Milwaukee Vs. Snap-on Tools [Pros, Cons & Differences]

Do you want to haul many tools for your garage but don’t know which tool brand is the right pick? Milwaukee Tools vs. Snap-On Tools, is there a massive difference between the two? Where and who made Milwaukee and Snap-On Tools?

With our help, you’re going to know the answer to all these questions. All you need to do is read the article until the very end so that after you read it, you’ll know which tool brand to choose.

Each tool brand has its strengths and weaknesses. Together with the necessary information, we’ll help you conclude according to the preferences and tools you need in your garage.

Tool Brand Overview: Where and Who Makes Milwaukee Tools?


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Before comparing two brands, we should know the origins and the makers of these tool companies. We need to know their background, experiences in tool making, and how they handle their feedback from customers or how they handle disputes with their customers.

Milwaukee Tools started when World War I was coming to a close in 1918. Henry Ford, an automotive tycoon, was looking for a fabricator needed to produce a compact, lightweight, and portable version of a power drill.

Four years later, in 1922, Petersen was joined by a business partner Albert F. Siebert and founded A. H. Petersen Company which tragically broke down after a fire burnt their manufacturing facility the following year, which resulted in their company having a financial setback.

During the second half of the 1920s, they focused more on tool repairs than tool manufacturing to ensure they were still in business. In the 1930s, they developed a lightweight electric hammer drill that was initially designed to drill and sink anchors into concrete.

Where are Milwaukee Tools Made? Just because it has “Milwaukee” in the name, it automatically means that it’s only made in the USA? Is the US the only place Milwaukee Tools manufacture their products? Are there international production facilities?

Milwaukee Tools were initially made in the USA, but they have been expanding their factories to Europe and China for more production of tools. They have production facilities in the US in places like Wisconsin and Mississippi, with factories in 3 cities.

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Milwaukee Tools Warranty Rules

Like many tool brands, Milwaukee Tools also guarantees their customers and users that their tools are free from defects and craft issues, and if there are defects to be found in their tools, they can issue a warranty request.

Milwaukee Tools strongly suggests that you still keep your receipts because it can help the staff quickly process your warranty request if provided with the receipts.

According to Milwaukee Tool’s Registration and Warranty Page, the Mechanics Hand Tool section states their tools are a lifetime guarantee. They guarantee that the tools are free from defects in material and workmanship during the product’s useful life.

They also advise their customers to call 1.800.SAWDUST (1.800.729.3878) for details on how to obtain a replacement or email [email protected] with the product description, a photograph of the product, and your name and shipping address.

The information above can also be found on their site if you want to review the validity of these sources. You should contact them if you have a defective tool and check your item’s warranty by contacting support and providing all the necessary information.

Milwaukee Tools Reviews From Users

Milwaukee Tools Reviews From Users

Since most Milwaukee Tools are power tools, they are famous for drills, saws, and any other related power tools. According to Trustpilot, here are the reviews we have gathered from their site where customers can share their experience with the tools they use.

Here’s a video from DEBOSS GARAGE featuring Milwaukee Tools in his All My Milwaukee Tools – What Still Works, What Doesn’t? video and reviewing all the tools he has bought from Milwaukee Tools themselves.

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According to the customers that have left a review on Trustpilot, some of the staff have been nice to them, even going an extra mile to find the missing parts of a broken machine, offering it with no cost at all and covering the shipping fees.

Excellent Customer Support – This may be one of the most common reviews customers leave when it comes to Milwaukee Tools and the products they sell; this includes hand tools and power tools (mainly power tools because that’s what they’re mostly known for).

Durable Tools – Similar to most tool brands out there, Milwaukee Tools also offer durable tools and rarely gets replaced (due to defects or workmanship issues).

Available on Most Tool Stores – This makes it easier for customers to find and replace old & broken tools without adjusting to another tool brand since Milwaukee Tools can be found in most hardware stores.

Tool Brand Overview: Where and Who Makes Snap-On Tools?


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Snap-On Tools was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, in 1920. In 1930, the company then moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA, to improve the production quantity of the tools they make. Snap-On Tools started with mechanic tools & equipment needed at the time.

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They started with safety belts, wrenches, and other more hand tools. Up until this day, Snap-On has focused more on manufacturing hand tools, even having a sister brand called Blue-Point Tools, where they also specialize in the production of hand tools.

