How to Puncture a Tire [Safely Deflate]

What an ambiguous question! Everybody wants to repair a puncture, but here is the opposite. Emergencies will force you to puncture a tire, and you need to learn how you can do it safely.

The knife and a nail are the simple tools you can use to puncture a tire, and below are procedures to use.

How to Puncture a Tire With a Knife

A knife is the simplest tool you can use to puncture a tire. However, it is also a dangerous tool to use when puncturing a tire. You must also ensure you have a strong blade to avoid slipping and breaking.

A pocket knife is the best because it is small and can exert enough pressure on the tire. Below is how you can puncture a tire using a pocket knife.

Step 1.  Ensure you have a sharp knife with a pointed tip. It is good to puncture a tire when it is off the car. So use a wheel spanner to remove the tire from the car.

Step 2. Place the tire between your legs and add some force to create balance and reinforcement.

Step 3. Do not pop the tire in between the treads because that is the hardest part. Find the weakest point on the tire and make a small groove.

Step 4. Focus on that one point and apply some pressure on the knife until a little cut appears.

Step 5. Once the cut is visible, press the whole knife into the tire, making a puncture. A simple cut will be enough to deflate the whole tire. So it is advisable to make one puncture to avoid damaging the tire.

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Check out this video for details

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How to Puncture a Tire With a Nail

Using a nail to puncture a tire is the cheapest and simplest method. A six-inch nail is the best option when you want to puncture a tire. Such a size of nail is stable on your hands and has a big surface area to puncture.

Using a nail will require you to have some extra skills and power to deflect a tire. Here is how to puncture a tire with a nail.

Step 1. Use a hammer to hit the nail into a small piece of wood. Ensure you use wood with a flat base.

Step 2. Now remove the tire from the car and position it at the front of the nail. Make sure the positioning is strategic and does not affect the quality of the tire.

Step 3. Roll the tire over the nail and apply some pressure so that it can enter smoothly. Do not twist the nail because it will damage the tire.

How to Safely Deflate a Tire

Did you know you can safely puncture a tire? Yes, you can do it with simple needle-like pliers. This method will empty your tire and still maintain the quality of the tire.

It is a tricky method that many people prefer.  The following steps are to puncture a tire with needle-like pliers.

Step 1. Open the cover on the valve using a pair of pliers.

Step 2. Take the needle-like pliers and unlock the valve. The tire will start deflecting when the valve is out of position.

Step 3. It is not a must to remove the whole valve. The tire will be empty within a few minutes and will remain in the best grade.

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How to Repair a Puncture on a Tubeless Tire

Tubeless tires are tricky to repair when you have a puncture and no tools. But it is also the best type of tire you can have because it is the safest on your car.

Below are the tools and procedures you need when repairing a puncture on a tubeless tire.


  • Spray bottle
  • Soap
  • Clean water
  • Pliers
  • Plug strips for the tire
  • Sealing cement for the tire

Step 1. Use a car jack and wheel spanner to remove the tire from the car.

Step 2. Then pump enough air into the tire and listen closely to where the puncture is.

Step 3. You must use other tricks when you cannot find the puncture at first. Mix the clean water and soap, then pour the solution into the spray bottle.

Step 4. Start spraying the soapy solution on the tire. Make sure you are focused to notice the point where bubbles are forming.

Step 5. Once you find the puncture, wipe off any water from the place and use a T-handle to widen the hole. Rotate the T-handle in a circular motion so that it roughens the hole.

Step 6. Take the plug strip and insert it in the puncture hole. Use the pliers to rotate the plug strip so that it sticks on the surface.

Step 7. Once you are satisfied that the puncture is not leaking, add the sealing cement to reinforce the repair. Allow the sealing cement to dry and put the tire back on the car. Then fill up the tire with enough air.  

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Here is a video on tire repair

YouTube video


Q1. Is it illegal to puncture a tire?

This is a question of the law, but it all depends on the intentions of your actions. You will be safe from the rough arms of the law when you puncture a tire with the correct intentions.

Q2. Can a screwdriver puncture a tire?

Yes, a sharp screwdriver will easily puncture your tire. However, this method requires technical positioning and a good amount of force. Puncturing with a screwdriver works well on an old tire with fewer treads.

Q3. Apart from the knife and nail, what other tools can you use to puncture a tire?

A screwdriver is a next tool when you want t to puncture a tire. But you can also use an awl, bodkin, or pricker. These options should come when you are totally out of options to use.

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