Milwaukee Vs Hilti Impact Wrench [Full Comparison]

Impact wrenches can be incredibly useful equipment in the armory of any DIY individual or home mechanic. After all, we have already all encountered that corroded bolt that simply refuses to shift and needs us to replace and remove about 15,000 bolts.

However, there is a better way to deal with these kinds of jobs that doesn’t result in tantrums, tears, bleeding and skinned knuckles, and wrenches thrown out the windows. Obviously, the answer to your prayers is none other than an impact wrench.

Impact wrenches have never met a bolt that it couldn’t loosen. And to tell the truth, if you’re bright enough to invest in the best cordless impact wrench you can, you might wonder how you’ll be able to survive without it.

Now, the question here is which equipment is the best for your needs? If you want to know, read on!

Milwaukee vs. HILTI Impact Wrench Review

1. Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 Fuel High Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench with Friction Ring

The Milwaukee brand has a vast variety of various impact wrenches on the market at the moment. You’ll most likely love the variety because if you need a different wrench for some reason like a pin detent, then Milwaukee has it and you don’t need to change battery platforms.

That is the one thing you’ll love about Milwaukee and the brand also accommodate a vast variety of tradesman. Even if they know a product might not sell enough, they’ll still design and manufacture a product for those applications or tradesmen that other companies won’t really touch.

While all of this is actually great, the true feature of this impact wrench is you no longer need to rely on a pneumatic wrench for your job. Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 impact wrench can take its place.

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While the head of this tool is quite big, it is still the most compact head in its class and price range. In fact, this power tool only weighs 7.5 pounds and that is with a battery.

Furthermore, the brand designed this with a brushless motor. The brushless motor provides more efficiency than its counterpart – the brushed motor doesn’t. Its motor gives 1,000 feet per pound of fastening torque and 1400 feet per pound of nut-busting torque.

In terms of grip, it is your typical Milwaukee grip with the rubber over-mold and textured for extra grip. Aside from that, this tool utilizes a variable speed trigger in order to control the speed of the wrench. As with the other Milwaukee equipment, their trigger is quite easy to control and maintain at a consistent speed.

On the base of this impact wrench, you can find 3-speed selectors along with a bolt removal setting. The bolt removal setting provides the consumer more control when removing fasteners by slowing to 750 RPM once the fastener has been busted loose.

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  • Comes with LED lights to illuminate dimmed workstations
  • Incorporated with premium rubber over-mold that withstands corrosive materials
  • Features friction ring design to guarantee quick and easy socket changes
  • Comes with red lithium batteries that deliver more work per charge
  • Integrated with REDLINK plus intelligence that precludes damage to the tool and battery
  • Very compact even though it has large head
  • Can provide optimal productivity


  • Should have come with a case
  • Lots of torque and thus it is quite heavy

2. Hilti 03482659 SIW 18-A 3/8-Inch CPC 18-volt Cordless Impact Wrench and Impact Resistant Case with 3/8-Inch Square Chuck and Locking Ring

The HILTI Company makes exceptional equipment and tools backed by a twenty-year warranty and uses a direct sales model. However, they also command a higher price.

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The HILTI three-speed 18 volts impact wrench does not appear to be a brushless model with only 743 inches per pound of torque. It rates as the lowest torque output of any of the high-performance impact wrench out there.

Out of the box, this power tool provides its compact designation at 5.8 inches long, 3.7 inches wide, and 8.8 inches high with the battery. It is not the most compact you’ll see, but it is in the ballpark. Its 3-speeds, toggled with a button on the tool base can deliver 531, 973, and 1,550 inches per pound of torque on paper.

This bare tool is quite light and using its 2.6 Ah battery can keep it pretty nimble, but there is no getting around the fact that its 5.2 battery is quite heavy. Most likely, its slickest feature is its four LEDs, boldly surrounding the chuck on its head.

They are bright and they illuminate your working station like few others. They also make what’s essentially a spotlight on your work and it is quite beneficial.

On the other hand, its grip is comfortable in the hand and its over-mold extends up around the back of the tool body for extra protection. Talk about protection, HILTI backs its products with a warranty that you can’t find elsewhere.

