Is Genesis A Good Car? Genesis Models, Features, Downsides, and Prices

Right now, there are so many car brands to a point you may not be sure which one to choose. You can get more information about a brand you want with good internet and research skills. In this case, we want to focus more on the Genesis brand. The question people include is Genesis a good car?

Genesis is the brand, but there are several models under it. This include the G60, G70, G80, and G80. The overall design language and performance make it lovable among people who want something unique and different.

Not everyone wants to keep driving a Toyota Camry. So, Genesis models are good cars with many features to explore. Expect more performance, too, if you are coming from cheaper brands.

We talk more about the Genesis brand itself, the models it offers, the best features of the brand, where to buy these models, and more.

Brand Overview

Genesis is a relatively young car brand Hyundai launched as its luxury division. It is the same thing with Lexus, the luxury version of Toyota. Since its establishment in 2015, it has released a wide range of models, making it a household name in various parts of the world.

According to Consumer Reports, many more people buy Genesis models because of their new design language and features. It clearly indicates that the brand has gained traction and has managed to live up to the expectations of many customers.

One of the biggest reasons people opt for Genesis is because of its emphasis on luxury and premium features. The brand meticulously crafts its cars with high-quality materials ensuring you get value for money. The brand also incorporates cutting-edge technology and advanced features to enhance the driving experience.

Compared to other luxury brands, we see that it also puts up quite the fight, mostly in terms of design, performance, and other features.

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The comfort, safety features and technology makes it surpass other luxury brands in its category. Since many customers claim to get value for money, it is a good brand to consider for your next luxury car purchase.  

Genesis Models in 2023

Genesis right now offers 3 sedan models, each with some variations, including some that are electric while others offer long wheelbase versions. We will quickly go through them to see your options with each. Each model has an SUV version. However, we will go through the sedans, giving you an idea of what to get with the other similar models too.


This is a top-tier model with so much to offer in terms of luxury and technology to make your journey easier and smoother.

Starting with the exterior, we see that its front has been redesigned to include an all-new crest grille and Two-Line MLA headlamps. The side profile also has a sleek parabolic line that aligns with the vehicle’s overall design language.

The interior is the place to be, considering the quality of materials put into making it a beautiful space. Also, expect new technology with a few analog devices for nostalgia.

Buyers can also get the G90 long-wheelbase model. This is for those who want to enjoy the backseat ride and being chauffeured around.

We cannot forget to mention the safety features, including the driver assistance system. As such, you will have a higher level of safety and control of the vehicle.

Those who love the rear seats can enjoy the Armrest Touch Screen (ATS) as it provides you with controls for the climate modes, seat position, and massage settings.

Price range: $88,400 to $98,700


Just like the G90, this one also has a really nice design. The exterior profile is enough to get you interested in the vehicle. Expect the dual mufflers to be functional even if they still look good as part of the design. Of course, its proportions and rear-wheel drive option make it a fun vehicle to drive.

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Users will love the smooth shift-by-wire dial that helps them change the drive modes plus the comfortable Nappa leather will make you feel comfortable in the vehicle. The use of real wood makes you feel it is a pricier model than its actual price.

Not to worry, as the brand also thought of safety. That is why you get the forward collision avoidance assist. The sensor information will help judge the risk of colliding with other vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians.

The rear seat is also a nice place to be with its immersive entertainment options. The monitors provide the utmost comfort and convenience, ensuring you can always enjoy your trip.

Those who want to experience more power and sportiness can set their drive mode to Sport+. In this mode, the downshifts are faster to get maximized acceleration and more responsive shifting.

There is also an option of getting an electrified G80. This is good to ensure everyone is catered for in their catalog.

Price: $50,000 to $65,750


If you want to enjoy the luxury of Genesis without spending too much, then consider the G70. It is a model with uncompromising safety, which is vital for both the driver and passengers. Genesis has invested a lot in ensuring you get a stable driving experience.

The vehicle’s cutting-edge technologies can help you always get a convenient and carefree drive. Of course, the gas mileage is also good so you do not have to stop for gas constantly.

The sporty look combined with the dynamic performance of the engine means you get more power too. This should take your driving experience to the next level.

Price: $39,400 to $47,000

Check out the official Genesis website to learn more about each of the models in detail to understand which can be good for your needs.

Features That Make Genesis Cars Stand Out

We say Genesis are good cars because of several features they offer to a buyer. We discuss some of them below to help you see why it might a good deal to get a Genesis.

