How to Measure a Bandsaw Blade [Step-By-Step Guide]

Using a bandsaw makes all your work easier! But when it comes to measuring the right length for replacing the blade, how can you do it? Do you know how to measure a bandsaw blade?

If you don’t know it, no worries! Many professional bandsaw users cannot also measure the blade length. And today, we will go through methods that can help you out!

Have a look and make yourself cozy! These methods will take time but once you get a grip, you won’t forget!

Step by Step Measuring the Bandsaw Blade

Before measuring the blade, you must check which bandsaw you have. There are several bandsaws available in the market! From metal bandsaw to horizontal bandsaw to portable bandsaws- all of them are popular!

But among them, the most admired one is the benchtop bandsaw because it’s easier to work with! Learn about which one you have. And, if you still don’t have a bandsaw, you can plan to buy a benchtop bandsaw, and pick the right one!

Now let’s come to the blade. Yes, there are many methods of evaluating the length. However, we are here with the two basic methods of taking the perfect measurement. Check them out and pick up the one you prefer!

Old Bandsaw

If you have an old bandsaw, with it, you can measure the right distance without complication! Arrange some tape measures and a marker or pencil and you are ready!

Step 1: The First Mark

First of all, you have to start by marking the blade. Get a marker at first; marking will help you measure it with precision. Now, get your hands on a tape measure. Take the piece of tape first and then position it on the floor.

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Make sure that the floor you are choosing is flat and even. However, we recommend you get a worktable for this purpose. Worktables are smooth and even; it is easier to cut or measure the blade there.

With the pencil or the marker, once again, you have to make a mark. This mark will be for determining the starting point! Place this mark on the tape measure that you have added beforehand.

Step 2: Roll it up

Now, make the blade round. We know it is quite complicated to understand. Let us make it clear. Here, get the blade on your hands and keep it on the floor. Now, roll the blade and make a circle. Make sure it is in a straight line.

Keep rolling it and after a while, you will see that the marked area will come back. Here, you must hold the blade with your foot because it is easier to work with it this way. Also, certify that you have worn proper shoes so that the blade cannot hurt your feet or leg.

Make sure you wear full-length pants to safeguard your body. Holding one end of the blade, you have to roll it up and then take that end to the marked part.

Step 3: Measure the Length

With the marker, once again, make a mark on the piece of tape. This will be the second mark on the tape measure.

Here, you will get two different marks. Place these measurements on the floor and start measuring the distance. The distance between the marks placed on the floor will be the length of your bandsaw!

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New Bandsaw User

If you are a new bandsaw user, you might not know how to measure a bandsaw blade with the formula. The process is a little complicated to measure the length. Have a look.

Step 1: Measure the Distance

Firstly, you need to arrange the bandsaw wheels or pulleys carefully. Get your hands and place them in the working position. Here, you have to be a little tricky. Check the center hub on the drive first.

Start from that position. Now, take your measuring tape and start measuring from this point. Take your tape to the free spinning band wheels. All you need is to measure the distance and that’s all! Certify that you have measured the distance in inches.

Step 2: Determine the Radius

Now that you are ready with the tape measurement and have already measured the length, you have to emphasize measuring the radius.

Check the wheels carefully. You have to measure the radius of the wheels. All the wheels of the bandsaw will go through the process and you have to measure the radius of each one of them.

Take the measuring tape and start from the center. Eventually, end up at the outside of the wheel. Here, too, you must measure the radius in inches.

Step 3: Formula Time

And there you go! You have the distance and the radius measured already. All you need is the formula and place the numbers in the formula! You will get the answer you need! The formula for determining the length of the bandsaw is:

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(R1 x 3.1416) + (R2+ 3.1416) + (2 x C)

Here, the radius of the first wheel is R1 and the radius of the second wheel is R2. The measurement should be in inches. Now, as you know the radius, you might be thinking what is C here?

In the first step, you have measured a distance in inches. The distance you have measured in Step 1 is C. You have to put the number in the place of C and work on the formula. And finally, you will get the length of your bandsaw saw blade!

Bandsaw Blade Length = (R1 x 3.1416) + (R2+ 3.1416) + (2 x C)

Final Verdict

Yes, the process of measuring a bandsaw blade is a little difficult and it takes a lot of patience. But we have tried to discuss the measurement in the easiest possible way. All you need is a little patience and you can effortlessly measure the length!

Don’t forget to get your hands on the safety gear and outfit before you start working with blades and anything sharp. Full-length pants, gloves, eyeglasses, and other safety measures should be taken beforehand.

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