5 Accessories to Make Your Long Motorcycle Trips More Enjoyable

In all those vintage motorcycle movies, from Easy Rider to The Wild One, you never see the bikers sporting fancy gadgets or futuristic accessories.

If you’ve seen any of these movies, what you would have observed was just the open road, roaring engines, and, of course, a whole lot of old-school action and suspense.

But you have to wonder – if Brando’s gang could get their hands on today’s modern motorcycle technology, would they be decking out their bikes with all the gear? You bet they would!

Thankfully, times have changed, and riders nowadays have more options than ever when it comes to useful motorcycle accessories that improve the quality of long trips.

Though these accessories are numerous, here are five that can help you enjoy your rides better.

Phone Mount

First on this list is a phone mount, which is a very important must-have item for those long rides. There’s nothing like flexibility when hitting that top speed, and a sturdy motorcycle-specific phone mount will allow you to securely fasten your device to your handlebars so you can enjoy easy access to your GPS navigation, music streaming, and more.

You can get basic mounts for under $40 or splurge on fancier versions with charging capabilities (depending on your preferences). There are even waterproof options so you can use your phone while it’s raining.

And trust me, you’ll love having quick access to your device without worrying about it falling or getting damaged.

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Gel Seat Cushion

No matter how comfy your bike seat may feel at first, hours of vibration take their toll, especially on your backside! Upgrading to a gel seat cushion can make a world of difference in how enjoyable your rides are since it absorbs shock and evenly distributes pressure.

If you’ve ever experienced lower back pain during those long rides, then now is the time to get this piece of accessory for your bike.

It makes sitting so much more pleasant over extended periods and should prevent you from experiencing soreness, stiffness, and pain in your lower back over time. The memory foam also returns to its original shape, trip after trip, so it’s built to last.

And the best part is that for less than $60, you can get a quality gel seat cushion designed specifically for your motorcycle model. So, go get one now!

Motorcycle Dry Bag

If you’re the type of rider who enjoys riding tours or camping, then you’ll definitely want some good waterproof storage options to carry spare clothes, tools, camping gear, and other essentials.

While saddle bags and top cases are nice for keeping stuff secure, a dry bag can offer you the space and storage you need, especially when packing a few more items than usual.

The roll-top closure and welded seams it provides can create an impenetrable barrier so the contents inside stay perfectly dry. You can use this bag to store things like your rain gear, paperwork, phone chargers, and even snacks.

Although they come in various shapes and sizes, a medium 20-liter version will work beautifully for most of your trips. And since they fold down compactly when empty, you can easily store them in your saddlebag when not in use.

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Bluetooth Headset

Do you love music? Then you need a good Bluetooth headset! A Bluetooth headset explicitly designed for your motorcycle helmet will give you a crisp stereo sound while keeping your ears completely open to traffic and ambient noise for safety.

Trust me, everything sounds better through this type of headset! The speakers sit comfortably right inside your helmet lining and allow you to play music, take calls, get GPS directions, and more.

Device control buttons are mounted conveniently on the outside panel for easy access while wearing gloves. In fact, with tunes and podcasts queuing up all the way, you might not even notice how many hundreds of miles you’re covering!

If you’re looking to invest in this accessory, then you can get one for less than $80. It will serve you for a long time and make every ride memorable.

Ride Alert App

Finally, I have to mention one last safety accessory: a ride-alert app like Real Rider. No matter how geared up you are, motorcycle travel will always pose a more significant threat than a car. That’s why you must add apps like Real Rider to your accessory list.

This clever app uses your smartphone’s sensors to detect possible collisions or falls. And in a situation where it detects a crash, it will immediately send out an automated emergency alert via text and email to your chosen contacts (like friends or family members who can help). This alert will include your location details for quick dispatch of medical help if needed.

Hopefully, you’ll never need the crash alert feature of the app, but if eventually the worst happens and you find yourself in an accident caused by a negligent driver, don’t forget to contact a professional motorcycle accident lawyer who will advise you on the best course of action to take in the aftermath of the collision.

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Wrapping Up

Riding should be a whole lot of things, and fun is one of them. These accessories will not only make your rides more enjoyable, but they will also offer you the safety and comfort that you’re looking for.