At first, most of the Snap-On Tools were produced and manufactured in the US. So far, the company has been present around the world and have already expanded their tool factories in different countries such as China and Ireland.

Snap-On Tools Warranty Rules

Like Milwaukee Tools, Snap-On Tools also have a lifetime warranty over their hand tools since they also make sure that their customers are satisfied with all the tools they produce and sell in their markets.

However, when compared to Milwaukee Tools, Snap-On is inferior because their warranty process is much more complicated, and it takes longer when compared to Milwaukee Tools.

According to Snap-On’s warranty page, you can either call Snap-On’s tech support or send them an email and apply for a warranty application. This is one of their downsides because users and customers alike have reported issues on slow warranty completion.

Snap-On Tools Reviews From Users

So far, most of the reviews Snap-On Tools receive are positive reviews since they make tools with the utmost quality, and despite its high price tag, professionals still heavily rely on their tools when a car needs repair.

Here’s a video review for Snap-On Tools, The Snap-on Tool Review – A Day In The Life, and check out what you should expect if you want to buy tools from Snap-On Tools.

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According to the reviews above, they’re mostly known for their high-quality tools, that’s why they have earned their customer’s trust, because of the well-built tools that they produce together with the best materials they can use for creating hand tools.

Milwaukee vs. Snap-On Cost

Price is a significant factor in choosing a tool brand from the other because some customers may be buying with a tight budget, while others would want to explore different brands regardless of cost.

Types of Tool Milwaukee Tools Snap-On Tools
Wrench Set $120 – $350 $288 – $2,550
Socket Set $14 – $309 $78 – $1,095
Cordless Set $99 – $500 $240 – $783

Primarily, suppose you’re a budget customer that wants to use high-quality tools without busting a hole in your pockets. In that case, Milwaukee Tools may be the best choice for you since they’re more accessible and budget-friendly without really having to sacrifice efficiency.

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However, if the cost and price of the tools don’t matter, then Snap-On Tools may be your best bet when it comes to tool quality and material strength since Snap-On emphasizes the build quality and quality of their tools.

In conclusion, if you’re on a tight budget, then choose Milwaukee Tools. Want to focus more on the durability and efficiency of the product? Choose Snap-On Tools. This is the simplest way to compare both brands when it comes to their costs.

Milwaukee Tools? or Snap-On Tools? Which is Preferred by Customers and Why?

Both Milwaukee Tools and Snap-On Tools have their pros and cons. To understand them more, we need to know why their customers love their products so much and choose the tool brand based on the customer’s experience with the products.

Why Do Customers Love Milwaukee Tools? Their Reviews

Based on customers’ experience, Milwaukee Tools are known for their exceptional customer support (depends on where you live) because they value their customer’s time and effort. Together with the extended warranty guarantee, you’re given assurance that your tools will be fixed if it gets broken.

Here are three reasons why their loyal customers choose Milwaukee:

  • Responsive Customer Support

Most customers appreciate Milwaukee Tool’s excellent customer support, especially when it comes to fixing your tools. They have gained this reputation by constantly assuring customers with their impressive service.

  • Long-Lasting Tools

Similar to most competing brands, Milwaukee Tools are incredibly experienced in the field of tool making. They have been in the tool production industry as long as Snap-On has been, so they know how to make durable tools.

  • Reliable Power Tools

Milwaukee Tools are mainly known for their portable and compact drills. That’s the pride of their company. Power tools have been helpful since it lessens the need for labor costs.

Why Do Customers Love Snap-On Tools? Their Reviews

Snap-On has been known for having expensive tools. Most people call their tools “over-expensive.” However, most customers find this price tag reasonable because Snap-On puts much thought into its tools.

Here are the three reasons why Snap-On Tools is loved by their customers:

  • High-Quality Build Material

This is the main reason why Snap-On Tools is popular and why it’s considered “better” than most of the tool brands we see today that are being sold in the market. They take their workmanship process to the next level.

  • Innovative Tool Designs

Snap-On Tools are mindful of the tool designs that they implement on their tools. For example, combination wrenches have an off-angle design on their open-end to make sure that you’re getting the most torque with little turning force needed.

  • Efficient Tools

Related to the tool’s design, Snap-On Tools are also efficient because they ensure that you’re getting the most out of your tools in terms of usability, efficiency, and getting things done faster. They make sure you can get the job done faster, with minimal effort (lessening hand fatigue).

