Ryobi vs. Generac Quiet Inverter Generator [Facts To Know]

The Ryobi 2300-watt and the Generac Gp2200I generators are within the same price range. Looking at their features, they also have similar features in some cases.

This will make it harder for someone to choose the best generator between these two.

We have decided to review them in detail so that you can get the generator knowing what it can offer for the price. First, let us look at some buying tips to help you learn more about inverter generators.

What to Look For

Type of Generator

The type of generator is important as it determines where you can use it. In this case, we will categorize them as small, medium, and large generators.

A small generator would often have limited power that cannot handle multiple appliances at once. It might even be used to run only the lights and TV.

The medium generators are for those who wish to run more appliances at any given time. Of course, it will come down to the rated power of the generator.

For those who want to power even the heating elements, then you have to go big. This is where you buy large generators.

Large generators are known for being bulky and heavy. However, the tradeoff is that you can run almost anything off this type of generator.

The Output Power

The output power is another important consideration when choosing an inverter generator. This is because it will determine what you can run off the generator.

It is possible that you might see two types of power mentioned in the generator description. The two are starting power and running power.

The starting power is the maximum power that the generator can deliver when starting or when a load draws too much power at any instant.

The running power is the usable power when the generator is running normally. You may want to focus more on this one so that you can have the best generator for your needs.

You will need to do a proper power analysis of the home or your RV before deciding which inverter generator can meet your power needs.

Luckily, there are many calculators available online that can help you with correctly sizing a generator.

Noise Level

The noise level can determine if the generator will be ideal for long term use or not.

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Every generator makes some noise when working. Since it is an engine, we expect it to make noise. However, you would want to keep the noise to a minimum.

The noise level differs from one brand to another. There are some models that would be quiet for a generator operating noise.

So long as a generator has a noise level of below 65dBA, it should appeal to most people as a quiet generator.

A manufacturer that makes quiet generators would not hesitate to show off this feature. It is why such generators would have their noise levels listed.

Clean Stable Power

It is expected that you will run different types of electronics off the generator power. So, the last thing you want is a type of power that can damage your sensitive electronics.

Look at the overall power output to see if it is clean and stable before using the generator on sensitive electronics.

It is why many manufacturers are now coming up with new inverter technologies that will improve the overall power delivery.

Sometimes checking out the reviews can help to see what other people have experienced with the same generator.

No one wants to end up with a generator that can damage other electronics in the house.

Size and Weight

The size and weight come into play for those who might have to carry the generator around.

If you like camping, it is easy to see that you would want something easily portable. The last thing you need is to break your back trying to get the generator into the RV.

Look at the various models in the market and compare them in terms of sizes and weight.

Of course, the size is also important. This is because you have to store the generator in the RV. In such a case, you want something compact.

For those who might also be looking at portability, having wheels and handles come in handy to move the inverter generator around.

We recommend that you get yourself the best model that can help you achieve more portability for those who love outdoor adventures.

Fuel Use

Anyone who owns a generator wishes to get the best fuel efficiency.

Let us say you want to power your RV or home overnight, the last thing you need is to wake up in the middle of the night to refuel the generator.

The fuel use will vary mostly based on the load put on the generator. Having a smaller load means that you can run the generator on the same fuel tank capacity.

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Manufacturers will always list their fuel use based on 25% load use. If you increase the load, then the runtime decreases.

Luckily, there are models with larger fuel tanks to hold enough fuel to run the generator for longer without refueling.


Ask anyone who has bought a generator and they will tell you a good warranty is essential when choosing your generator.

A good warranty for many people means you are buying a high-quality generator.

No manufacturer will offer 5 years of warranty when the product is likely to start falling apart sooner. So, having a good warranty is always a sign of better build quality and value for money.

Before buying the generator, make sure to read the warranty terms to understand them better.

Let’s Compare

Ryobi Bluetooth 2,300-Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator


For those who love camping or tailgating, this is a nice generator to have to power your essentials. It is loved for offering clean power while at the same time being quiet. There is no doubt you would want a quiet generator.

It is not just about being quiet, but many other features. Let us check them out.

Bluetooth Technology

The first thing you will like about this inverter generator should be its Bluetooth technology. Not many generators would have such connectivity.

With Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect to the generator to learn more about its performance.

You will end up with better user experience compared to other models.

The Controls

The controls on this generator are quite simple. They will help you to easily handle the generator as you want.

The product manual also explains what each control does. As such, it should be easy to operate this generator compared to some other models.

Still on controlling the generator, it comes with the GenControl App. This allows you to monitor the fuel use, remaining run time, and the power consumption of your generator.

The app also has a reset button if you ever need to use it.

The app connects to the generator via Bluetooth.

YouTube video


The auto-idle feature is crucial for those who are looking for more fuel efficiency and extended run-time of the generator.

