Milwaukee MLW 2504-20 Vs. 2503-20 Vs. 2404-20

In the event that you’ve at any point gone through hours attempting to extricate a corroded or stripped jolt, you’ve most likely yearned for a nice impact farm.

This one, convenient apparatus has likely without any assistance forestalled a large number of scratched and broken knuckles and significantly more dissatisfaction.

In the event that you have a decent, impact wrench, it can make amazingly speedy work of releasing or fixing any jolt in your carport. That incorporates the ones that appear to be incomprehensibly stuck.

Anyway, which one is the best? We’re here to enable you to make sense of that. Continue perusing for the subtleties you need in our cordless impact wrench audit.

When we give you the lowdown on the majority of the best items, we’ll really expound on utilizing your new high torque cordless impact wrench.

Today, we are going to look at the best and the most recent mallet drill surveys accessible in the market. Mallet drill will make your drill task at home a lot simpler and make your undertaking look increasingly expert utilizing it.

It will overcome the intense surface like blocks or metals effortlessly including high drilling pace and more power that make you feel progressively good working with.

It is route imperative to become more acquainted with certain highlights and key qualities of the sledge drill and here is the correct spot for you in the event that you are attempting to get high-performing mallet drills.

Peruse on to become more acquainted with the marvelous highlights offered by each model.

Milwaukee MLW 2504-20 vs. 2503-20 vs. 2404-20

1. Milwaukee Electric Tools MLW2504-20 M12 Fuel 1/2″ Hammer Drill (Bare)

What You Will Get With This Product?

The Milwaukee Fuel power apparatuses have consistently been their flagship cordless devices with a brushless engine as well as top-tier execution.

This was valid with the Milwaukee M12 Fuel mallet drill which conveyed the best crude exhibition for 12-volt drills accessible when it turned out.

Amount of Torque

While most master brand 12V drills offered around 200-275 in-lbs. of torque, Milwaukee’s M12 Fuel model drove the limit to 350 in-lbs. with true execution to back it up, dissimilar to RIDGID expanded 400 in-lbs. that didn’t satisfy desires.

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The Milwaukee M12 Fuel sledge drill was likewise intriguing on the grounds that it was one of a couple of select 12V drills to offer the capacity to mallet drill.

The first Milwaukee M12 Fuel mallet drill was great for 12-volt drill anyway there was one noteworthy drawback, which is its size.


While the first M12 Fuel was viewed as a compact drill even at the opportunity it turned out, particularly when contrasted with the normal measured 18V drill, it was still huge for a 12 volt drill after you thought about how compact the contenders 12-volt drills were from Bosch and Makita and somewhat DEWALT as DEWALT’s 12v drill wasn’t as compact as Makita’s or Bosch’s yet at the same time more compact than the M12 Fuel model.

The M12 Fuel’s bigger size implied that it just couldn’t press into as tight spaces as its other 12-volt contenders.

Quick forward to the part of the arrangement Milwaukee reported their update to the first Milwaukee M12 Fuel with the Gen 2 2504 model also called 2504-20 as a bare tool or 2504-22 as a pack.


There’s as yet another 12 drill that is more compact than Milwaukee’s Gen 2 M12 Fuel which is the Makita FD07R1 which is likewise a brushless drill with a little 6-1/16″ length making it right around 5/8″ shorter than Milwaukee’s Gen 2 however once more, Makita’s model isn’t a sledge drill and tops out at 280 in-lbs. torque.

Makita has a 12V brushless mallet drill like the one just referenced which is the PH05Z which is a similar careful length as Milwaukee’s at 6-5/8″ anyway still has a similar lower 280 in-lbs. torque detail.

So as should be obvious, Milwaukee’s Gen 2 M12 Fuel sledge drill model is genuinely the most compact 12V mallet drill with the most torque and still littler than most 12V drills today.

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  • Comes with a belt clip
  • ½ inch metal ratcheting chuck
  • Operates with brushless motor
  • Hammer drilling performance is better than most 18V hammer drills
  • Incredibly small at 6-5/8 inch length 


  • No separate mode select collar
  • Overload protection slightly more intrusive than Gen 1 model 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Does it come with a retail box?