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Milwaukee and Snap-On Wrenches – Similarities & Differences

Milwaukee and Snap-On wrenches have more or less similar wrenches in their stores. The only difference between the two is that Snap-On Tools have more variety when it comes to wrenches because they almost have different wrenches that you need.

Here’s a list of the different variations of wrenches that Snap-On has:

  • Ratcheting Combination Wrenches
  • Reversing Ratcheting Combination Wrenches
  • Combination Wrenches
  • Spline Offsetting Box Wrenches
  • Open End Wrenches
  • Flank Drive Specialty Box (Curved Wrenches)
  • Combination T-Shape and L-Shape Wrenches
  • L-Shape Wrenches

There are many more variations; they have more or less the same build quality (but Snap-On is slightly better with the build quality) and about the same type of material used to create the tools with the typical Chrome Finish (for corrosion resistance).

Milwaukee and Snap-On Sockets – Similarities & Differences

Similar to the wrench sets, Snap-On also has a lot of variety when it comes to the sockets they sell, compared to Milwaukee’s line of socket sets.

The main difference between Snap-On and Milwaukee’s socket sets is that with Snap-On Tools, you can tighten/loosen various socket sets because of the different available variations/types of sockets in their market.

Here is the list of unique sockets you can buy from Snap-On Tools:

  • Special Application Sockets
  • Impact Sockets
  • Hex Sockets
  • Clutch Bit Sockets
  • Combination Bit Socket Sets
  • Impact Swivel Sockets
  • Spline Sockets
  • Universal Sockets
  • Low Profile Sockets

If you’re looking for the typical Hex Sockets (the common/standard ones), then you can purchase them from Milwaukee Tools for a cheaper size since they also abide by SAE metrics and specifications. However, if you’re looking for specific sockets, then Snap-On has the complete package.

Milwaukee and Snap-On Cordless Drills – Similarities & Differences

Snap-On Tools may have the edge over Milwaukee Tools with wrench sets and socket sets. However, they do not come close to Milwaukee Tools when it comes to Cordless Drills, especially when it comes to cost/quality since Milwaukee sells tools that are way cheaper than Snap-On.

Suppose you’re looking for a reliable Cordless Drill. In that case, we suggest that you choose Milwaukee Tools since they are cheaper, have better customer service (when it comes to repairing tools or reporting issues with the tools), and is covered with a trusty 5-year warranty.

Milwaukee Tools Cordless Drill Specifications:

Comes in a Handy Bag – This may not be a big deal for most people, but having portable storage for your tools while keeping it safe is essential if you’re a mechanic that does home service with auto repairs.

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Compatible with All M18 Batteries & Chargers – This is one of the standard batteries and chargers used for their drills which means that its power supply is accessible.

Portable & Compact Design – Their drills have the perfect balance and control, ideal for overhead applications and working in tight spaces. It’s optimized for efficiency. The motor delivers an extended run-time and lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions Milwaukee vs. Snap-On Tools

Are Milwaukee Tools and Snap-On Tools made in the US?

Yes. However, you need to check your tool’s description if you want to make sure that it’s made in the USA. Both Milwaukee and Snap-On have international facilities producing tools outside the US, but that doesn’t mean that tools made from other countries are inferior.

Why Are Snap-On Tools Very Expensive?

Since they have been on the market for so long and have made a well-reputable name for themselves (being trusted by professionals and sponsored a few racing events), they have to raise the price tag based on their branding and reputation.

However, branding is not the only reason why Snap-On Tools are costly. They have indeed done extensive research and tests with their tools. They think through the producing process and try to level up their tools whenever they release something new.

Do Milwaukee Tools Only Sell Power Tools?

No, they also sell hand tools. They’re not quite popular since Milwaukee Tools are mainly known for their Power Tools. Even in the early 1900s, they have been known to create portable and compact tools that would consider the need for more labor.

Where Can I Buy Snap-On Tools?

If you live in the US, there’s a great chance that a Mobile Snap-On van has been roaming around your city/town selling its tools to your local auto shops.

They have a van and believe their customer’s time is too special to waste. That’s why they exert effort on going to the customer’s workplace to sell the tools instead of in a van full of tools.

You can also order tools on their website if you want them shipped right to your home. Start by looking up “Snap-On Store” on your web browser or checking out Snap-On’s Website.

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