Moog Control Arm Vs OEM [Quick Explanation For Newbies]

MOOG and OEMs have been competing as two distinct principles for years now and have been in a long-running debate on who delivers better.

MOOG, recently, has always been renowned as one of the best of their time. Unfortunately, they have been delivering subpar quality for the same prices, which gives rise to other competitors like OEMs.

In general, Moog develops excellent products nearly always superior to OEM components. Metal ball cups, greaseable fittings, or a beefier design are all possibilities.

MOOG Control Arms

YouTube video

As seen, the video shows the quality control of Moog. The video discusses somebody is purchasing a flexible vehicle arm from the organization.

The customer in the video has purchased something that doesn’t fit in his vehicle.

He said that the part length was suitable for the vehicle. However, the quality control of Moog didn’t convey as it was an unacceptable size.

This shows that Moog is inadequate in quality control even though they are one of the main producers.

In the last option part of the video, the shopper at long last quiets down as he makes sense of how he utilized the Moog part with only a bit of a piece of welding.

He made the subpar MOOG Control arm work with some quick household fixes.


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About OEM 

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) signifies that the parts are manufactured by the same company producing the vehicle.

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Meanwhile, aftermarket components are manufactured by a separate business and frequently engineered to work with as many makes and models as feasible.

The relationship between a vehicle manufacturer and a maker of auto components is one of the most fundamental instances of an OEM.

OEMs produce a wide range of parts, such as exhaust systems and brake cylinders. After that, the OEM parts are sold to an automaker, who assembles them into a vehicle.

The finished vehicle is subsequently sold to individual buyers through auto dealers.

Control Arms

Control arms are the center of your front suspension framework. In basic terms, control arms are the connection that interfaces your front wheels to your vehicle.

One end is associated with the wheel get-together and the opposite end interfaces with the structure of your vehicle.

The upper control arm associated with the highest region of the front haggles the lower control arm interfaces with the lowermost region of the front wheel, with the two arms then connecting to the edge of the vehicle.


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Are Moog parts specifically made in the US?

Moog parts used to be only in the US, but they have become a global brand in recent years. Some countries are China, France, and Germany.

Is Federal-Mogul the owner of Moog?

Federal-Mogul Corporation purchases MOOG Automotive from Cooper Industries. The industry line of steering and suspension parts, driveline components, and wheel hub assemblies have been expanded by Federal-Mogul Motorparts, a division of Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation.

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Is it OK to replace only one of the control arms?

 If one of the lower or upper control arms fails, it is not required to replace both. However, they typically fail at the same time.

If one control arm is broken and the other is about to break, it’s a good idea to replace both arms simultaneously.

Is there a lifetime warranty from Moog?

Moog offers a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing issues in their Premium Suspension and Steering parts, such as Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, and U-Joints, for as long as the client owns the vehicle.

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