Ryobi VS Dewalt Cordless Drill Impact Driver [Full Comparison]

DeWalt and Ryobi have one of the strongest and oldest rivalries in the power tool market which is why every customer wants an in-depth view of what these two companies have to offer beyond brand popularity.

It is true that both companies have great tools able to handle the toughest commercial and domestic projects. This is why we will not tell you that buying any of the two is a mistake.

This guide is a product of thorough research and testing by people that have used both Ryobi and DeWalt products for more than 10 years and our recommendation is fully based on professional and not a personal approach to the question.

You can enjoy reading the position of our professionals on the two companies and make your own informed decision on your next favorite power tool brand.

Traditional opinion about Dewalt is that it has the greatest products in the market all made in America, we would like to start by debunking this theory.

Another misconception is that Ryobi has cheaply assembled tools only able to withstand light domestic projects but this is not entirely true either.

Both Ryobi and Dewalt have a wide range of products you can use for cutting, cleaning, and drilling with excellent satisfaction if you match the job to the right features.

It is true that Dewalt has a wider range of products but when it comes to cordless drills, there is no winner because each company’s products have their strengths and weaknesses, nearly equally matched. Here is a look at both companies.

About Ryobi tools

Ryobi was started in Japan in 1943 manufacturing die-cast products before taking up power tools in the 60s.

They have opened branches in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and around Europe manufacturing a wide range of products but retaining power tools as one of their major product lines.

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North America Ryobi products are listed as a subsidiary of the Chinese electronics giant TTI which also supplies Milwaukee and Craftsman tools.

A close look at their history shows a company that has experience in power tool manufacturing.

The greatest attraction to Ryobi products is their focus on the affordability of tools while retaining the quality of any premium brand.

Unlike DeWalt which supplies more than 100 different power tools with different specifications, Ryobi has about 50 different power tool lines with their 18V brands being the most famous because they all use the same batteries.

Cordless impact drills were our major tool of focus in this discussion and the center of the stiffest competition between Ryobi and Dewalt.

Ryobi has a wide collection of cordless drills delivering high torque and speed and featuring one of the lowest weight-to-power ratios.

They employ a 4 pole motor that delivers up to 275lb torques for 12V and 400lb torques on their 18V brands. Supported by premium metallic parts and

About DeWalt

Dewalt is currently the most famous power tool manufacturer in America famous as the company that produces high-end products designed to last for long and handle tough projects.

This reputation was set by Raymond Dewalt when he started the company in 1923 in Pennsylvania. The company was bought by American Machine and Foundry in 1949 and later sold to Black and Decker in 1960.

Since its sale to Black and Decker, it moved many of its operations to Asia retaining only a small manufacturing and assembly plant in the US.

Their products are still some of the best in the market although they come in at a higher price than their matching counterparts even from Black and Decker, the parent company.

They retain the strongest motors in the market with a premium build on chucks and the body which makes their power tools a very attractive package.

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DeWalt has more than 170 power tools with a wide range of cordless drills and impact drivers competing across the board with over 15 other brands in the market today.

Direct Comparison Between Ryobi and DeWalt

Key Point Dewalt Ryobi
Price Varies among sellers but higher than other brands Varies depending on the seller but way lower than DeWalt
Battery Batteries don`t last long, you may need an extra set of stronger batteries. They also have a 1-year warranty on the batteries. It comes with 2 batteries for backup.


Ryobi offers the best package battery deals in the market. Their 18V lines come with a 4ah battery able to run heavy operations all day. Some sellers may attach a backup as an incentive although their package contains one battery.
Performance Dewalt drills are very fast and powerful. Their 20V delivers up to 2000rpm drill speeds and over 400lbs in torque Ryobi tools don’t have a variable speed running only one speed but make up for it with very high torque. Their 18V series have torque up to 750lbs, one of the highest in the market for the range.
Clutch Dewalt delivers 15 position clutches which are convenient enough but less accurate when doing high torque Ryobi has 24 position clutches which allow you to set an accurate torque on each project
LED DeWalt has excellent lighting offering a 20-minute flashlight mode that lights up the workspace even with your hands off the trigger Ryobi has a regular LED light that lights on impact, bright enough to work in the dark.
Weight Dewalt has the most compact products with 20V too only weighing 2.75lbs. It may increase to 3lbs depending on the battery in use. It extends 7.1 inches from front to back Ryobi tools are a bit heavier. 18V Ryobi tool only weighs 3lbs, a little heavier than Dewalt. It extends 7.5 inches front to back.
Warranty Dewalt offers 3 years on their tools with 1-year service, 90-day funds back, and 1-year battery cover Ryobi also offers a 3-year warranty on their drills with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty for the batteries
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Ryobi VS Dewalt Cordless Drill Impact Driver

1. Ryobi P1813 18V Cordless Hammer Drill

This is the drill of choice for any contractor that needs maximum power while retaining control.

