How To Tell If a Spark Plug Hole Is Stripped? [Causes and Fixes]

One of the problems that spark plugs face is the spark plug hole. If you have trouble starting your car and if the candle has trouble lighting up, the spark plug hole is probably stripped.

Spark plugs may experience deterioration over time. There are a lot of different problems it can experience as well.

 It is best to know what these are to properly address the problem and fix it as quickly as possible. 

Why Stripping?

Spark Plug Hole Is Stripped

Stripping is when the spark plug wire’s insulation is detached. This can happen for several reasons, such as improper handling or overpowering. 

Stripping usually happens when the spark plug hole has been connected to the cylinder for extended periods without replacing them.

Another problem is over-tightening the spark plug to the cylinder. It can damage both the spark plug thread as well as the spark plug hole thread. 

Once a spark plug hole is stripped, there will be obvious signs. There will be a poor misfire in the engine, starting troubles, or a complete engine malfunction. 

These problems are due to the absence of proper combustion methods for the engine’s fuel. 

Re-threading a Spark Plug Hole

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Spark plug holes can be re-threaded. It can be done in a few simple and easy steps.

First, you should take off the old spark plug and unscrew it from the vehicle’s engine. You can get an extension and use that to cut through the threads. 

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Remember to do it carefully to avoid having metal filings from entering and contaminating other engine parts. 

Once it is removed, you can put in a new spark plug and screw it in just enough or until you feel that it is tight enough. 

You can bring your car to the shop and have the re-threading done there to make things easier. The mechanic will have to assess the gravity of the damage done. 

It would typically cost around $1,000 for the service. 

How to Check Stripped Spark Plug Holes

You can purchase a tool called a Torx screwdriver. You can use this to test the depth of the spark plug holes. If it doesn’t go in, that hole is most likely stripped. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a vehicle be driven with stripped spark plug holes?

There should not be any scenario where you drive a vehicle while there is a stripped hole in the engine. A certain unpredictability comes with a blown spark plug, and it may cause engine failure that can result in vehicular accidents. 

An engine fire is possible other than engine failure, starting troubles, and depleted engine performance. 

What do spark plugs do?

In gasoline engines, spark plugs are responsible for conducting electricity and using it as a means to ignite the gasoline fuel. 

These spark plugs achieve proper combustion in engines, making them easy to start and efficiently burn fuel. 

If spark plugs function properly, good fuel economy efficiency and good mileage are good. 

What happens if something gets inside the spark plug hole?

If debris or other foreign substances enter the spark plug hole, you can expect there to be instant damage. 

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The quick-moving metal and air parts will malfunction and cause permanent engine damage. These problems cannot be done by average car owners and should only be tackled by professionals. 

What are other problems spark plugs can face?

All the other spark plug problems are rooted in one aspect; wear and tear. The time it takes for your spark plugs to get faulty is connected to using your vehicle. 

Although, there are a few preventive measures to extend the life of your spark plugs. 

You must realize that spark plugs don’t last forever, and it is better to find a spark plug type that isn’t too much of a hassle and has ample time before it shows signs of deterioration.

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