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Advanced Technology Integration

Genesis vehicles come with the latest cutting-edge technology, including infotainment systems, smartphone integration, and intuitive user interfaces.

Another notable feature is the Advanced driver-assistance system which makes it easier to drive on the highways. These driver assistance technologies include adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, automated parking, and more.

Users also enjoy using wireless charging, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto in their Genesis vehicles. This should make it easy to use your phone with the vehicle infotainment system while in the car.

Luxurious Design

Genesis would not be a luxury brand if it did not have a luxurious and sophisticated design. Looking at the sleek exterior and beautiful interiors, you can buy the vehicle comfortably, knowing it will live your needs for a luxurious vehicle.

There has been thoughtful attention to detail to ensure that you get something unique and better. Good examples include the distinctive grill and the finely sculptured body lines.

When you get inside a Genesis vehicle, you can feel that the interior material is made of premium-grade materials. Also, the seats are comfortable and you get a spacious cabin.


 It is only good to have a luxurious vehicle powered with the right engine and be good in all aspects. The good news is that powerful engine options deliver impressive performance and exhilarating driving experiences.

Also, you will like the advanced suspension systems and responsive handling. This means the driver can experience a better-controlled ride on the highway or city streets.

Some models feature all-wheel drive (AWD) systems, ensuring you have enough traction and stability for various driving conditions.

Safety Features

If a car is good at going fast, you also need the right safety features to make it stop well and still keep other road users safe. That is what you get as a top priority with the Genesis vehicles.

There are pre-collision systems that feature pedestrian detection. The last thing anyone needs is to hit a pedestrian. The other safety features include blind-spot monitoring, adaptive headlights, rear cross-traffic alert, and more.

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The surround-view camera system is another layer of protection you can use to safely maneuver the vehicle around obstacles.

Build Quality

There have not been any major complaints about Genesis’s build quality. We see that its build quality is good enough to make more people feel it is worth getting the vehicles from the brand.

The various reliability surveys show that the brand keeps ranking high, showing its cars are reliable. This is important, especially for those needing to keep the vehicles longer than their warranties.

Potential Problems with Genesis Cars

As a brand, Genesis is known for its build quality and reliability. However, like any other brand, it also has certain known issues. It is good to be aware of these issues before getting yourself a Genesis.

  • Infotainment issues: Some users have complained that there were glitches in their infotainment systems, such as connectivity issues, slow response times, and freezing screens.
  • Electrical malfunctions: Also, wonders have claimed to experience electrical malfunctions with their vehicles, especially the power windows, lightning, and door looks. These are mostly covered under warranty.
  • Suspension and ride quality: As much as Genesis vehicles have a comfortable and smooth ride, some wonders have complained about suspension noise and stiffness.
  • Paint and exterior quality: Though not common, there have been concerns about the paint quality of the Genesis cars. There have been instances of premature paint chipping, fading, and peeling.
  • Dealer experience: Not all dealers have been helpful to clients. Some of them have poor communication, delay in servicing the vehicles, and sometimes hard to obtain warranty repairs.


Is Genesis better than Lexus?

This would come down to preference in most cases. Both brands offer reputable luxury cards to consider. Also, both have their own strengths and weaknesses. We recommend comparing these brands in many other dimensions to see which one would suit you best.

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Is Hyundai Genesis a good vehicle?

Genesis, over the years, has proven to be a good vehicle. This includes having luxury features, being comfortable, and much more. Receiving good feedback from industry standards also make people more comfortable with owning these vehicles. You can read reviews or even book test drives to see if the Genesis cars are worth buying.

Are Genesis cars long-lasting?

Good craftsmanship goes into making the Genesis vehicles. This means you get better reliability and durability. Predicting a vehicle’s exact lifespan can sometimes be challenging, but expect Genesis models to last quite a long time. They all undergo a lot of testing to ensure durability. Still, they come with generous warranty coverage too.

Is Genesis fuel efficient?

Genesis cars also come with good fuel efficiency. The brand has spent time and money developing fuel-efficient engines. This means even with the rising gas prices; you should still get good gas mileage out of your vehicle.


Genesis has remained a top brand in the industry largely because of the quality of its cars. Besides luxury, you also get new technology, elegant design, premium features, and powerful engines. These are all vital to make Genesis a liked brand in the market. So, go book a test drive and see how it feels behind any Genesis model.