Tap and Die Set Metric and Standard [with Sizes Chart]

Tap and die sets are a way to cut and copy your designs into different materials easily. Tap and die sets also have the capacity to include the number of layers you want to use.

And so, you can easily switch out one layer for another without having a hard time with the designs.

According to Tameson, “A tap and die set consists of taps, dies, and drill bits of different sizes for various applications. The collection also consists of screw extractors and charts to determine the correct drill and taps to match the thread size and pitch.”

In this article, we compiled all information that you need to know about Metric Tap and Die Set Charts.

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Types of Tap

There are many types of tap and die sets available on the market. You can find something that suits you and your budget. Some sets come with a storage bag, and some do not. If you’re not sure which one to choose, check out some tips to help you choose wisely.

Types of Taps

Taper Tap

Thread cutting with tapered taps is used on the butt cut, top section cut, and shears. The default depth of cuts can be adjusted using the depth setting. For additional information, refer to the Cutting Guides.

Second Tap

You can easily increase the speed of cutting with a second tap. A second tap cuts at the same depth as the first tap but is applied more quickly. This allows you to cut more quickly and with less material; you also need less pressure when cutting.

When the thread is cut, a second tap is placed on the topmost cutting surface to increase the depth of the cut. This helps to maintain the pitch of the thread at its original pitch and prevents the migration of threads after cutting.

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Plug Tap

Plug taps are used to produce clean results at the hole’s end. A plug tap is a device used in the hole’s end of a pipe. It has a hammer and a bolt driven into the hole to allow for proper pressure distribution. The hammer strikes the pipe while the bolt is released from it.

Types of Die Sets

Circular Dies

A circular die is essentially a small machine that spins, or rotates, on itself. This makes it possible to produce threads in a single operation. You can use a circular die for everything from making the thread, to sewing, on buttons and zippers.

Two-Piece Adjustable Dies

Two-piece adjustable dies are used in order to make longer threads. Two-piece dies are used in manufacturing thread that is used in a range of different products and fields, such as sewing machines and all types of knitting. The quality of the thread depends on the quality of the dies.

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How to Measure a Tap & Die Bit

The process of measuring for a die is usually done with a tape measure. To minimize the chances of error, it is important to know the various measurements that are associated with tap and die measurements. Here are the steps you may follow.

Step One

You will find that whether you are dealing with a screw or a bolt, the threads have a very important role in making a good product. The thread is important for being able to create a strong bond between the parts that makes it possible for them to fasten together. It is also important that you get the right thread size for your application.

Step Two

Count threads per inch. The thread count is a measurement that tells you how many threads of a given kind per inch are in a piece of fabric. The higher the thread count, the more thread per inch. In clothing, it’s important to know if a particular fabric has a very high thread count, which makes the fabric feel heavy when you wear it.

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Step Three

There are two types of threads: National Fine and National Coarse. A fine thread measures 20-25 feet per inch, while a coarse thread measures 40 feet per inch.

Step Four

Take a look at the number you just collected. Compare it to the numbers written on the taps and dies. The 1/4-20 N.C. tap is a standard soldered thread that’s a great way to measure fasteners and other mechanical parts, but it’s also a great tool for measuring items with 20 National Coarse threads per inch.

Metric Tap Set Chart

Metric Tap Set Chart

The use of metric taps and measuring devices is required in most engineering and construction works. A metric taps and measuring device ensures accurate measurements. It can be used anywhere, anytime, regardless of the soil, water, air, and atmosphere conditions.

Metric Die Set Chart

A metric die set chart is a tool for measuring thickness. It is a measurement of the thickness of steel, from which you can get a rough idea of the thickness of the steel.

The die set chart helps you determine how thick a steel sheet stock should be, and it also lets you know how much a certain thickness of steel will cost.

Correct Way To Use Tap and Die Set with Chart

A tap and die set is a crucial tool in any design studio. It helps you control the piece’s dimensions and cut out shapes and modify parts of your designs. There is a lot of confusion about how to use tap and die, so we’ll try our best to simplify it for you.

A tap and die set chart is a chart that shows the location and dimensions of a die in relation to the size of its holes. This allows you to quickly and easily trace a line or other shape in the dies, which you’ll need for most die-cut designs.

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What to Consider in Buying a Tap and Die Set?

There are many kinds of tap and die sets, from beginner to professional. When it comes to tap and die sets, you have plenty of options to choose from.

