts (or anything that’s made of metal) aren’t too heavy for the magnetized screwdriver to handle, then it can easily be retrieved.

3. The Screwdriver Will Have Better Grip on the Screw Since the screwdriver is magnetized, it will hold onto the screw head firmly, giving the user a better experience when turning the screwdriver when loosening or tightening a screw.

The table above shows examples of the reason why you should magnetize your screwdrivers. It’s mostly for efficiency reasons and easier access to screws and its screw heads.

Overall, we guarantee you that a magnetized screwdriver is a lot better than a non-magnetized one because of the advantages a magnetized screwdriver offers.

How to Magnetize a Screwdriver: The Easy Way

Now that you know why we should magnetize screwdrivers, it’s also essential to understand how to magnetize them.

There are many different ways to magnetize a screwdriver (if yours are not magnetized yet). There is a lot of variety when it comes to magnetizing screwdrivers. You can do it with a magnet, without a magnet, and in many other ways!

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We provided you with some options below to magnetize your screwdriver. Some screwdrivers are already magnetized (this means once you buy it from the store, it’s already magnetized out of the box).

These types of screwdrivers have been popular recently and can be found even in your local hardware stores.

Here are the different ways how you can magnetize your screwdriver with the tools you may find in your homes:

With a Magnet

One of the simplest ways to magnetize a screwdriver is by using a strong magnet and attaching it to the screwdriver. If the screwdriver is made out of steel (or any ferromagnetic metal), the screwdrivers will be easily magnetized without any problems.

According to bobvila, you can magnetize your screwdriver in four simple steps. You only need three things as well, a neodymium magnet, a screwdriver, and a cleaning cloth.

Today, they say it takes just 5 minutes to magnetize a screwdriver for quicker, more straightforward repairs and faster screw retrieval.

Step 1 – Prepare the neodymium magnet with a pulling force of ¼ pound to 1 pound.

Step 2 – With the cleaning cloth, wipe off any dirt, dust, and debris from all metal parts of the screwdriver. Dampen the rag and thoroughly clean the tool; after wiping, allow it to dry before proceeding.

Step 3 – Hold the magnet in one hand and the screwdriver in the other. Slide the magnet along the screwdriver’s metal part slowly and repeat that motion over 4 to 6 times, making sure that the tip of the screwdriver (the one where it comes in contact with the screws) also gets included while you slide the magnet.

Repeat the motion several times. Swiping the magnet back in the other direction over your screwdriver’s shaft can remove the magnetism you have achieved so far. After doing it on one side of the screwdriver, please give it a quarter turn and repeat the same magnet sliding process.

Continue the quarter turn-and-stroke process about four times; the more strokes, the better magnetism and the more powerful it gets.

Step 4  After completing the three steps, test the strength of your magnetized screwdriver. You can repeat the same process again and again if it’s losing its magnetized properties. Needing only three objects to finish the process, this is a pretty cheap and efficient way to magnetize your screwdriver.

Without a Magnet (Using a 9v Battery)

There are also options for people who don’t have a magnet in their homes, and they can use a 9v battery to magnetize their screwdrivers. A 9v battery is the most optimal battery for magnetizing a screwdriver since it’s minimal and compact for your screwdrivers.

A 9v battery is small and easy to move around because of its compact size. You can easily tape the battery to the screwdriver’s handle to make sure that your screwdriver is magnetized at all times. Follow the instructions below to know how to magnetize your screwdriver with a 9v battery:

  • Use an uninsulated AWG 18-gauge wire tightly from about ½ inch from the handle. Save enough wire until there’s about ½ left of space from the tip of your screwdriver.
  • Once you have enough wire on the screwdriver’s shaft, you can now start attaching the 9v battery close to the handle of the screwdriver itself.
  • You can attach the 9v battery to the screwdriver handle by using electric tape to secure it properly near the handle.
  • After securing the 9v Battery with the electrical tape, you can now wrap one end of the wire on one of the battery terminals and cover the other end of the wire on the other battery terminal.
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NOTE: Even after disconnecting the wire from the 9v battery, the screwdriver will remain magnetized after a few days, and it will stay that way if you constantly connect your screwdriver with the 9v battery every once in a while. 

