How to Tell If Your Tire Was Slashed? [What Does It Look Like]

Tire slashing happens to destroy the tire completely. It is done by people who may be angry with another person and have the intention to do them harm.

Tire slashing can be very dangerous. Cutting the tire with a knife can lead to an explosion.

The tire pressure can burst and you can have a blowout. So, how can you avoid this from happening?

Of course, you must know when your tire was slashed. But how can you tell if your tire was slashed?

What does a slashed tire look like? Well, this article will answer those questions.

You can tell if your tire was slashed when you can see a visible deflation in your tire. If you find out that your tire has deflated and you can see a cut on the tread, then someone has been furious with you and slashed your tire.

Your car can have a flat tire in a matter of seconds. It is because it has been deflated from the cut.

What can it look like? Your tire will not appear to look like a donut after all.

Because it was slashed, it will look more like a pancake. You will see that all the air will go out from it.

If you want to learn more about tire slashing, you can watch the following video:

YouTube video

What Does a Slashed Tire Look Like?

Rather than looking like a donut, your tire will look like a pancake. You will see a smooth cut on it.

The slash will be straight and clean. Its size will depend on how big the knife is.

The tire can have wounds on its side and top. You will also see that your tire will look deflated.

The air from the tire will be lost. It is because the wound will let all the air out from the tire.

Your tire can have jagged wounds because of the slash. Especially if your tire has blown out because of the slash.

You can even see dangling pieces of rubber on your tire.

Signs of Danger in Your Tire

You must know the signs when your tire is slashed or when it has blown out. Have the following signs that can make you informed of what you can expect:

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What Does a Slashed Tire Look Like

Signs Your Tire was Slashed

  • Completely Flat Tire

A slashed tire will deflate quickly. You will find your tire flat when your tire is slashed.

In a matter of seconds, your tire can get flat. From full to flat, it will lose its air.

From being a donut, it will turn to look like a pancake.

  • Damage to Rim and Sidewall

The spot where your tire can usually be hit is the sidewall. This is the most accessible part of the tire.

It is the softest and the thinnest. This is the most vulnerable part.

Your rim can also catch the damage. This can happen when there are straight cuts along the sidewall.

This happens when you become a victim of vandalism.

  • Multiple Clean Cuts

When your tire is slashed, you will find clean, straight wounds. You can see markings of a knife on your slashed tire.

It is rare for tire slashers to cut just once on the tire. They usually strike the tire a couple of times.

If you can see these markings on your tire, you can look around to find the objects that they might have used in damaging your tire. Maybe you can find a nail or a box cutter.

If you find the weapon, it can help you in filing a report to the police.

Signs Your Tire Blew Out

  • Tire Bulge

When there is a tire bulge, then your tire has blown out. A little blister will be found in your sidewall.

  • Dangling Pieces of Rubber

When your tire blows, it will be torn and rubbers will be hanging off the tread. You will have evidence that it has exploded.

  • Jagged Wounds

If you had a blowout, there will be one giant, jagged wound. Imagine a piece of paper that is ripped in the middle with a knife.

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That is what your tire will look like. It will have a craggy, uneven opening on it.

  • Worn Out Tread

When the tread is thin, it is more prone to a blowout. If your tire is almost bald, then it will have the possibility of blowing.

Saving Your Tire from Being Slashed

  • Park your automobile where there is light.
  • Have security cameras.
  • Park your vehicle in front of your house.

How to Prove Someone Slashed Your Tire

You can do something to prove that someone slashed your tire. Have the following tips so that you will know what to do if this thing happens:

Find a Witness

Look around when your tire is being slashed. Reach out to people near the area to know if any of them has seen the event.

One of them may have seen someone approaching your car. You can have them as a witness.

It may require you a little effort to find a witness. But if you persevere, you can find someone who has seen what might just have happened.

Look for CCTV Footage

CCTV footage can help you in the police investigation. You can search for CCTV footage that might have recorded what has happened.

The footage can help you identify the vandal. You will have proof against that person through the help of CCTV footage.

If the incident has happened to a parking lot, search for the people who work there and ask for their CCTV footage. If it has happened in your home, then check your home security footage.

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Make Documentations

One of the things that you can do is to make documentation. Document the damage.

Take a shot of your tire, including the place where it happened. Document the incident so that you will have something to use when you go to the police.

Take photos and videos of the incident. Capture the scene.

This information will help you when you make a report of the incident.

File a Police Report

You must not take the incident for granted. You should go to the police.

Report what has happened. Use the photos and videos that you have taken to capture the incident.

If you have found CCTV footage, this will be great to know who the tire slasher is. You can also use the statement of the witnesses that you have found.

Be sure to bring your vehicle registration to the police. Be ready to answer their questions about the incident.

The Sound When the Tire is Slashed

You will hear a tremendous popping sound if a tire is slashed. You can almost hear zipper audio.

If the slash is too big, the tire may blow out with a popping sound. If you only use a little sharp object to produce a slash, a slight zipper sound may be produced.

If the tire will not blow out, the tire will debunk until all the air will be expelled. Because of the newest technology, tire slashers can slash the tire without making too much noise.

They can use a strategy to reduce the sound.

How Long Will It Take for Slashed Tire to Deflate?

When the tire is slashed, it will lose its air pressure. It will not take long for it to deflate.

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The tire tin collapses in a matter of seconds when you use a knife in slashing a tire. Especially, if the slash is an open wound.

Your tire will become flat on the spot. You will have the danger of having a blowout.

If the tire is slashed with a minor sharp tool like a nail, it may take many days to complete the process. The tire may just leak and it will take longer for it to become flat.

The Reason for the Normal Wear of the Tire

When you use your tires, the tread will wear over time. This can confuse you in knowing if your tire is slashed.

Here are the reasons why your tire wears:

1. Worn-Out Suspension

Suspension elements like shock absorbers can experience excessive wear. That is why the tire should have the right amount of air.

Because of too much air pressure, the tread can be distorted. When the contact with the surface is lessened, the wear will increase.

2. Improper Alignment

The wheel alignment is what controls the wheel’s movement. You have to modify the tire’s angles to have the standards for camber, toe, and caster.

But when you fail to do this, the tire becomes unregulated. Early wear will happen to the tire.

3. Improper Tire Inflation

The tire may wear quicker if there is an incorrect swelling. You should give importance to inflation pressures to have comfort, better handling, and fuel efficiency.

But when the pressure is too low or too high, the tread cannot do many tasks. The pieces of the tread can wear down faster.

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Can A Slashed Tire Be Repaired?

Good news for you. You do not have to buy a new one when your tire is slashed.

Slashed tires are repairable. Have a step-by-step procedure for repairing a slashed tire.

1. Measure the Puncture

Measure the size of the slash to know if it is repairable or not. The damage should not be greater than ¼ inches in diameter.

If the damage is greater, the tire should be replaced. Also, if the tire is slashed again on the same slash before, it should be replaced.

2. Quick Fixes

You can do Fix-a-Flat. You can patch the tire as a temporary remedy.

Patches can be used for minor holes. This process is quick and easy.

It is also not expensive. You can put a plug into the tire and this is far better than sealants.

If you want to know more about how to repair a slashed tire, you can watch the following video:

YouTube video

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