Matco Tools vs. Snap-On [Which One Should I Choose?]

The best power tool brands or any tool-making company out there always have pros, cons, advantages, and disadvantages that come with buying the actual tools themselves.

There are so many choices out there that you may wonder which brand is better than the other?

Matco and Snap-On are well-known tool-making companies that mass produce tools for mechanics and repairmen to use in their fields of work. Since then, there has been discussion on which is better.

In this article, we’re going to learn about the overview of Matco and Snap-On’s companies, their tool warranties, reviews, frequently asked questions about Matco and Snap-On, and which tool brand you should choose and why.

Where and Who Makes Matco Tools? Company Overview


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Before judging which company is better, we need to know where the Matco Tools are made and who makes them. This is important because the location where these tools are built sometimes determines the quality.

Starting off with Matco Tools, they are a manufacturer and distributor of professional automotive equipment, tools, and toolboxes. They sell and produce over 19,000 products already and guarantee tool quality and service.

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Where did their company start? Their headquarters are located in Ohio, U. S., where they first started their company. Matco is a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company called Danaher Corporation.

They began their operation in 1946 and, since 1979, they have been selling their tools and equipment to professional mechanics, enthusiasts, and those who value the utmost tool quality.

Matco Tools Warranty

According to the Matco website, any item branded with the Matco Tools (MATCO) name is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship.

When returned to Matco or its authorized representatives, Matco and its authorized representatives will replace the defective tools free of charge.

Tools damaged, misused, or abused are not under the Matco Tools (MATCO) warranty. No Matco employee, distributor, or third party can send in replacements other than Matco Tools themselves and their authorized representatives.

Matco Tools Review

Matco Tools have been getting mixed feedback because of the tool warranty and complications. It’s getting an average of 2.8 stars out of 5 stars on famous review websites like TrustPilot.

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They have top-quality tools that come with a high price tag, but that doesn’t automatically mean the customers are happy with what they’ve paid for.

Where and Who Makes Snap-On Tools? Company Overview


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Snap-On Tools have been on the market for quite some time now, and they have made high-quality tools from wrenches, socket sets, and ratchet sets. They have it all.

Where did their company start? Snap-On started its production of tools in the USA around the year 1920. Their tools were widely known for the quality and design it offers and has an edge over other competitive brands in terms of durability.

They started production of tools more focused on tools for transportation industries like automotive, aviation, heavy-duty trucks, military and defense tools.

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Snap-On Tools Warranty

Snap-On Tools guarantee their customers a LIFETIME warranty as long as the products are broken due to defective workmanship and are willing to repair them if they’re broken for the same reasons.

To avail tool warranty from Snap-On, all you have to do is:

  1. Create a Customer Warranty Request
  2. Date of Proof and Purchase
  3. Where the Customer Purchased the Product
  4. Provide Shipping Address, Phone Number, and E-Mail Address
  5. Item Numbers/Approximate Weight of the Package

When it comes to their electrical products, the warranty period is over 1 year from the original date of purchase.

Snap-On Tools Review

According to the TrustPilot website, Snap-On has been getting 2 stars out of 5 stars in reviews. Most of them come from bad customer service and overpriced tools.

Snap-On Tools indeed have a higher price compared to other competing brands, but they never fail to do their job, so keep that in mind while purchasing Snap-On Tools and products.

Why Are Snap-On Tools So Expensive?

Why Are Snap-On Tools So Expensive?

Snap-On is a growing business that has been in the tool-making industry for over a century now. There are several reasons why Snap-On Tools are expensive.

Most of Them are Made in the USA

Most of the tools Snap-On produces are made in the USA, and it’s more costly than other brands that have expanded to other countries like Taiwan and China, where production rates are cheaper.

American steel is also used to make these tools, giving customers more security and satisfaction regarding the tool’s durability.

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Good Wages for Employees and Workers

Since most of their tools are made in the USA, production rates cost higher, and they have also paid employees good wages to make sure their workers are highly motivated when showing up to work.

Professional Brand and Reputation

Snap-On has proven itself to familiar brands and is used in professional car shops compared to common brands.

