Is Dielectric Grease Necessary For Spark Plugs?

Dielectric Grease isn’t a necessary component for spark plugs. It can positively affect the quality of spark plugs, but spark plugs can still function and perform properly without it. 

Dielectric Grease acts as a protective coating that improves spark plug longevity. 

It does this by protecting the spark plug’s metal from exposure to the air. It can protect the spark plug from rust or other forms of corrosion that can take place. 

Another thing that this grease does is improve the flow and contact of electricity. 

Dielectric Grease

Dielectric Grease is also known as “silicone lubricant.” It is a water-resistant lubricant. It is mostly used to hinder wear and tear from happening rapidly in electric connectors and other equipment that use electricity. 

It is made by mixing a type of oil and non-conductive material to aid in preventing electrical flow through the grease. It seals electrical connections, keeps it safe from water, and keeps it from having unexpected sparks. 

Applying Dielectric Grease to Spark Plug Wires

The first thing to do is to extract the spark plug boots. It is usually found at the end of the spark plug. Be careful in removing it and not damaging anything. 

Then, using the spark plug socket, take off the spark plug from the engine. Remember to have a good grip on the socket before attempting to remove the spark plug. 

Next, you should use a small cotton swab to apply the Dielectric Grease. Put a small amount around the inside part of the spark plug boots. 

Apply it in a circular motion to ensure that the inside is completely covered to provide high-quality protection.  

To increase the amount of protection, you can also apply the Dielectric Grease to the ceramic portion of the spark plug.

Make sure not to put too much grease and not to put any grease on the spark plug’s metal terminal. 

How To Properly Use Dielectric Grease On Spark Plug Wires

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Substitutes for Dielectric Grease

There are other types of grease you can buy if Dielectric Grease is hard to buy. They can all extend the lifespan of your spark plugs. 

There is silicon-based grease, White Lithium grease, Conductive grease, Synthetic grease, and Vaseline, all of which will serve the same purpose. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Dielectric Grease?

A tube of Dielectric Grease can cost around $12 to $15. You will have your money’s worth because this material can last for years.

 Some people believe its shelf life is only around two to three years once opened. It will still work effectively as long as it is still a thick paste.

What Happens if I don’t use Dielectric Grease for my Spark Plugs?

If you opt-out of using Dielectric Grease, your spark plugs will deteriorate normally.

Spark plugs tend to go bad and faulty after 80,000 to 100,000 miles. 

Once one goes bad, you have to change them as a set. 

Adding Dielectric Grease to your spark plugs may extend the longevity by a couple of thousand miles. It is a good cheap investment to make that will extend your spark plug’s lifespan.

How to use Dielectric Grease on Electrical Connections in Your Car

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Can you apply too much Dielectric grease?

You can apply too much grease, creating problems with your spark plugs.

If you apply too much grease to the spark plug boot, you won’t be able to push the socket properly. 

The grease mustn’t cover the coils of the spark plugs. This can cause resistance to the electricity and may result in misfiring, delayed combustion, or trouble starting the engine.

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