A: Unfortunately it doesn’t come with any.

Q: Can this be used as a regular drill?

A: Yes. It’s a drill/driver model.

Q: Will this use 12m batteries?

A: All new M12 batteries must work without any issues. 

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What Take on This Product:

While the Milwaukee M12 Fuel Gen 2 sledge drill’s drilling and driving execution into wood hasn’t changed much contrasted with the Gen 1 model, despite everything it directions exceptional execution and they additionally figured out how to shrivel the Gen 2 model to an unimaginably little bundle making it not just one of the littlest 12-volt drills available, yet the most dominant for its tiny size.

2. Milwaukee Electric Tools 2503-20 M12 Fuel 1/2″ Drill Driver (Bare)

What You Will Get With This Product?

Hex impact driver once again raises the bar for 12V performance with best-in-class driving pace, power, and size. By Concentrating on profitability, this impact driver takes care of business quicker by being over 20% quicker in application speed versus the challenge.

That was years prior and quite a while later, the first M12 Fuel drills still remain on top with regards to crude power in spite of the fact that their greatest disadvantage was the manner by which huge they were contrasted with the other compact 12V drills.

Get any 12V drill and contrast it with the Milwaukee M12 Fuel drills and you’ll see what I’m discussing. Fortunately for us, Milwaukee has now turned out with second-era M12 Fuel Drills with another drill/driver 2503-22 and a new sledge drill 2504-22 that tends to the size issues that tormented the first models.

Lighter and Increasingly Compact

The new M12 Fuel models are extremely compact, presently at 6.6 crawls long which is more compact than most of the 12V drills accessible today.

Two models that I can consider best Milwaukee’s most up-to-date M12 Fuel drills, for example, the Bosch PS32 which is 6.5 inches, and the Makita FD07R1 which is 6-1/16 crawls long.

Both of those other two models are additionally brushless yet don’t have the torque execution of the Milwaukee M12 Fuel models. I’m astonished Milwaukee had the option to therapist down their M12 Fuel drills down to such a short size while as yet holding 350 in-lbs. of torque.

The weight additionally went somewhat down at 2.8 lbs. in spite of the fact that they don’t make reference to which battery whether it’s the compact are XC battery, however, my speculation is that it’s with the compact battery.

Decreased Size and Weight Includes some significant downfalls

Who wouldn’t need a littler and lighter apparatus, correct? Most would favor those highlights and Milwaukee conveyed that anyway they had to forfeit several things so as to make a littler and lighter M12 Fuel drill.

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The greatest penance they did was to get rid of the different mode select neckline alongside the torque neckline that was found in the first M12 Fuel drills. The different mode select neckline made speedy and simple mode changes on the fly without tinkering with the torque grip settings.

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  • The product is easy to use
  • Metal ratcheting chuck for optimal durability
  • Comes with an on-board battery fuel gauge
  • New ergonomic handle design for improved comfort
  • Delivers an excellent amount of torque 


  • Doesn’t have enough power for big jobs
  • Seems that more of the chuck area is plastic 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: How do you remove the battery from the tool?

A: The battery comes with two indents on the sides of the battery. Simply squeeze both of them evenly and pull down.

Q: Will this drill fit on the plastic case that came with the non-fuel 12V drill, charger, and two 1.5 batteries?

A: It should be the only difference is that this unit is not as long as the non-fuel drills.

Q: This model 2503-20 without a hammer?

A: Yes, it’s without the hammer function.

What Take on This Product:

The M12 FUEL™ Drill Driver is the Most Competent, Lightest Weight, Most Compact instrument in its group. The POWERSTATE™ Brushless Engine conveys the ability to do a wide assortment of utilizations at 1700 RPMs and 350 inches per pound of torque.

Weighing just 2.3lbs it is amazingly versatile, incredible for overhead applications, and lessens weakness for the duration of the day.

At 6.6″ long this apparatus has the best access in tight spaces. REDLINK™ In addition to insight shields the instrument from over-burdens and overheating while at the same time guaranteeing the greatest execution.

Utilizing REDLITHIUM™ 2.0Ah compact and 4.0Ah expanded limit battery packs they convey more work per charge and more work over the life of the pack than focused batteries.