With this feature, you can achieve up to 10.3 hours when the generator is running at 25% load. As such, you should end up with the best runtime for such a powerful generator.

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Power Generation

You would always want to know more about the amount of power you are generating with a model.

This one has 2300 starting watts and 1800 running watts. Make sure to focus more on the running watts as that is what will be available in most cases when running the generator.

Parallel Kit Capability

As part of making this generator better, it comes with parallel compatibility.

Paralleling is crucial for those who want more power from two similar generators.

To make this possible, make sure to buy a paralleling kit from the same manufacturer when buying the generator. This ensures that you have an easier time connecting the two generators together.

Ease of Transportation

When it comes to transportation, it is relatively easy. You simply have to extend the handles and start pulling the generator on its wheels.

Having the wheels improves its portability. You can easily drag it to different places without it being an issue.

Clean Power

If you want to power sensitive electronics, then this is the generator that you get.

This is because the generator uses inverter technology to provide the user with clean stable power. There will be no risks of damaging the electronics.

Ease of Starting

The manufacturer made it easy to start the generator compared to when using other models.

You will have to follow three steps to start the generator and keep it going.

As much as it is the recoil system, you might only have to do one pull to start the generator. As such, it is not a big deal that it lacks an electric start.

Generac Gp2200I W 50St Inverter Generator

Your outdoor events will always be powered when you have this Generac Gp2200I generator. You can still use the same to power your house in case there is a power blackout. With its power output, it is easy to see that it can handle most of the electronics.

Here are more reasons for buying this Generac Gp2200I model.

Neighborhood Friendly

You should consider this type of generator if you want something quiet. This is because its noise level can be compared to a normal conversation.

If you are going to power your home overnight with this generator, the neighbors might not even hear it running.

It generates 66dBA at 23 feet making it one of the quietest generators in the market.

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It is unlikely you have come across generators that were silent, but this noise level is good enough to be regarded as silent.

Inverter Technology

The inverter technology is important for providing you with the best power that you will ever need.

Thanks to its inverter, this generator can deliver clean stable power all the time it is running.

This kind of power is great for those who need to run their sensitive electronics, appliances, and tools.

Lightweight and Compact

One thing that many people want in a generator would be something lightweight and compact to aid with portability and transportation.

This model is seen as one of the lightest generators considering it weighs 46 pounds. With such kind of weight, it should help with portability.

As much as it does not have wheels, it is still lightweight to make it much of an issue for most owners.

Also, the model is compact as its dimensions are 19 x 11 x 17 inches. For such a size, it can easily fit in tight spaces if you have to take it on trips.

YouTube video

Fuel Efficiency

The Generac Gp2200I model is also good at fuel use. Well, not many people want to spend so much on fuel when using a generator.

This generator can run for 10.75 hours at 25% load on its 1.2-gallon fuel tank. It might be the reason you get more people going for it because of such fuel efficiency.

To make it even better at fuel use, it also comes with an economy mode. This mode will reduce the engine speed and match it up with the load at the moment.

Generator Protection

To ensure that the generator lasts for longer, the manufacturer has included some interesting protection features.

The most recognizable is that the generator shuts down when there is less oil in the generator. This prevents the engine from damage due to lack of lubrication.

Parallel Ready

For those who feel like they might need more power than what the model is generating, then this is what you need.

This generator has 2200 starting watts and 1700 running watts. You can double that power when you parallel two similar generators.

Make sure to buy a reliable paralleling kit from the same manufacturer.


Which generator size is best for my home or RV?

You will first need to calculate the power needs of your home or RV. This includes noting down the power use of each device that you intend to connect to the generator. After the summation of the powers, you can now have the right size of generator for your home. Try to oversize the generator to avoid overloading.

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What is regarded as a silent generator?

When a generator noise level is below 65dBA, then it is seen as a super quiet generator. There are some that can generate a noise level of around 48dBA making them the quietest in the market. Well, look at what the manufacturer claims to be the noise level of the generator before buying.

Can you run a generator outdoors when it is raining?

This is not something we would recommend. Running the generator in the rain can easily lead to cases of electrocution. If you must have it running while raining, make sure there is a shed over the generator to improve its safety.

Are Ryobi generators worth the money?

Ryobi is a top brand so we expect it to make some of the best generators in the market. It should be the reason you get more people going for them. You can also be sure of the best durability and reliability from their generators.


From the various features of the two generators above, we find that both are great in terms of power delivery and overall usability. There are a few things that will make someone choose one over the other.

For those who want better portability, then you can go for the Ryobi generator. However, the Generac generator is still lightweight and compact too.

Both models are also good in terms of noise levels. You might find them being easy to live with considering their low noise of operation.

So, you can choose whichever you feel is going to be worth the price as the difference is not much.

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