Ryobi vs. RIDGID Cordless Drill [What Brand is Better]

Whether you are working on a big challenging project or simple home improvements, having a drill will help. The best devices are those that are easy-to-use, versatile, with a long-lasting battery.

However, some might look for other features like warranty, power, size, and weight. Hence, most tool users look for more than just one positive characteristic from a power drill.

What to Consider

There are just too many drill models available. This makes choosing the right one becomes more complicated than it should be.

However, each user has his or her preference when it comes to power tools. Let’s look at some of the things you need to consider before spending your money on a cordless drill.


Not all power drill users need a tool that has the highest voltage. Most of the time, low to medium volts is enough to finish DIY and straightforward projects at home or work.

Yet, if you regularly work on heavy-duty assignments like handling heavy materials such as hardwood and concrete, a high-powered drill will be most suitable.


Cordless drills run on batteries. Therefore, a tool with efficient battery power can make a difference when you need to finish multiple jobs within a limited period.

But remember, a battery that requires extended charging does not automatically mean that it has a long life. Therefore, you should look for a battery that quickly charges and can be used for an extended period in a single charge.

Useful Extra Features

Sometimes, there are additional drill features that become handy when you need them the most. Some features you can look for in a cordless drill are built-in LED lights, belt clip, and a dust extractor. These are not necessary but can make your work a lot more convenient and faster to finish.

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A LED light can help make your work area brighter, while a belt clip allows you to hang your tool on your belt; making it more accessible. Finally, a dust extractor will prevent dirt from falling on your face if you are working on the ceiling.

Let’s Compare

If you are looking for some of the best cordless drills on the market, you might come across Ryobi and RIDGID products. Ryobi is a well-respected Japanese manufacturing company founded in 1943, while RIDGID first invented the pipe wrench in 1923.

Let us look closer into the technical specification of the reliable power tools offered by these two dependable companies.

Ryobi P271 18V Drill-Driver

Ryobi P271 18-volt tool is an affordable drill-driver that you can depend upon for a long time. It is a compact and versatile tool that both professionals and hobbyists will find easy to use.

With its variable speed and 24-position clutch positions, this cordless drill helps users accurately work on various tasks.

Light and Compact Design

This tool is compact and light, weighing only 3.1 pounds. You will find it comfortable to use over an extended period with its ergonomic design. This feature helps reduce hand fatigue while making precise and steady drills.

The P271 also has a magnetic tray where you can store screws and bits, making them accessible. Its keyless chuck with auto spindle lock enables you to change bits quickly with a single hand. You cannot do this with corded drills.

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Two-Speed Transmission

This tool’s two-speed transmission gearbox can deliver up to 440 RPM, with a high gear of up to 1600 RPM. With a maximum torque of 340 inch-pounds, you are guaranteed with enough power for any project you need to accomplish.

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It also has a variable-speed trigger and 24-position clutch, allowing users to drill and drive screws accurately. These 24 clutch settings enable you to work from small to large screws and soft to hard materials that require heavy drilling.

Extended Warranty

Ryobi offers a three-year warranty for this product. Nevertheless, you can be sure that the P271 will last much longer than that.

RIDGID R860052 18V Cordless Compact Drill-Driver

This cordless drill driver from RIDGID offers maximum performance with its user-friendly design. It boasts of an 18-volt lithium-ion battery that is ideal for those who need to work for long hours. Using this tool is very comfortable with its micro-texture grip for added comfort.

All-Metal Body

This tool has an all-metal body making it a very durable product. Thus, any vibration does not harm the unit due to its metal strength. On the other hand, its micro-texture grip makes it very comfortable to hold and will not tire your hands quickly.

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24 Clutch Positions

This tool has 24-clutch positions and two-speed gear that can reach up to 1500 RPM, allowing users to use it in various conditions. The keyless chuck will enable you to choose preferred bits to work on specific jobs to ensure that they will fit perfectly.

The included double-ended bit, with slotted Phillip on each side, can make you perform a wide array of fastening works without carrying various bits.

Lifetime Warranty

RIDGID has one of the best warranty options wherein you can get it for life by simply registering your tool. The warranty will also cover battery replacement.

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Before making a decision, here are some more ideas about cordless drills. These questions and answers might help you choose the best power drill out on the market today.

How do you fix Ryobi power tool batteries?

Replacing a battery can cost more than you expect. Hence, trying to fix the Ryobi battery problem may seem more appropriate. You can do this by merely charging and discharging the cell.

First, turn on your Ryobi charger and place the battery into the charging unit until fully charged. Then turn off the charger, remove the battery cell, and let it rest to cool down.

Insert the fully charged battery pack into the tool and let it run until it stops or discharges it. Next, you should turn off the power tool once it stops running and let the battery cool within ten to 15 minutes before turning the drill’s power back on, allowing it to run until the battery discharges again. Turn off the Ryobi tool and let the battery rest for ten minutes.

Repeat these steps until you find the battery too weak to turn on the drill. Remove the discharged battery from the tool, fully charge it again using the charging unit, and put the fully charged battery into the power drill.

If the battery lasts longer when used, then you have fixed your battery. But, if you notice no improvement, then your battery already needs a replacement.

What is the technique for drilling into bricks?

Homeowners find bricks as the perfect decorative material for walls where they can hang various items like mirrors and wall art. However, hanging things on brick walls can be challenging.

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A heavy-duty electric drill is perfect for breaking up the masonry appropriately. It will also help if you use a masonry drill bit, which is ideal for hardened materials. For added safety, you must also use a screwdriver bit, plastic anchors, and safety glasses.

It is recommended that you drill into the mortar in between the blocks instead of directly into the bricks, which you will find more challenging to do. It is a lot easier to repair mortar than damaged bricks.

To get started, mark the point where you will drill a hole. Then slowly drill into the mortar using the masonry bit and insert the plastic anchor into the drilled hole.

Replace the masonry bit with the screwdriver bit and drill the screw into the anchor, leaving enough parts of the screw exposed where you can securely hang your item.

What does RIDGID’s lifetime warranty cover?

RIDGID tools are known to be one of the best in the industry, especially with its lifetime warranty covering material and workmanship defects.

The warranty coverage expires when the tool becomes unusable due to other reasons aside from defects in materials and workmanship. However, not covered by the warranty are damages due to misuse, abuse, or normal wear and tear.


Getting the suitable cordless drill for your job and DIY works can sometimes give consumers a headache. Knowing what you need and the purpose of the tool will make this daunting a task a lot easier.

Ryobi and RIDGID power tools are both dependable products. You must only determine what features you can and cannot let go to select the perfect one.

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