3. Milwaukee 2404-20 M12 Fuel 1/2 Hammer Drill tool Only

What You Will Get With This Product?

Milwaukee has likewise brought this compact and lightweight configuration sledge drill to the market. Not all applications are anything but difficult to deal with but rather this drilling device will make these simpler particularly when you are on extreme application.

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During engine driving, you will get 25,500 beats per minute with the speed scope of 0-450 and 0-700 rpm working by a high-limit battery that can work throughout the day and kill the majority of your applications in a shorter time. Built with brilliant material, you will almost certainly utilize this for quite a long time to come.

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  • Sufficient speed controls
  • Product is shipped in bulk packaging
  • The product is highly durable
  • The product is easy to use and handle
  • Very comfortable to use 


  • A little bit pricey
  • Quite heavier 

Top FAQs on This Product:

Q: Will the drill work with any M12 battery?

A: Yes, it will work with any M12 batteries.

Q: Has anyone used this to go through concrete, cement, or bricks?

A: Yes. In fact, it works incredibly well.

Q: Does it come with a charger?

A: No, it does not. 

What Take on This Product:

REDLINK PLUS™ knowledge guarantees improved execution and shields your venture from over-burden, overheating and over-release.

It tends to be utilized with the REDLITHIUM™ 2.0 Compact Battery Pack and 4.0 Expanded Limit Battery Pack (sold independently), which convey more work per charge and more work over pack life than the contenders, even in extraordinary conditions.

The M12 FUEL Sledge Drill/Driver’s installed fuel measure causes you to screen the charge definitely, so there’s less vacation at work, and an implicit LED Light enlightens the work surface.

An all-metal tightening locking hurl gives the most extreme grasp, bit maintenance and toughness. Another formed delicate grasp gives you extreme solace during delayed use. 

What is the Difference between Milwaukee MLW 2504-20 vs. 2503-20 vs. 2404-20?


While the Gen 2 model kept the equivalent 350 in-lbs. torque rating, Milwaukee figured out how to shrivel the whole unit down to a little and compact 12V drill that presently coordinates a similar compact size of its rivals at just 6-5/8 creeps long.

Just to look at, the Bosch PS32 brushless 12V drill estimates 6.5 inches which is 1/8″ shorter yet isn’t a mallet drill (recall that every one of the parts expected to sledge drill adds length to a drill) and the Bosch maximizes at 179 in-lbs. torque which is a gigantic exhibition abatement contrasted with the Milwaukee M12 Fuel mallet drill’s 350 in-lbs. torque.


This instrument yields more than 1, 300 inches per pound of torque that enables the client to accomplish more work by finishing a wide scope of securing.

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Estimating just 5.1″ long takes into account unequaled access in tight spaces. At the point when Milwaukee presented their 12-volt and brushless M12 Fuel drill and sledge drills, the kid did they shake up the power apparatus industry with solid execution that was concealed in 12V cordless drills at the time with 350 in-lbs. torque.

Operation Time

The M12 FUEL™ 1/2″ Mallet Drill/Driver conveys unrivaled runtime, control under burden and toughness. This lightweight, flexible mallet drill/driver gives up to 10X longer engine life, 2X more power, and 4X more runtime.

The POWERSTATE™ Brushless Engine outflanks every single driving contender with steady power yield, yet runs cooler and calmer with no wearable parts.


However, all things considered, the Milwaukee M12 Fuel Gen 2 model performs indistinguishably from the Makita 18V sub-compact brushless drill which is likewise appraised for 350 in-lbs. torque with one special case as the Makita can without much of a stretch handle 3/4″ SPEEDBOR max bits in rapid. 


With the above Milwaukee hammer drill reviews, you have evidently decided as to which of the two gives you the features that you need.

Make sure to provide yourself a favor by precluding strain from happening when working on your home maintenance and repair tasks by picking on the hammer drills above.

Also, be sure to consider the tips above when buying a hammer drill and always think of it as a great investment. It won’t only make your projects easier but it will also preclude strain.

And lastly, please feel free to comment down below if you have any feedback or opinions about our topic today.

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