Makita vs. Porter-Cable Cordless Drill [Specs and FAQs]

In case you might be asking yourself what power drill to get, then Makita and Porter-Cable might just be the right ones for you.

Makita is a global brand in more than 40 countries. It has been in existence since 1915 and one of the leading manufacturers of power tools.

On the other hand, Porter-Cable has consistently provided quality and reliable products since 1906.

Hence, it is one of the trusted brands to bring professional results.

What to Consider

Before buying a power drill, you must first be aware of its different features to choose the perfect one for you.

Although most cordless drills almost look the same with similar designs, not all are created equal. Hence, you should be able to differentiate the best from the rest.


For cordless drills, the higher the voltage, the more spinning speed torque the tool has. You can choose from 6 to 18 volts for your home needs.

But, if you need more power, you can go as high as 24 volts for more complicated jobs. These powerful drills are ideal for boring big holes, framing lumber, and flooring.

On the other hand, when getting a cordless drill, it is better to get a multi-speed model over a single-speed one. Most products have two fixed speeds of low or high by a simple switch or trigger.

These dual-speed tools can do light-duty tasks like drilling holes, loosening, and fastening screws. However, for more challenging carpentry and repair work, you might what to choose a device with variable speed.

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Handles and Clutch

Most cordless drills nowadays have T-handles, rather than the pistol shape, which was famous for corded tools. The base of today’s cordless drills is normally flared to house a battery and avoid slippage.

A t-shape drill provides better balance, especially if your device is bulky. This design can also better perform in tighter spaces.

On the other hand, cordless drills have an adjustable clutch with variable settings. The clutch can properly protect the motor when there is too much resistance in tightening bolts and driving screws.

The best power drills on the market have at least 24 clutch settings for more tool versatility and functionality.

Batteries and Charger

NiMH or Nickel-metal-hydride batteries are better than nickel-cadmium (Nicad) batteries. It poses less hazard since it does not contain the highly toxic cadmium chemical. Lithium-ion batteries also offer longer life than other cells.

This type of battery remains stable even after recharging it hundreds of times. It also has a higher energy density and lower self-discharge rate compared to other rechargeable batteries. Makita and Porter-Cable drill models generally use lithium-ion batteries.

Let’s Compare

If you still haven’t decided what brand to get for your cordless tool, let us see some important features of Makita and Porter-Cable tools. These comparative descriptions might help you decide which is the perfect drill that will match your needs.

Makita XFD061 18V LXT Cordless Driver-Drill Kit

The Makita XFD061 is a compact brushless cordless kit that has a superior power-to-weight ratio. Hence, if one is looking for an efficient tool that can deliver more work per a single charge, then this tool is the perfect match for you.

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This 18V Li-ion brushless driver-drill kit is ideal for drilling and driving. It has a 530-inch-pound maximum torque that can deliver more working hours in a single charge of its battery.

Hence, this feature means that you get more power, higher productivity, and fewer charging requirements.

Variable Speed

The mechanical two-speed transmission provides for a wide range of drilling and fastening activities. On the other hand, the BL Brushless motor efficiently eradicates carbon brushes; thus, enabling it to run more efficiently and remain cool.

Comfortable Design

Weighing only 3.8 pounds, you can comfortably use this Makita drill, without causing fatigue on your hands, arms, and shoulders. This compact tool is ergonomically designed to enable users to work in small, tight spaces.

Porter-Cable PCC601LB 20V Max Drill-Driver

The Porter-Cable 20V Max is designed with power in mind. It has 20V and 283-watt maximum strength to ensure maximum performance. Its compact and two-speed features make this tool very versatile and easy to use.

Multi-Speed Setting

This tool has variable speed settings that can be easily set in between drilling actions. The adjustable chuck enables the user to drill holes efficiently while applying the proper pressure.

Its speed ranges between zero to 350 RPM or from zero to 1,500 RPM. This speed range is ideal for both home DIY and professional workers.

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High-Performance Battery

Its lithium-ion battery has enough power to last for hours. A good battery run time means that you can accomplish more construction and renovations in a single charge. Also, the battery easily charges, making it ideal for outdoor work and remote job sites.

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Easy to Use

The keyless chuck enables you to change bits easily and a lot faster. With its portable weight of 3.5 pounds and size of a little over eight inches, this cordless drill is a super lightweight tool. The machine also has a built-in LED light to help illuminate your workspace even in dark areas.


Before making your final decision, here are some more ideas about cordless drills. These questions and answers might help you choose the best power drill out on the market today.

How long do Makita batteries last?

Battery-powered drills have improved a lot for the past several years. Most potent and top-quality power tools now use lithium-ion batteries that can last for years. Power drills with li-Ion batteries are quite pricey but are suitable investments.

Generally, lithium-ion batteries can last between three to six years, depending on many factors. You might want to keep this type of battery away from heat to maximize its life span.

Further, users can expect about 1,000 charge cycles out of their li-ion cells. Again, this will depend on various factors, like how users handle the tool. Never use your battery pack as a hammer since blunt force lessens its lifespan.

How do I dispose of lithium-ion batteries?

Inappropriate disposal of lithium-ion batteries has significant after-effects, including pollution in the environment and possible loss of natural resources.

Since lithium is a highly reactive substance, exposure to high temperatures can cause an exothermic reaction and easily catch fire. Further, if it is punctured, it may result in a thermal reaction.

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Lithium-ion batteries should not be exposed to high temperatures, sunlight, water, or humidity. These materials must be recycled only in legalized treatment facilities.

Li-ion cells have elements that can be recycled, but only through the right process. Nevertheless, for the most appropriate and safest battery disposal, you may contact the manufacturer’s factory service center.

How do I change a drill bit on a Porter Cable cordless tool?

A power drill is so versatile that it can let you bore through various materials like plastic, wood, and metals. Choosing the right bits to match the job is advisable, hence changing bits might be a regular procedure if you are working on different projects.

You just need to follow a few simple steps to change bits while working on several job assignments appropriately.

The first thing you have to do is to loosen the chuck. You can do this manually or, if available, only by a pull of a trigger.

Then, remove the bit once the chuck becomes loose. Afterward, set the new bit by inserting it into the chuck. Ensure that the bit is secured and will not fall.

Tighten the chuck by squeezing the trigger a few times while holding the bit to ensure that it will be installed in a straight manner. Once the bit has been securely put into place, you are ready to get your job done.


Choosing between Makira and Porter-Cable tools may sometimes be daunting. But remember, more than the brand, you must look for a cordless drill that suits your needs.

For simple house jobs, the less powerful cordless drills may be enough. But, for regular heavy-duty loads, a more powerful tool may be beneficial.

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