Left Front Tire Squeaks When Turning Left [Top Reasons]

Hearing tire squeaks while turning left can be a number of things happening to your car. Well, it is definitely time for you to consider taking your car for mechanical checks. 

The squeak is not something you can wish away. That is why we look at some of the possible reasons for the tire squeak and how best to deal with them. 

Top Reasons for Car Tire Squeaking While Turning 

1. The tire is under-inflated 

Having low tire pressure in the left tire makes it more vulnerable to flexing and damage. This also affects the overall traction capability of the tire. 

Each time you turn on such a tire, you may get that there is not enough traction which is why you hear the squeaks. It is simply the tire trying to get as much traction and contact with the road as possible. 

Take note that low pressure can sometimes be because of a leak. Check for punctures and have the tire repaired. If the puncture is on the sidewall, sometimes a repair might not be possible. 

Repairing the sidewall could easily lead to a blowout later if not careful. 

2. The tire is worn 

Another reason could be that your tire treads are worn. When there is no tire tread, it becomes hard to gain traction too. That is why you hear squeals as you turn the car. 

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So, at what point would you consider your tires bald?

The most recommended tire tread size that needs changing is 2/32” tread depth. At this point, you may also skid in wet conditions. 

Uneven wear of the tire could also be the reason. This can happen if you overinflate or underinflate the tires. You may also notice more squeaks early even before the tire is worn. So, stick to the recommended air pressure. 

Rotating the tires is also highly recommended. 

3. Wheel alignment 

The car’s camber and toe settings are also key in ensuring the wheels are positioned correctly. When the alignment is off, that is how you end up with squeaks as you make a turn. 

We advise that you consider having wheel alignment the next time you are having the wheels balanced. 

Each car has its own settings for alignment. The technician will use the right settings to ensure the wheels are aligned properly. 

Here is a video on how wheel alignment is done

YouTube video

Other Reasons You Have Squeaks When Turning 

Sometimes you might be thinking it is the tire, but it could also be other parts of the car squeaking as you turn. 

A good example is a damaged belt in the engine bay. In this case, it will be a power steering belt. It is best to replace it when you hear squeaking as you turn the steering. 

A faulty wheel bearing can easily cause a squeaking sound because of friction. The grinding sound is enough to make you address it or less your might incur more damage. 

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Having a loose wheel could also lead to squeaking as you turn. So, ensure the lugs are tightened to the right level to avoid such scenarios. 

damaged belt in the engine bay

Additional Tips on  Avoiding Tire Squeaks When Turning 

There are a couple of things you can additionally do to help avoid tire squeaks while turning. Here are some of them;

Control your driving habits 

When you hear a tire squeal when taking corners, the chances are you are doing it at a high speed. Rapid accelerating is bound to make the tires squeal even if you are not taking the corner. 

Hard acceleration also leads to loss of traction for a few seconds. So, the squeal is the tire fighting to get traction. 

Just as fast acceleration would lead to squeaking tires, the same happens with hard braking. This is because the tires are sliding on the surface of the road for a few seconds without much grip thus squeaking. 

Of course, hard cornering also leads to such squeaks. So, take it slow around the corners and you should not have much of a problem. 

Proper tire maintenance is important 

Here, you may have to rebalance the tires after a couple of months. It is advisable to balance the tires after 3,000 to 6,000 miles. Since it only costs $6 to $20 for each tire, it should be too much for most people. 

Tire rotation can also be done while you are balancing the tires. Since the tires would be off the car, it can be the perfect time to do a tire rotation

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Here is a video on how tires are balanced 

YouTube video

We cannot forget to mention the proper wheel alignment of the car to keep it from squeaking while turning. The cost can be around $200 for the entire car wheel alignment. 

Maintain the vehicle on a routine basis 

Sometimes you have the car checked for everything after 6 months or a year. This will include your engine, steering, gearbox, suspension, and more. 

Having the car checked properly for any potential damage means that you can catch a problem before it becomes a big issue. 

A good example is when the tires are rotated in good time to avoid wear or balanced and aligned to avoid uneven wear. 


Will the car squeak when turning if the power steering fluid is low?

Yes. It is possible to experience such a noise. Thus the reason you always have to keep it topped up always

Can driving on certain surfaces lead to tire squeaks?

Yes. it is possible you are driving on a slippery surface. The squeaks are because there is no traction. 

Will misaligned tires cause tire squeaks?

Yes, it is possible for that to happen. That is crucial for those that might need to do alignment soon. Even when turning makes the tires touch the body part, then expect squeaks. 

How can ball joints lead to squeaking tires as you turn?

Ball joints are critical in how the car feels on the road. When they are worn out, you will notice a squeaking noise coming from the wheels are you make a turn. 

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Is it dangerous to drive with squeaking tires?

Here it largely depends on what is causing the squeaking. Have the car checked out by a professional and repair the reason for the squeaking tires.

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