Since then, they’ve built a name around their tools being the best option for the tools you use from professional usage.

Matco Tools vs. Snap-On: Which One Should I Choose?

There are many factors between choosing one tool brand from the other. Features like their warranty services, tool specifications, design, durability, materials used to make the product, and pricing are few examples.

To make sure we have a fair comparison, we will list all the factors and features and compare both brands to determine better.

Which Brand Has Better Durability?

Both Matco and Snap-On have durable tools and have insurance/warranty plans that come with them to make sure that you’re satisfied with the tools you buy.

Comparing both brands, Snap-On Tools have an edge when it comes to tool durability. This has been proven because they are already used by professional car repair shops.

Materials Used for Creating The Tools

Snap-On Tools uses alloy steel with their products with a chrome finish to ensure that the tools they produce don’t suddenly snap or break in half when using it.

Matco Tools uses Chrome Vanadium steel that’s both lightweight and durable. Together with the triple coated chrome finish that they install in almost all their tools, it guarantees maximum rust resistance.

Both tool brands use more or less the same quality of materials, and it all comes down to personal preference of which brand you’re eventually buying from. Either way, they’re good choices after all.

Which One has Better and Reasonable Pricing?

Snap-On Tools offer a higher price tag compared to average tool brands. Their different types of toolsets can range from $500-$10,000 depending on how many sets of tools you’re looking to purchase.

Matco Tools offers a cheaper option ranging roughly around $300-$5,000. You can already have multiple sets and have more choices of tools compared to what Snap-On offers.

Between the two, in terms of build quality and warranty, Snap-On is definitely the winner. However, Snap-On Tools are commonly used by people who have the luxury of spending a lot of money on tools.

This means, if you have the budget, go for Snap-On Tools. If you’re short on budget but want the same tools at your disposal, you should unquestionably go for Matco Tools.

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Customer Feedback, Reviews, and Opinions

Both tool brands have had their fair share of backlash and negative reviews. However, only a few can be deemed factual and accurate compared to most tool brands’ hate comments.

In terms of build quality and tool replacement, both tools kind of have a terrible reputation when replacing tools because some outlets charge for a tool repair, and other branches do it for free.

In conclusion, both brands are hard to work with when replacing your tools if they come defective out of the box.

However, this doesn’t mean their tools are inadequate. In fact, people who purchased from Matco Tools say that it’s definitely worth it over Snap-On Tools since the price difference is significant between the two.

Matco vs. Snap-On Wrenches

Wrenches have been standard in the tool-making industry, especially in auto repair, aviation, and general transportation repairing needs. Having a wrench is a must-have in every mechanic’s toolbox.

We’ll show you the specifications of the wrenches from both Matco Tools and Snap-On Tools to give you a better insight when it comes to the wrenches they produce.

Matco Tools – Wrenches

Matco Tools - Wrenches

Refer to the chart above to see the score of Matco wrenches in the four factors of knowing what wrench to buy.

Before reading the specifications of their combination wrenches, you may take a look at this video, the MATCO Combination Wrench Set Showdown! Long Metric Vs Hex Grip Which is Better to know what you’re getting beforehand.

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They use Chrome Vanadium steel to manufacture most of their tools, including their wrenches and wrench sets.

Specifications (From their Combination Wrench Sets):

  • 78-Tooth Head Ratcheting Gains Access Where Standard Wrenches Will Not Fit With a Minimal 4° Swing Arc
  • Includes Sizes from 21mm, 22mm, 24mm, up to 25mm.
  • 30-Day Risk-FREE Return and Refund Within the Period

Snap-On Tools – Wrenches

Snap-On Tools - Wrenches

Refer to the chart above to see the score of Snap-On wrenches in the four factors of knowing what wrench to buy.

Thinking about making an investment? Try watching Snap-On Combination Wrenches – Product Review #2 to know that you won’t regret buying from Snap-On Tools.

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The tools are made out of alloy steel that’s more guaranteed to be a better choice for better tool durability.

