Ryobi vs. Black & Decker Cordless Hedge Trimmer [Recommended]

A hedge trimmer is what you need to keep your hedge looking good and presentable. It does not have to be used on hedges alone as the same can be good for bushes, shrubs, and more.

When looking for the best hedge trimmer, you need one from the top brands to be comfortable that it would work great. Some of the options that you have include the Ryobi P2603 and the Black + Decker LHT2436 models.

Below, we want to look at both models in detail to understand them better. It is from the reviews that you would know if the unit is good for you or not.

Before we can get to the reviews, let us first look at the important considerations to keep in mind when looking for the best hedge trimmer.

What to Consider

The Power

You always have to consider the power of the unit that you are buying. The source of power can often determine just how much power you would get with a model.

The gas hedge trimmers are the best when it comes to high levels of power compared to electric models. However, the electric models would be cleaner, need less maintenance, and portability is better too.

The level of power that you choose should be based on the amount of work you have to do, the size of the hedge, and more. You always want to have enough power to go through the hedges.


The hedge trimmers will cost different depending on the model that you choose. Some might even be cheaper than $100. For those who have to handle simpler jobs, go for lightweight and cheaper models.

If you want more power, then be willing to spend more to get the power, usability, and features. Depending on features, some can go even beyond $500.

Do not always go for the most expensive. Look at what you are getting for the money. It should always offer value for money.

Blade Length

The length of the blade is crucial to determine how well you would be using the hedge trimmer. The longer blades would make it easier to trim even the higher hedges.

Most models would be around 18 inches in length. This should be good enough to cut the different hedges to the right size as you want.

Ease of Use

Look at its usability features. Some models might be easy to use while others are hard. The best thing would be to understand its design, ergonomics, and other features to see if it would be easy to use.

Sometimes you can read reviews to see what other people think about the hedge trimmer and if it would be perfect for you.

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Let’s Compare

Ryobi P2603 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The Ryobi P2603 model is one of the top choices for a hedge trimmer. Many people go for it knowing that it comes from a top brand, it is affordable, easy to use and so much more.

If you are looking for a hedge trimmer at an affordable price, then this model should get you started. Below, we will look at the various features that make the unit better.


One thing that makes the unit stand out should be its versatility. We find that the model can work with all ONE+ tools and batteries.

With such compatibility, it is easy for you to get any replacement parts if the need arises. Unlike other models that can be hard to replace some parts, you can get the parts easily for this one.

The ONE+ tools and batteries are also within the affordable range. Even if you have to replace them, it will not cost much in most cases.

With many Ryobi dealers around the world, it will be easy for you to always have the parts that you need for your hedge trimmer.

Reduced Vibrations

Having reduced vibrations when working on a project is great. That is possible with this model as it comes with a dual action blade to reduce the vibrations.

The 18-inch dual-action blade is designed to spin faster while at the same time keeping the vibrations low.

Anyone who is new to hedge trimmers would want the best comfort as much as possible. Luckily, this feature among others will help to keep the Ryobi P2603 model comfortable with minimal vibrations.

The Cutting Capacity

Looking at the blade size, we find that it is 18 inches. Having such a size of the blades means that you get the best performance on overall when it comes to the cutting capacity.

The 18-inch cutting capacity leads to having an easier time covering a large area within a short time. Also, the same cutting capacity will be great for anyone who needs to use a hedge trimmer for commercial applications.

The 3/8 in. cutting capacity for the diameter is also good in terms of getting a lot more done faster. Many people who have worked with the unit agree that it gives them an easier time covering large hedges faster.

Better Control

Having better control is crucial to ensure that you get the best out of a tool. That is what happens when you buy this hedge trimmer.

To make it easier to control, it comes with a wrap-around handle. Such a type of handle is also good for ergonomics. So, you will have an easier time working on various projects with ease of cutting through the different hedges.

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Still, the position of the different handles makes it easy to achieve the balance that you have always wanted. You can now be working on a project for longer without necessarily getting fatigued.


As part of protection, we find that model has a guard just before the blade. Looking at this guard, we find that it will provide you with the protection that you need for your hand.

There are times the hand might slip while working on a hedge, so it is good to know that there is protection when you need it.

The guard is still transparent so that you can see through it when working on a project. The last thing you need is not being able to see where the blade is cutting.


As part of ergonomics, we find that the controls are within easy reach. You can now work on a project with better precision when the controls are easy to reach and make any necessary changes.

Still, we find that the controls are easy to understand what they are all about. The manufacturer gives you all the information that you need in a manual. There is no doubt you will find it easy to operate the hedge trimmer.

Battery Runtime

The battery can also determine how long you would use the hedge trimmer before recharging. Looking at the Ryobi P2603 model, it comes with the 18V lithium-ion compact battery.

This battery can last for up to 45 minutes when working with it continuously at maximum speed. With this kind of battery life, you get a unit that can be good for working on larger applications.

Many people tend to buy two batteries when getting battery-powered hedge trimmers. This will make it easier for them to continue working on a project without necessarily having to wait one battery to recharge.

The charger included also makes the recharging process faster. Unlike other models that can take hours to recharge, this one gets it done faster.

The Weight

Another thing that can be an issue for such portable hedge trimmers is the weight. We find that this model is lighter than what you get with other units in the market.

This hedge trimmer weighs 6.05 lbs. which should be lightweight for most people. For anyone who is in the market for a model that would not weigh them down all the time, then this is a nice option to consider.

