Husqvarna 435 vs. 435e II Gas Chainsaw [Ultimate Battle]

A chainsaw is only good if it can perform its functions as expected. It is why many would opt for a Husqvarna chainsaw.

They know that the brand can deliver on quality chainsaws all the time. Today, we will focus on the Husqvarna 435 and Husqvarna 435e models.

These two are among the most affordable chainsaws in the market. Even if they are affordable, they still live up to the brand’s reputation.

If you need one for a job, keep reading to see which one is good for you.

What to Consider

The Power

The amount of power that you get with a chainsaw determines how good it can be for various applications. We recommend that you first identify where you are likely to use the chainsaw so that you can correctly pick a powerful chainsaw for the job.

Build Quality

The overall build quality is going to determine the durability of the unit. There is no doubt you would want a model that can live up to your long-term needs. No one wants to buy a new chainsaw every few months.

The best part about Husqvarna chainsaws is that they are solidly built for durability. You never have to worry about them breaking down easily.


It would be nice if you can get a unit that has reduced levels of vibrations while working on a project. Husqvarna uses the LowVib system to help keep the vibrations to a minimum.

Ease of Use

It should be nice to get a high-quality chainsaw that is easy to use. The last thing you need is to keep referring to the manual to operate the chainsaw.

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Let’s Compare

Husqvarna 435 16-inch Chainsaw

The Husqvarna 435 model is one of the most popular options from the brand that users love to buy. This is because it is consistent in terms of power and performance. It can also be a good chainsaw for both beginners and professionals.

So, what more can this chainsaw provide you with? That is what we look at below to help you make up your mind.

The Chainsaw Power

Being a chainsaw with a small footprint, we can rate it as an entry-level chainsaw. This does not however mean that it will be down on power. It comes with a 40.9 cc motor that offers a power output of 2.2HP.

This amount of power is enough for cutting through the different materials with so much ease.

Additionally, the model can run the chain up to a speed of 5000RPM. For such a speed, it is easy to see that it will be good to deliver on very smooth cuts for those who want to achieve clean and professional cuts.

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The Guide Bar

The guide bar makes it an absolute pleasure to work with this chainsaw. It might be one of the highest rated features of the chainsaw that people like about the unit.

The guide bar we find that it is solidly constructed by using heavy-duty metal. This means that it will not break on you easily as other models would do.

Considering that the guide bar is also easily removable, then you can easily swap it with a custom guide bar if you want. The maximum guide bar you can fit on it is 18 inches while the minimum is 13 inches.

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User friendly chainsaw

If someone is going to choose their best chainsaw, then usability is a big consideration. Just like any other Husqvarna chainsaw, this one is also easy to use. You get that the overall control of the unit is easier than when using other models.

There are also soft rubbery materials on the large handles. This helps you to use the chainsaw for long periods without too much fatigue.

It is still a safe chainsaw considering that it comes with a chain brake. This brake is good for those who need to stop the chainsaw immediately to prevent injuries.

Husqvarna 435e II Gas Chainsaw

If you are not keen, you might not even notice the difference between the 435e and the 435 models. Do not worry, we will look at the features of the 435e II model to see how it differs from the 435 model above.

For those on a budget, then the 435e model can still be a nice choice for you. Let us see why this is the case.


The major difference between the two models is that the 435e model comes with the X-cut chain and the X-force chainsaw bar. The aim of these two features is to make the chainsaw lightweight and highly efficient.

It might be the reason you get it common among many homeowners who want a reliable workhorse for various applications. Considering its power, it can still be a good option for professionals who need a chainsaw for light to medium-duty applications.

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The Power

If you are going to pick the best chainsaw, power is a top consideration. This one comes with a 40.9cc engine churning out an impressive 2.2HP.

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This kind of horsepower is good for you to consider getting the unit today. This is because it will help you go through different materials with ease.

Even for its power, we find that the fuel consumption is not too much that it might scare you. It is one of the most efficient chainsaws in the market.

Low Vibrations

Whenever working on a project, sometimes you want a model that will not vibrate too much. The use of the LowVib system makes the model work better for you. As such, you never have to worry about too much vibration when operating this chainsaw.

Even the weight of 9.2 pounds makes it a comfortable chainsaw to use for long sessions. The worst would have been when the chainsaw was heavy and vibrated a lot.

Ease of Use

Features such as having the side-mounted chain tensioning system will allow you to quickly adjust the chain when working on a project. The result is that the unit gets its adjustments quickly and you get back to work.

The quick-release air filter is also a good consideration. You will find that it is easy to clean and replace it so that you can have a chainsaw that runs efficiently.


Is the SmartStart feature good on Husqvarna chainsaws?

The SmartStart feature is a favorite among chainsaw users as it helps them to easily start the Husqvarna chainsaws each time they have to use the machine.

Are the Husqvarna 435 and 435e worth the money?

Yes. They both offer value for money. This is because they are built for durability, performance, ease of use, and so much more.

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Is the 435 chainsaw fuel efficient?

Yes. Although it might have a small fuel tank, its fuel efficiency makes it just right for the job. You can get more people using it for longer without refueling.


The 435 and 435e models might not be the most powerful chainsaws, but they always live up to your needs. You are going to find them good for the money, especially for those who are likely to use the chainsaw for light to medium-duty applications.

Having adjustable guide bars makes the two units versatile. This means that it can be easily tailored to an application you have in mind without a problem. Go ahead and pick any of the two expecting it to be good at its job.

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