Specifications (From their Combination Wrench Sets):

  • Made out of alloy steel that has been precisely forged, heat-treated, and finished in nickel-chrome for optimum strength and durability.
  • Comes in different sizes (8-19mm), Combination Wrench Sets.
  • It has a 15-Degree, offset box end for increased knuckle clearance and greater access in tight spaces.
  • More extended handle than average combination wrenches.
  • Lifetime warranty, repair, and replacement.
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By comparing both brands from the wrenches they make, it all comes down to pricing. This also depends on how you’re going to use the tools and how often you’ll be using them.

If you own a car shop, make frequent repairs, or generally use the tools, again and again, make sure you purchase from Snap-On Tools for better tool longevity.

If you want to get a single project done or rarely do any repairs that concern using wrenches, it’s better to choose Matco Tools as they have a cheaper option without sacrificing quality.

Matco vs. Snap-On Sockets

Similar to wrenches, sockets are also broadly used when making auto repairs. They’re used with a ratchet to provide more force and torque when loosening and tightening fasteners.

Socket functions include:

  • Attaching to a ratchet to tighten/loosen nuts and bolts.
  • Shallow/Low-profile sockets work well with fasteners that have little clearance above the head of the fasteners.
  • Deep sockets can reach the nut on a longer, threaded bolt that allows you to get recessed fasteners.
  • Available in 6-point and 12-point sockets.

Matco Tools – Sockets

Sockets that are bought from Matco Tools are sold in sets and individually. Here are the specifications from the 6-point sockets they sell:

  • They have an Opti-Torque system that applies torque to the fastener sides, reducing corner round-off.
  • It has a 150-degree chamfer on the socket drive end for better grab, constant pressure, and easier use.
  • Sizes come in 7-19mm of shallow sockets.
  • Socket sets come in a blow-molded case.
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Snap-On Tools – Sockets

Snap-On Tools have a broad array of sockets and socket sets generally used to repair transportation vehicles. Here are the specifications of the 6-point sockets that they sell:

  • Nickel chrome alloy finish that makes tools rust and corrosion-resistant.
  • Snap-On Tools specifically uses their Flank Drive Wrenching System that grips the fastener on the flanks/flats, which delivers 15-25% more turning power.
  • Most socket sets come with a magnetic storage tray.
  • Shallow and Deep sockets are available in Snap-On’s retail store both online and in their branches.
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Frequently Asked Questions – Matco Tools vs. Snap-On Tools

Matco Tools vs. Snap-On Tools

Does Snap-On own Matco?

No. However, Snap-On owns another tool company that’s called BluePoint. The company was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1925, creating chisels, pliers, and wrenches.

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It, later on, merged with Snap-On Wrench Company and became Snap-On Tools, Inc. in 1930. Their company still makes tools and provides services.

Are Matco and Mac Tools the same?

No, but there have been early connections between both companies. Originally, Matco was the maker of toolboxes for Mac Tools. The two companies haven’t had any connection ever since Matco Tools was created in 1979.

No association happened between Mac Tools and Matco Tools when it was recognized as a competing brand. It is now one of the largest hand tool brands.

Is Snap-On Made in China?

Most Snap-On Tools are made in the USA. That’s why they cost higher than average tool brands because of the cost of production it takes to make tools in the USA.

However, some tools are also made outside of the USA. For example, their cordless power drill kits are made in China and are starting to produce tools under Snap-On’s name.

Is Blue Point and Snap-On the same?

No. Even though BluePoint came from Snap-On Tools, they aren’t the same brand because of their pricing. BluePoint is an affordable option when it comes to selling tools.

Snap-On is nothing close to its sister brand when it comes to tool reputation. It’s just that Snap-On has been more popular when it comes to making tools compared to BluePoint despite having the exact origins.

Where can I buy Matco and Snap-On Tools?

If you live in America, there should be local Matco and Snap-On branches in your area. You can also find their tools in hardware stores if you’re looking to buy tools from their companies.

There’s also an alternative option of purchasing tools from Matco and Snap-On. For Matco, simply head to Matco’s Website, and click the “But Tools” section. For Snap-On, head to their “Snap-On Store” website and click the search box above to find what you need.

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