Mevotech Vs Moog Suspension Parts [Don’t get bogged]

In suspension and steering replacement parts, Mevotech and Moog are excellent names. Various factors will be considered when determining which is the greatest in this argument, including durability, price, and customer experience. 

Mevotech appears to be reasonably priced, yet some observers believe its products are of poorer quality than Moog’s. On the other hand, Moog’s parts are pricey, but they are of the highest quality.

What You Should know

When shopping for suspension replacements, you generally have to decide: OEM or aftermarket parts?

In most circumstances, the latter is preferable. Moog and Mevotech are two well-known aftermarket brands you’ll come across regularly. 

Spare suspension components by Mevotech are less expensive than Moog’s. They are also of a higher caliber. Mevotech’s control arm, for example, is outfitted with ball joints and bushings. The Moog control arm only has ball joints.

Mevotech and Moog are the market’s two major suspension and steering components brands. They’ve been offering these items for a long time.

Some reviews of these two goods claim that Mevotech is the superior brand. Others argue that Moog is superior.

While this is the agreement of several reviews, you must also pick the brand and product that will best fit your demands, the kind and model of your car, and your budget.

Mevotech Vs. Moog

YouTube video

The video starts with a brief background of each manufacturing company. Then the narrator proceeds to discuss what you need to know about Mevotech. They mention that Mevotech specializes in fulfilling their client’s needs thanks to Mevotech’s desire for client satisfaction.

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As Mevotech boasts its reign in the industry, it isn’t a surprise why they offer satisfying quality regardless of its affordability.

When it comes to parts industry experience, few businesses can compete with Moog, which has been producing suspension and steering components for almost a century. 

Mevotech And Moog Differences

Mevotech and Moog have numerous similarities, including that they both deal in the same products, are large companies, and focus on the American and global markets. 

They both make high-quality items and have extensive catalogs. Despite the similarities, you’ll see that the Mevotech vs. Moog distinctions include several areas demonstrating how the two differ.

The first distinction between the two brands is that Mevotech specializes in components for many automobile models and operating requirements. 

Tough Terrain Extreme, Mevotech Supreme, and Mevotech Original Grade are some of Mevotech’s specialist brands.


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On the other hand, Moog does not specialize as much, but it devotes resources to teaching its clients about various automobile systems and how to choose the best one.

Some bushings can be highly costly, depending on the use and design. Consider 30 percent of the control arm itself. There’s also the issue of their tie rod ends, which are adequate.

They surpass OEMs and are less expensive than MOOG without compromising quality.


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In terms of rod ends, they’re roughly on par with Moog. It would not be beneficial to buy Moog analogs that produce the same effects. Mevotech wins in terms of cost and offers a variety of wheel bearings.

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Meanwhile, Moog has been in business since 1919 and is well-known worldwide for providing high-quality replacement components for suspension and steering systems. 


Which is better, Mevotech or Moog?

Many things are considered when deciding which is the best in this discussion, including durability, price, and customer experience.

The two brands make no compromises regarding durability, and their product lines are built to last. Mevotech appears to be reasonably priced, yet some critics believe its products are of poorer quality than Moog’s.

Parts from Moog are pricey, but they are of excellent quality. Moog also makes every effort to provide the finest customer experience possible, including providing educational resources to its customers.

Which brand is better?

Compared to Moog goods, Mevotech products are more economical and higher quality.

Concerning the control arm, the Mevotech control arm has both ball joints and bushings, whereas the Moog control arm only includes ball joints. You would need to purchase the bushings individually.

Both companies’ wheel bearings and hub assemblies are excellent. Some customers, however, have reported that the ABS sensor on the Moog Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly did not function properly. Nonetheless, it is preferable to select a brand that matches your needs.

Is Mevotech good quality?


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Mevotech is of the highest quality, proven by its commitment to providing the finest to its customers through a cutting-edge production method. The engineering used ensures that the company’s goods follow industry trends.

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