Magnetic Screwdriver Holder

Aside from magnetizing your screwdriver, other magnetic things also help you store your screwdriver a lot easier.

Sometimes, screwdrivers can be messy in toolboxes. Because some toolboxes have no proper storage for screwdrivers, we have a solution for you! It’s a magnetic screwdriver holder!

Magnetic screwdriver holders enable you to hold, sort and organize your screwdrivers in an efficient and orderly manner. Some screwdriver sets come with a magnetic screwdriver holder, so if you want to keep your tools organized, make sure you purchase the one with the screwdriver organizer.

YouTube video

Here’s a video by Boxer Tech Garage. They are featuring the Olsa Tools Screwdriver Set with a Magnetic Holder that comes with it.

This is just a mere example of a magnetic screwdriver holder. According to them, with a magnetic screwdriver holder, you can easily attach it to steel walls, typically found in everyone’s garage.

They say it’s perfect if you’re trying to get the right size of the screwdriver in a way more efficient and orderly manner.

The Olsa Tools Screwdriver sets aren’t the only sets that offer a magnetic screwdriver holder; make sure you read the sections below to know which screwdriver sets suit you the most.

Screwdriver Magnetic Ring

Screwdriver Magnetic Ring

Screwdriver magnetic ways are also cheap options to magnetize your screwdrivers. You can order them online or find them at your local hardware store if it’s available to you locally.

Overall, if you don’t want to try the methods to magnetize screwdrivers (with or without a magnet), you can always opt to purchase these magnetic screwdriver rings.

Screwdriver magnetic rings are cheap and effective ways to magnetize your screwdrivers. However, we need to know what makes them effective; here are the reasons why magnetic screwdriver rings are beneficial for your screwdrivers:

  • Stronger Pulling Force
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Depending on the type of screwdriver magnetic ring you’re going to purchase, there’s going to be about 250-500 grams of pulling force.

Since we’re talking about screwdriver magnets, we don’t need a weighty pulling force since we’re just going to be retrieving screws.

  1. It will be great for recovering screws, nuts, and bolts.
  2. It Makes retrieving screws in tight spots easier.
  3. You Don’t need to rub a magnet against it constantly. Attach the ring, and you’re good to go.

Overall, this is like an add-on to your screwdriver. You can purchase one for each of your screwdrivers or only buy one, then use it for all screwdrivers. Remove it if you’re using another screwdriver of a different size.

  • Cheap and Easy to Install

They can be a great alternative if you don’t want to go through magnetizing it the hard way. Instead, all you need to do is purchase the magnetic rings online (range from $4 to $10 – depends on the pulling force) and install them in your screwdriver shafts. It’s as simple as that!

  • Can Also be Used for Drills

These can also be a great addition to your drills. This means you are buying these magnetic rings for your screwdrivers and your drills since drills need to loosen and tighten larger screws.

The magnetic rings will make the drill bits magnetic and loosen screws easier. Install it in the drill bit’s shaft like screwdrivers, and you’re good to go.

3 Best Magnetic Screwdriver Set

Now that you’ve made it this far in the article, you may be wondering what the best screwdrivers your money can buy are. Each screwdriver set that we feature has a unique feature that separates it from the rest.

However, all three of them are reliable based on the reviews and ratings it gets from the buyers. They are all magnetic, so you don’t need to do the magnetizing process with them since they’re already magnetized out of the box.

Although they’re magnetized by default, they may lose their magnetized properties over time, so If you want to maintain the magnetized properties of the screwdrivers, then we highly recommend you to magnetize them again with a neodymium magnet.

1. Artisan Magnetic Ratchet Screwdriver Set

If you’re looking for cheap screwdriver sets that offer all sorts of screws in 1 set, then the Amartisan Magnetic Ratchet screwdriver set is the only set you’ll ever need. They provide a 34-piece multi-bit set that’s perfect and portable for tightening and loosening fasteners.

Overall, we highly recommend choosing this setting if you’re on a tight budget. This can also be favorable for people working in the tech industry since they will primarily be using the screwdriver most of the time.