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You have several different material types, sizes, shapes, and functions. When choosing a tap-and-die set, it is important to understand all these factors when making your decision. The items in your toolbox will help you get started with your project faster.


It is important that you first understand the product before buying it. You can then decide if it’s the right fit for your company. If the product is not made to your specifications, you’ll have to work with a salesperson to get it adjusted so that it fits perfectly.

Check Quality

It’s not just the tool that matters, it’s the quality of the tools you use. You don’t want to invest your money into a tool that fails to provide you with reliable performance. Tap and die sets are not cheap, so it pays to buy them from manufacturers with good reputations.

Choose The Right Storage

Storage cases don’t always hold the pieces in place. Some cases are too small for most items, and others, like those that slide into a rack, don’t even do a good job at keeping the pieces in place.

Choose The One With Right Material

Material made first is chosen before buying other materials. You can save money by choosing the material that was made first.

Top 3 Best Tap and Die Sets

Neiko 00916A SAE Pro-Grade Titanium Tap & Die Set

Neiko Tools developed this metal tap and die set. It can reduce the cost of projects by improving their quality and reliability.

The set includes stainless steel tap and die set, four pairs of sapphire die sets, four tap chuck with three fitting holes each, and eight-inch universal square and 1-inch universal straight cutters.

The design allows for the connections of square and universal cutting chucks. The steel alloys used in the piece are expected for durable gears and tips and will not rust over time. The raised edge of the 1-inch cutting chucks makes it easier to access the center when drilling and tapping.

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The sapphire-covered blades help protect your hand from accidental cuts when using the cutting chucks.

Craftsman 75 pc Inch & Metric tap and die Set

This is a powerful combination that will help you take on any job with either inch or metric sizes. It features an impressive collection of different drive tools.

Each tool is made of quality carbon steel and will provide years of service. The hardened edges also make the tools more durable. 

Craftsman taps are designed with straightforward accuracy, power, and versatility in mind. Each tool has a unique design that is perfect for different applications. This set of dies is a fantastic tool for all of your projects.

GEARWRENCH 75 Piece Ratcheting Tap and Die Set

This set of tools has a powerful ratcheting action and is easy to use. It includes many taps and dies punches for other gearbox applications. Its innovative Twist Lock Guide System eliminates die guide back walk and maintains dies centered when cutting threads.

The ratcheting T wrench has a 5-degree ratcheting arc and a reversible lever that enables rapid forward and reverse changes, eliminating hand-over-hand twisting.

GearWrench provides the tools to match your demands, from the exact to the practically indestructible, no matter what industry you’re in. GearWrench hand tools come with a lifetime warranty against material and workmanship faults.


How to Calculate Tap Drill Size To Use

How to Calculate Tap Drill Size To Use

Tap-drill diameter equals nominal diameter minus thread pitch. For example, drill size for a 3/8-16 thread is 0.375 0.0625 (pitch) = 0.312 in.

What do tap and die sizes mean?

To compute, take diameters less than 1/4-inch are numbered according to the wire gauge sizes of machine screws. For example, a die marked 10-32 NF will cut threads for a No. 10 machine screw with 32 fine threads per inch.

How do you read a tap size?

A die set is a tool that allows you to create your prototypes. It will help you understand the manufacturing process of your product with minimal effort. You need to have some basic tool knowledge to learn the basics with this set, so starting with one is a good idea.

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Why do taps come in sets of 3?

Taps have a specific design process. They always come in three because the design process identifies the purpose and function of a tap and defines key attributes for each part. It ensures that the entire product functions correctly and looks good.

What is the big difference between drilling and tapping?

Drilling and Tapping

Drilling is a process that uses a drill to penetrate through the surface of the rock. The more holes are drilled, the bigger the hole will be.

Tapping is a more controlled process that creates shallow cuts on top of the surface of the rock. This method is used when there is no drilling equipment available.

The drill is the process of drilling through the ground. Drilling is used for development purposes. The difference between the two is that drilling produces a hole in the ground whereas tapping does not.


A Metric Tap and Die Set Chart is a visual aid to help you determine the number of parts needed to complete a job.

The chart is based on the relationship between parts and tool sizes. Tap and Die sets and charts are the most versatile design tool available.

They allow you to get creative, change your mind, and get to work on an assignment without having to stop.

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