The Speed

With a cutting speed of 2,400 strokes per minute, we find the unit ideal for many who want a fast hedge trimmer. It will be able to cut through the hedges faster and help you cover a wider area quickly.

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It might not be the fastest in its category, but it will always get the job done right all the time.

Build Quality

Looking at the build quality, we find it to be highly durable. It would be able to handle more performance needs of various users. Also, the build material is good enough for regular use all the time.

You are likely to be using the hedge trimmer for years without necessarily worrying about durability.

The manufacturer also gives you a product warranty of 3 years. Such a warranty is good for giving you peace of mind knowing that the model can be reliable for a long time to come.

Black + Decker LHT2436 40V Max Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The Black + Decker LHT2436 hedge trimmer is what you get when you want more power to handle the tough vegetation. Many find it easier to handle than when working on other hedge trimmers within the same price range.

For those who might be interested in the unit, below are more features you should know first before investing in it.

The Design

Compared to some other hedge trimmers, this one is one of the most pleasing to look at. It is nice to see a model that has nice aesthetics and performance all bundled into one.

Well, it is not just about the aesthetics, there are many other features that make the design still good.

One such feature is the weight. This is a lightweight cordless hedge trimmer that will be great for you to enjoy using. We find that it weighs 6.9 pounds, which is lightweight for most people.

Being lightweight will make it easier for you to trim the bushes, shrubs, hedges, and other types of vegetation without straining you too much.

Still, as part of the design, we find it has a wrap-around front handle. This type of handle will offer you a solid and comfortable grip. Regardless of how you hold the trimmer, we will find that it is always easier to maneuver it than the other hedge trimmers.

The best part about the handle size is that it is large enough to use it even when wearing gloves. When trimming the hedges, you would sometimes want to wear the gloves. It is nice to know that they can fit with ease.

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Cordless Capability

The cordless nature of the hedge trimmer makes it a favorite among many users who do not have to worry about long electrical cords or refilling with gas.

The electrical cords can sometimes make it hard for operators to access some areas. Now that this model is cordless, you can enjoy more flexibility than before.

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You are also not limited to the presence of a wall outlet. The batteries can store enough power to help you work remotely without the need for a power source.

The best part is that the batteries also make it lightweight. That is something many people would always want to experience.

The Blades

Looking at the blades we also find it being good enough for various cutting applications you might have to deal with. This is because it features a 24-inch dual-action blade. You should find it being ideal for trimming the hedges, bushes, and shrubs.

The best part about the length of these blades is that they strike a balance between being effective and remaining maneuverable. As such, you can trim the taller hedges while at the same time maneuver the hedge trimmer easily whenever you want.

The manufacturer also uses a pre-hardened and rust-free material. This means that it can stay for longer without any durability issues. Still, the blade will remain sharp for longer without necessarily sharpening it all the time.

The manufacturer rates the blades with the capability of 2,400 strokes per minute. Such a high speed is good for cutting the dense stems even faster without cases of stalling. There is no doubt you would feel it is worth the money.

At such a speed that the blades run, you will notice that they leave you with clean and clear cuts all the time. As such, they will not destroy the hedge.

Less Vibrations

Another thing you will like about these dual blades should be their vibration levels. Compared to other models in the same category, this one has 40% less vibrations. The same cannot be said for the single-blade system.

Having less vibration means that you do not have to worry about fatigue too. You can work on a project for longer without the trimmer weighing you down with vibrations.

The Transmission

Looking at the transmission, it is one of the top options in the market right now. Black + Decker calls it PowerDrive transmission.

The transmission allows the user to cut a lot more branches per session compared to the regular hedge trimmers without much of a problem.

The manufacturer recommends that you take cut up to ¾ inches in terms of branch width. This should be a nice size for anyone who is looking to handle different types of hedges.

Battery Performance

As for the battery performance, this model stands out with its 40V rechargeable lithium ion battery. This leaves you with plenty of runtimes so that you can work on your yard for longer leaving it looking good.

Unlike the older battery technologies, the use of Lithium-ion batteries makes it all worthwhile. You will get more charge cycles from the battery and the battery charges faster so that you can get back to work.

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Even for such a powerful battery, it is nice to see that it can last for longer. This is because the manufacturer claims that you can work on an area of 6,000 square feet on a single charge of the battery.


For those who are new to using hedge trimmers, they will find it being easy to use. You can always read the manual and see how it is used.

The manual will also give you the steps to follow for setting it up. It is not hard as it can be up and running in a few minutes.

Many will also find that the model has the best intuitive controls. These controls help you to easily control the model even better so that you can achieve clean cuts all the time.

As part of usability, we also see that it has the indicator to show you the battery level. You will always know when it is time to charge the battery.


Which type of blades does the Ryobi P2603 model use?

The Ryobi P2603 unit comes with an 18-inch dual blade for trimming the hedges

What is the battery size of the Black + Decker LHT2436 unit?

The model comes with a 40V lithium ion battery that powers its blades for a smooth trimming experience

Is it easy to perform maintenance on the Ryobi P2603 hedge trimmer?

Yes. The unit does not need a lot of maintenance and when it needs one, the process is simple to complete.


Both models that we have reviewed above are great in performance, durability, quality, ease of use, and more features. As such, whichever model you decide to pick, you will end up with a high-performance hedge trimmer.

For those who might still not be sure how to proceed, we recommend going for the Black + Decker LHT2436 unit. It comes with more power, more battery performance, and remains easier to maneuver.

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