Most of them come with twenty years of limited warranty, 2 years wear and tear, and a 1-day turnaround on repairs. These all imply that the company believes in the durability of its products.

Where Does This Impact Wrench Fits?

By comparison, this impact wrench from HILTI claims 400 IPM – which is actually the fastest you’ll see thanks to the triple hammer mechanism. However, it is also a hundred bucks pricier more than the certain models in the same brand and specs.

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HILTI usually beats other equipment out in both price and specs; this just happens to be one time that it sits in the center of both. Still, HILTI will surely deliver sufficient for the vast majority of your work.

Now, for a little room for an upgrade, you might want to purchase a kitted package if you want a belt hook as the bare tool doesn’t come with one. You’ll probably love to see a magnet or a bit holder somewhere on this power tool.

It is a little feature that comes in very conveniently. All things considered though, it is hard to go wrong with this tool since it is hard to find anything in medium and light-duty fastening that it doesn’t perform well.

Furthermore, the HILTI Company recently announced that they will be transitioning to a 22volts battery. The new 22 volts battery will work with all new as well as previous models of HILTI 18volts lithium-ion cordless tools, providing for a seamless transition for existing HILTI cordless tool consumers.

What More It Offers?

Not only do the new 22 volts battery packs work with HILTI’s 18 volts power tools, but the battery packs are also the cost, weight, and size as the 18 volts lithium-ion battery packs. In fact, the new battery packs are said to provide an increase of 15%-30% in work per charge.

Moreover, the brand adds that the batteries perform up to 20% more work per charge, depending on temperature, user, insert, and application, compared to the HILTI 18 volts batteries and up to 50% more work per charge compared to competitive 18 volts per 5 amps hour solutions.

There are upgraded electronics and an updated CMS or Cell Management System which allows for deeper discharging of the battery, in short, prospective consumers can squeeze even more energy out of the new battery packs.

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In addition to the new 22 volts battery packs, there will also be new 22 volts cordless power tools. And yes, the HILTI’s 18 volts battery packs will work with the new tools as well.

Overall, 18 volts tools powered by 22 volts batteries will benefit from more work per charge, in short at least longer operation.

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  • Three gears and electronic speed control
  • Easy to switch between different driving speeds
  • Comes with four leads around the chuck
  • Ideal for dimmed workstations
  • Comes with an ergonomic grip and trigger for optimum convenience and comfort during long periods of use
  • Perfect low weight and balance
  • Compact design that allows easy use in tight spots and wherever space is limited
  • High-drilling performance
  • Robustly built and superbly engineered for optimal reliability and long-life
  • Ergonomically designed D-grip for comfortable use over long periods
  • 3/8 inch square with locking rick
  • Excellent torque delivery
  • Ideal for corrective chiseling and small channel openings in concrete
  • Same torque in forwarding or reverse
  • Incredibly well-balanced for operator comfort
  • Electronic brake for a high degree of control of fasteners
  • More work per charge compared to competitive high-torque tools of the same class


  • Quite heavy and hefty
  • Some verified users are not really sure about its power


The HILTI 03482659 SIW 18-A 3/8-Inch CPC 18-volt Cordless Impact Wrench not only beats a drill any day, it also fares well against many other impacts of the same class.

HILTI is famous in the masonry trades and industrial construction as a brand that can take a beating and still keep working well, and that’s just what we found in this tool compared to the Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 Fuel High Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench.

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The HILTI 03482659 SIW 18 sinks even large fasteners and Tapcons into 3,000 PSI concrete really well. In addition, its drive is smooth and easy all thanks to its 3 driving modes to pick from.

Long story short, you could pay less for another impact wrench out there, but we assure you that you will also get less. All in all, it’s always wise to invest in something that can last long like the HILTI 03482659 SIW 18 so the hard-earned money you spend will get its value.

However, we’re not saying that Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 is not good at all. In fact, we’ve listed it in this list along with the because it’s the most ideal impact wrench close to the performance and value of the HILTI impact wrench we featured here. It’s just that we prefer the HILTI in overall aspect and performance.

How about you? Do you perhaps prefer Milwaukee? If so please share your thoughts at the comment box below!

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