Milwaukee VS. Ryobi Cordless Drill Driver [All FAQs Answered]

Working with your traditional drill driver can be challenging because you need to make sure that you are working near an outlet.

So why not switch to a cordless drill driver to make working fast and easier.

Cordless drill drivers are available in different brands, but two of the most known brands are Milwaukee and Ryobi.

They produce a cordless drill driver that makes working with it easier than usual. But purchasing one from both brands is impractical and definitely not advisable, especially if you’re going to buy it for personal use.

So I’ve decided to review cordless drill drivers from both Milwaukee VS. Ryobi to help you choose the right cordless drill driver for you.

Milwaukee VS. Ryobi Cordless Drill Driver

1. Milwaukee 2407-22 M12 3/8 Drill Driver Kit

Milwaukee 2407-22 Drill Driver is ergonomically designed, which means that you can grip it longer without putting too much strain.

It weighs 2.1 lbs, which will help you to avoid fatigue and such. It is powered by a battery and is cordless, which is more convenient for everyone.

You no longer have to worry about any tangled cords or any power outlets.

One of the good things about the Milwaukee 2407-22 Drill Driver is that it doesn’t have a no-load RPM.

This means that it will make fastening and drilling things easier and without any interruption. This Milwaukee drill driver is 35% faster today.

Another good thing about Milwaukee 2407-22 Drill Driver is that it has lithium-ion technology.

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This means that it will last compared to other NiCad batteries today. Lastly, it has a total of a 5-year warranty from the date of your first purchase.

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  • Ergonomic handle
  • Built-in LED Light
  • Has a maximum of 1,500 RPM
  • Can each torque of up to 275 in lbs.


  • Will Not Reach five-year limited warranty

2. Ryobi P208 One+18V Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver With 1/2 Inch Keyless Chuck

Ryobi P208 Cordless Drill/Driver measures 12 by three by 9 inches and only weighs 3 pounds. The size may be smaller, but it makes maneuvering easier.

It is powered by 18V rechargeable lithium-ion, so you no longer need to purchase any kind of battery. Also, Ryobi cordless drill will surely make you reach tight or even inaccessible areas

The Ryobi P208 Cordless Drill/Driver is also equipped with a total of 24-position clutch with two-speed options.

Also, to make sure that your drill can work on different materials and surfaces, there are different speed controls available.

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  • 350 inch per torque lbs.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Provides more than enough power


  • No battery included

Is There A Difference Between Milwaukee VS. Ryobi Cordless Drill Driver

With the reviews above on both brands of cordless drill drivers,  there is not much difference. Except for the fact that you need to purchase the battery for the Ryobi cordless drill separately.

But overall, both brands can help you drill holes. Both brands will also be a good investment for you and your tasks.

Can A Cordless Drill Be Used As A Screwdriver

Yes, you can use a cordless drill as a screwdriver, given that it has a screwdriver bit attached to it. This bit may be included in the package or need to be purchased separately.

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If you plan on using your cordless drill as a screwdriver, then you need to make sure that you have the right bit for the job.

Can You Use A Cordless Drill In The Rain

Just like with any other power tool, it is not advisable to use your cordless drill in the rain. It may be cordless, and it may not be attached to a power outlet.

But this doesn’t mean that using your cordless drill in the rain is safe. It is advisable not to use it under the rain or even around the water.

The drill should remain dry and not wet, as this can damage the different parts of the cordless drill.

Can Cordless Drill Batteries Be Refurbished

Yes, the cordless drill batteries can be refurbished. You can do this by following the tips below. These tips are proven to be effective in reconditioning the cells of your cordless drill battery.

Fully Charged Battery

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your battery looks fully charged before you even start doing the tips below. You can start putting it on charge until it says that it is fully charged.

Inserting In The Power Drill

The next thing that you need to do is to put the battery inside the power drill. You need to secure the cordless drill because you need to turn it on and let it run continuously. You no longer have to hold your drill during the process of discharging.

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Let The Power Drill Operate

Turn the cordless drill on and let it operate for as long as it can. This will help discharge the battery fast.

Once done, you can turn off the drill and make both the drill and the battery cool down. This will usually take 30 minutes or so.

Turn The Drill On

Once done, you can start turning it on again. Yes, it will start operating, and you need to repeat this over and over again until the drill will no longer turn on.

Recharge The Battery

The last step would be removing the battery from the cordless drill. You need to charge the battery again, and this will refurbish it in no time.

Worry not because it will usually take four hours of charging compared to before. This will help your battery to hold more energy than usual.

Types Of Cordless Drill

Impact Driver

This type of cordless drill is specially designed for heavy-duty tasks. The drill will be able to rotate just like a regular drill.

Once it starts to meet resistance, it will drive the fasteners to the material with a rapid series of pounding movements.

Hammer Drill

Hammer drills are for heavy-duty purposes, and they are usually working on concrete effortlessly and quickly.

They are perfect for demolition because they can remove stubborn things such as tiles from different surfaces during remodeling.

The Hammer drill will work in a rapid hammering motion. It is considered one of the most powerful tools for porch railing to fasten the railing post into the concrete.

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Straight Air Drill

This cordless straight-air drill is for tight or small spaces. A typical drill won’t be able to fit and maneuver into small spaces.

But with a straight air drill, it will be able to do the most basic of tasks. Plus it is lightweight so you won’t have a hard time working with it.

Hand Drills

Cordless Hand Drills are known to be efficient and fast. It has the ability to do jobs quickly if you don’t have a more massive drill.

This kind of drill will drive screws and bore holes into soft metals, plastics, and wood.

Reversible Drill

Reversible drills have the power to switch the rotation’s direction if needed. You can do this with a slide of a button or with just one push of the button. This drill can help remove fasteners, including screws.

Breast Drill

The breast drill is almost similar to that of a hand drill. It has a plate on its end, which is usually placed against the user’s chest, thus for the name.

The torso of the user will be the one to hold and apply the pressure to the breast drill can start operating.

This is one of the most outdated drills today, but they are still available on the market.

Push Drill

The push drill is a hand power tool, which is considered a precision tool when working on wood. Compare to other busy drills, the push drill is not. It is powerful as well and will give you amazing results.

Brace Drill

The brace drill is also specially made for woodworking. The user will have control when it comes to pressure and speed.

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This drill has to produce smooth and clean holes. You can check how smooth the action is with a brace drill in this video.

D-Handle Drill

The d-handle drill is also known as the rotary hammer drill with a uniquely shaped handle.

It is known as heavy-duty while still letting you increase control while decreasing fatigue.


With the reviews on Milwaukee VS. Ryobi cordless drill drivers above, I hope that you have already decided which brand to get for your home repair and improvement tasks.

Also, the list above on the types of cordless drills will help you decide what kind of drills to choose from.

Start choosing which ofd the two brands is suitable for you and your needs by checking both bands of cordless drills above.

In this way, you will be assured that your purchase will be a good investment.

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