At 750lbs of torque, this cordless drill has all the power needed to drill and drive through your hardest oak, metal, and masonry with ease.

It is designed with premium steel material including a pure metallic chuck with superior grip that retains all the bits.

It also allows for extended handle attachment to keep a sturdy hold on the handle for high precision drilling and driving even at maximum torque.

It is actually very compact and light for its superior power weighing just 3lbs and measuring 7.5 inches front to back.

Ryobi drills have a slim head suitable for working in narrow spaces. It features an ergonomic handle rubberized to maintain a powerful grip even in wet conditions.

Moreover, the package comes with a 4ah battery able to maintain this giant drill`s power needs in all-day drilling operations.

It has a three-speed mode trigger that allows you to regulate speed and torque with ease. Its 24-point clutch also allows you to set accurate torques for each drill.

It comes with an onboard magnetic bit compartment and a bright LED light for working in dark spaces.


  • High torque with 25 clutch points to set it accurately
  • It is covered by a 3-year warranty
  • comes with powerful 4ah batteries, no need for a backup
  • It is light with a slim compact head for working in narrow spaces
  • Offers 3-speed modes for better customization of tasks


  • It doesn`t come with a backup battery in case one dies
  • Its huge head and beefy but makes it hard to control
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2. DeWalt DCD791D2 20V Cordless Hammer Drill

This is one of the most famous 20 volter among DIYers and contractors matching almost every powerful drill in torque pound to pound.

It is especially compact and ergonomic weighing 3.4 lbs, a little heavier than most, because of the premium 4-pole motor.

Its powerful motor means it has one of the highest speeds of any tool in the market featuring 2-speed modes with a high torque mode of 0-550RPM and a drill mode of 0-2000RPM.

These are both very high speeds that combine to give over 600lbs of torque completing any tough task in a short time.

It has the tough external protection from Dewalt combined with a metallic ratcheting chuck with high bit retention and durability.

It has an ergonomic handle with a mid-grip pistol handle that allows you to access all controls easily with one arm.

It measures just 6.9 inches front to back for smooth operation in closed spaces.

Its 3-mode LED light is very bright and able to brighten up your working space continuously for up to 20 minutes, suitable for nighttime operation. It comes with 2 2ah batteries able to store enough juice for day-long projects.

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  • Premium material build with strong bit retention
  • It has very high speeds for quick task completion
  • It comes complete with backup batteries
  • It has a bright LED light with flashlight mode
  • It comes with a 3 years warranty with 1-year customer service


  • It is heavy, and likely to cause fatigue in overhead drilling
  • The package batteries have a short life

Our Opinion

The choice of a cordless impact driver or any other type of drill should be determined by the type of project you intend to complete.

As you can see in our comparison of the Ryobi 18V and Dewalt 20V cordless impact drivers, both tools have everything needed to handle the toughest tasks.

Lower-tier tools may not come with similar features but they are definitely matched for any DIY needs of a homeowner or a commercial project.

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Dewalt still retains the advantage of the premium material build but Ryobi is also tough, powerful and comes in at a lower price.

Ryobi has less control over speed, but better torque control, an advantage. Dewalt, on the other hand, has the best speed control but only 15-point torque settings which makes its lowest setting too strong for some delicate screws and materials.

Dewalt also has better customer service offering 1-year customer support while Ryobi only has a limited warranty.

At the end of the day, both tools have something that everyone needs and while it won’t be wise to buy both, any of them is still a good investment worth the money.


Ryobi and Dewalt’s supremacy battle is one that has been exploited by many people online leading to misleading information which is why we sought to give it a professional touch.

We would not fall for the traditional opinion of naming Dewalt as the contractor’s drill and Ryobi as a home drill, no! These are both powerful tools able to serve you on any kind of project.

Our recommendation is that you go through the guide, look at both products and choose one that will complete your projects and give you the best service.

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