Moog vs. Mevotech Lower Control Arm [More Efficient]

When it comes to suspension system parts, you’ll probably come across two manufacturers: Mevotech and Moog.

Mevotech’s control arms have both ball joints and bushings. However, Moog’s components have mainly ball joints. 

Because the brushings are immune to scarring, Mevotech’s replaceable components are more efficient.

Mevotech Control Arm

The purchase of a control arm might be a difficult task. Generally, the Mevotech Control Arm is built to resist various driving conditions, including rough and harsh ground. 

Mevotech Control Arms are made of excellent, high-quality ball joints and durable polyurethane bushings to accommodate various driving styles and automobiles.

The control arms manufactured for improved ball joint performance are simple to lubricate. Qualities to take note of their Control Arms are the following:

  • Suspension of your vehicle is strengthened
  • Has black oxide-coated for further strength and durability
  • Designed with a wide range of vehicle makes and models
  • For enhanced ball joint service, it’s easy to oil
  • A one-year warranty is included
  • Installation is simple
  • Each item is thoroughly examined

Keeping these things in mind is better when it comes to decision-making. It’s better to do thorough research so that you do not end up with a choice you’ll not like.

Moog Control Arm

Many automobile owners choose the Moog brand for the top suspension components. The R-Series Control Arm from Moog can help you bring your car’s wheels right in order. It is also constructed of aluminum or steel and is designed to decrease abrasive wear. 

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It’s a high-quality suspension item that’s made to resist the rigors of regular driving. A revised, patent-pending basic dust boot, an upgraded forged housing, and a litigation gusher gear design are among the features of the ball joints. The following are its key features:

  • It’s ideal for driving over rough terrain
  • Stamped steel, forged steel, or aluminum are used
  • M2 technology is included for improved steering and reactivity
  • Goes with a 10-degree extra stud swing within the upper ball joint
  • Has powdered-metal gusher bearings
  • Pre-installed ball joints and bushings are included
  • Limited period warranty

Whenever it comes to decision-making, it is essential to keep these points into consideration. It is preferable to conduct extensive study so that you do not make a decision that you will live to regret.

A Bad Control Arm’s Early signs

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A “poor control arm” refers to a damaged control arm bushing or a defective ball joint. Signs of mechanical fault might include everything from creaking noises to steering drift.

To start, the Control Arm is the one that connects the vehicle’s frame to its steering knuckle that solely provides support to the suspension system.

The control arm also has a ball joint on one side and a bushing on the other side. With that mentioned, here are four symptoms of a bad control arm: 

1. Loud Sounds Over Bumps

If you are operating your vehicle and you hear a loud cranking noise, this is a symptom that you need to check on your control arm. This sound is caused by excessive use of bushings or the ball joint. 

2. Drifting

The excessive play on the ball joints or bushings might result in your vehicle swerving towards one side or the other. This can cause accidents that you wouldn’t want to happen.

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3. Vibrations in Vehicle

The steering wheel and your seat are where you can feel these vibrations. It can be noted that these vibrations occur when the bushings and the ball joints go into excessive play. 

4. Unbalanced Tire Wearing

Because of the overwhelming movement of the wheel with its back and forth motion that creates vibration, this causes the tire to rotate through the surface in a wobbling movement. And this results in an imperfect contact that equates to uneven tire wear. 


Which is the superior manufacturer?

As opposed to Moog products, Mevotech items are cheaper and greater. When it comes to the control arm, the Mevotech control arm has ball joints and bushings, while the Moog control arm just has ball joints. The bushings must be purchased individually.

Make sure you choose a product or brand depending on your specific needs, car type, and version.

Is Mevotech a product made in China?

Mevotech is a Canadian business situated in Toronto that manufactures its own goods. Some parts, though, are marked ‘Made in China.’ But, because the engineering and certification techniques remain constant, this does not affect the quality.

Is Moog manufactured in China, and where is it situated?

The best response to this query is that Moog is a worldwide brand, and its products are manufactured in many locations across the world, including China. It is a genuine brand with headquarters in the United States.

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