2. HORUSDY 44-Piece Magnetic Screwdriver Set

The HORUSDY 44-piece magnetic screwdriver set is different from most sets because it’s mixed with different types of screwdrivers, bits, and hex keys in one set. It has accumulated over 4.5-star ratings from 1,189 ratings, which means that they’re great.

Chrome Vanadium Steel The item is made out of high-quality Chrome Vanadium Steel. It’s built to last and is durable when used right.
Magnetized Black Coated Tip The tip is magnetized, so you don’t have to magnetize the screwdriver every once in a while constantly.
17pcs Magnetic Screwdrivers, 10pcs Assorted Bits, and 16pcs of Hex Keys It contains different types of screwdrivers, bits, and hex keys which can be used and applicable to many screws.
Cushion Grip Handle It has a cushioned handle to better grip when using the screwdriver.

The HORUSDY screwdriver set is more suited for medium-heavy work since it comes with screwdrivers, bits, and hex keys all in one location.

3. Magnetic Screwdriver Set, XOOL Professional Screwdriver Set with Case

The XOOL Professional Screwdriver is similar to HORUSDY because it can be used from medium-heavy duty usage. It has a heavy-duty case and is magnetic, so you don’t need to magnetize it.

Wide Applications It’s designed for domestic applications like refrigerators, air conditioners, and computers. They also work with tiny screws found in-game consoles and cameras.
Variety of Bits The XOOL screwdriver set features five different screw types, 25 pieces of various bits, and overall has 40 screwdrivers in spare.
Excellent Workmanship The screwdriver set has a premium feel based on its excellent craft, and the products they sell are also wear-resistant and durable, which means a longer life span for the tools.
Ergonomic Design The handles are designed for prolonged uses, so if you’re going to use the XOOL screwdrivers, its design will lessen fatigue on your hand, making it an excellent tool for work related to appliance repairs.
Practical & Portable Since it comes with a case, it’s convenient for application repairs or anything similar since it can be brought everywhere you need it.

To summarize everything, XOOL is an excellent screwdriver set that features a lot of screwdrivers with a wide variety of bits and extreme durability. It has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating with 2,764 ratings and still proves that it’s an effective screwdriver set for its price.

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Permanently Magnetizing a Screwdriver: Is it Possible?

Yes. Permanently magnetizing a screwdriver is entirely possible as long as you follow some steps and remedies to maintain the magnetized properties in the screwdriver. A particular individual, TrollFaceTheMan, demonstrated how you could Easily Permanently Magnetize Most Screwdrivers / Tools & Utensils.

YouTube video

According to his video, to permanently magnetize a screwdriver or any steel utensil, grab a strong magnet, slide it off the screwdriver’s shaft about ten times, and repeat it again and again if the magnetized properties are starting to wear off.

To de-magnetize a screwdriver, all you have to do is put it right about the center of the screwdriver shaft and abruptly separate the post and the magnet; that way, it will lose all the magnetic field present in the screwdriver.

NOTE: The thicker the steel, the better or, the more robust the magnetic field it creates.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Magnetize a Screwdriver

Is it okay to use a magnetic screwdriver on a computer?

It is okay. It’s highly recommended to use a magnetic screwdriver so that the screws you loosen will not fall into tight places in computer parts.

What is the fastest way to magnetize a screwdriver? (Screwdriver magnetic ring)

If you’re looking for the fastest way to magnetize a screwdriver, then consider buying screwdriver magnetic rings. They’re cheap and easy to install. It’s also one way to magnetize your screwdrivers permanently.

How long will a screwdriver stay magnetized?

It depends on the metal, how frequently you magnetize your screwdriver, and how thick the steel is. As long as you constantly magnetize it once in a while, you should be good to go.

How do you demagnetize a drill bit?  

The Katzco red precision magnetizer and demagnetizer are also an alternative to magnetizing and demagnetizing your magnetized screwdrivers. However, if you don’t have this at home, grab a strong magnet, stick it to the screwdriver shaft, and abruptly remove it. Repeat the process ten times.

How to MAGNETIZE Screwdrivers Bits & Tools INSTANTLY

YouTube video

Are all screws magnetic?

No, most screws aren’t magnetic. That’s why it’s better to purchase magnetic screwdrivers so you can easily screw in and screw out bolts, nuts, and screws.

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